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RPG Fanatics Guild - Demon-King Distractia

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Welcome to the world of NerdFitness



The brave RPG Fanatics have now taken down two demon-kings.  The first one was Sodamus, a demon-king responsible for the rise in new peppy 'elixirs' that were basically the drugs sugar and caffeine. 



Lo and behold, it turns out the demon-king's concoction was made with his own filth extracted from boils on his back and mixed with a blend of dirty water and drugs. The mighty RPG Fanatics slayed the beast, only to deal immediately afterwards with three agents of the FrostKing.  His minions froze the town of level 1 rebels as well as causing much destruction and mayhem.  Two allies; the ravens Huginn and Muninn, explained the situation that has befallen the heroes.  There are major Demon-Kings that have crept up to control the realm, and it was now the RPG Fanatic's quest to end them all. Sodamus was just the beginning- starting a chain reaction. The heroes have the attention of the mysterious RED ONE, as well as the other Demon-kings.


Our heroes trekked through the Scout's Plains up past the Ranger's Fort to the Warrior's Hall.  There, the FrostKing's draugr minions of ice and bone clashed in an epic battle that saved the Warriors from overwhelming odds. 


Putting an end to the FrostKing was no easy task; being that he was the manifestation of being frozen in fear and inactivity.  He was beheaded with some creative thinking, and the RPG Fanatics headed back south to help the Level 1 rebel town heal.


Now, while helping the townsfolk and resting for another battle; the adventure begins again...



The Level 1 rebel camp was not back to 100%, but it was very close. All the rebels and their animals were thawed.  One young lad dressed in green was hugging his horse, Epona, happy to have their friend back.


The blacksmith shop was back to functional, as well as new crops being sewn and many of the shacks people were living in had been rebuilt into log cabins.  More rebels from far away lands arrived on the shores; the old mingled with the new as people set out on their adventures.


The raven, Muninn nodded in approval.  The camp was just about sustainable.  Huginn swept in towards his friend and they murmured to each other.  They agreed, it is time.


Muninn swooped towards Teros, "This calm won't last forever. It is time.  Huginn has given me word that Distractia's Casino has been swelling with more and more people.  They have been boasting about new technologies and tricks; luring more into his time-warped walls.  Assemble the group, and see if any newcomers would like to join. We must leave shortly."  Muninn spoke with Teros a bit more and agreed.


Teros ordered the call and rallied the RPG Fanatics once again.  According to the ravens, Distractia is a mentally chaotic demon-king that is never seen, only heard about.  He owns a massive complex that has all sorts of amusements.  Some are rides, some are gambling halls, but the glitz, the glamor, the amazing aura of the establishment was enough to entrance many a wary soul to become lost in time to pleasantries.


Distractia's halls had no sort of windows and always had permanent lighting fixtures to disorient people into not knowing what time or day it was.  The exit-ways were intentionally confusing and plotted out to make sure it was easier to stay a while longer and play than to go back to their family or other priorities.  The food there was tainted with likely the same foulness that Sodamus had used to keep people stuffing their fill on a constant basis.  These people were stuck. They were in a cycle of warped and twisted version of carpe diem.  They were trapped in a whole different world where nothing mattered but instant gratification and whimsical enchantment.  Calling them 'halls' doesn't speak volumes to the grandiose scale of it. It was practically the size of a town, employed by Distractia's devil-may-care goonies.  Jesters who wore faceless masks that delighted on draining the souls of those who entered the halls through tempting them for 'one more minute', whether it be the drugged food, the gambling, or the sedentary leisure of watching magical picture-boxes that played movies endlessly.


It was not a place Teros wanted to venture, being prone to some of these distractions.  However, if the ravens feel that Distractia now became the biggest threat to the people, that is where the RPG Fanatics must go.


Teros called out to the group, "We must prepare!"




---Mini-Challenge #1--- Suit up - The first mini-challenge is to join the ranks and check on others.  Like in any good story, the hero needs to be prepared and have allies.  The challenge is to get your thread posted, to post the link here, and to check on everyone's goals.  We need each other's back for this journey.  (+1 Wisdom - Adventurers this counts as either option.)



Any newcomers in the next day or two: This is a story-based accountability group.  I write story in this type of font, and if you want your rpg character to write their responses then please do so in this font.  If you're not sure what to do, just follow the lead of the people that have done this before and you'll feel at home in no time.  I post the start of the story on Sunday, and usually something around thursday/friday; accompanied by a mini.


Introduce yourself, good luck, have fun, and let's slay a demon-king!



Brave souls who will take down a demon-king  (This is an accountability group. Please try to follow most and offer support.)




















Lycan Thom

















As Teros was talking, he saw one of the company emerge from the Forest of Doubts. It looked to be Pedibus heading out and towards the inn.  Hopefully they were ok.  The Forest of Doubts is not a place to ever go near.


When talking to the ravens, Teros thought he heard someone mention 'fair maidens'  behind him but was lost in thought at the time.


Ravnos was nearby, probably trying to catch ear of what the ravens were telling him.  "Excellent...so what is our next task in defeating these demon-lords?"


Teros stood on a large nearby rock so his voice would project:


"Listen, friends, comrades, and newcomers to this fight.  I am not a particularly brave satyr, but I know what's right and wrong.  The ravens have spoke to me and told me that the biggest threat with the FrostKing's demise is the disturbed Distractia.  His halls are home to many a lost soul.  His trickery of tainted food, wine, women, and song are that of the vilest sirens.  Many enter the chambers that Distractia calls home, but very few ever leave.  I have heard of prototypes of magic picture boxes using the arcane arts to create dazzling displays.  There will be many innocents there, ensnared by a slew of temptations.  We can't charge through to get to him.  This foe is not brawn like Sodamus or the FrostKing.  He is brains.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous going there. I've heard tales of this place prior to starting our Sodamus quest.  If he is stronger now, then I fear this will be serious test of wills."


Introductions were being made and some newcomers wanted to join the RPG Fanatics on their quest.  As long as they knew this wouldn't be an easy quest and were trustworthy- then all were welcome.  Teros collected his belongings.  He would have to make a run to the tavern to get some meat to dry into jerky for the road.


The group head out; the ravens scouting ahead and then circling back to the group.  Distractia's halls were right near the edge of the Forest of Doubts; next to the Scout's Plains.  It would be quick work; especially compared to the hike to the FrostKing in the frozen north the RPG Fanatics made weeks prior.  Teros saw familiar faces and some new ones.  As long as they were by his side, he would fight.  Sulak walked up to Teros.  "What are we-e-e-e-e-e waiting for.  Let's g-g-g-o!"*    Teros grimaced as the air around him started to feel dark, like a storm was approaching, "Let's go..."



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The group was nearing Distractia's Halls.  Music could be heard at roughly the same time the palace area was seen.  Jovial laughing (or what that screaming?) filled the air.  Also, what looked to be a really large thunderstorm seemed to be gathering directly above. 


Muninn was perched on Lycan Thom's shoulder and Huginn on Teros' small backpack.  They both spoke in turns so all could hear;

"Distractia isn't the type of demon you've faced.  The previous beasts you have fought were like beaten dogs; wild, angry, predictable.  Distractia is more like a cat. He taunts his prey mercilessly until he's ready to deliver the final blow.  Don't be surprised if he already knows we're coming and has a slew of tricks up his sleeves.  Him and his jester goons are a lot that walk the line of genius and insanity. Cold, calculating, while at the same time, deranged lunatics."


"They're controlled chaos" chimed the other raven.   A moment of silence.  Then, "Distractia's mind games come from never accepting Ma-"  The raven was cut off by large man with a stack of papers standing at the entryway.  His voice boomed and startled the group.



"PASSES?!"  shouted the stocky gatekeeper.  "YOU ON DA LIST?!"  Teros stepped up, "I thought this was a place where anyone was accepted to try their luck and spend some coin." while simultaneously puling 2 gold coins out of his pocket.  The gatekeeper grimaced.  "YER CAN GO!  YER STUPID BIRDS CAN'T!  NO PETS ALLOWED!  DIS LIST IS FOR THE VEE III PEEZ" 


Looking around back at the group and the ravens, Teros replied, "Well I don't think 'Teros' is on that list, but why must the ravens not be-"   Teros was cut off again by the booming gatekeeper, "HA!  NOT A VEE IIII PEE?!  WELL DEN WHYS YER NAME RIGHT HERE!?  YER A GUEST OF HONOR!" poking the stack of papers with a stubby gnarled finger.


The ravens gave Teros a look.  A knowing glace, a "we told you so" glance.  Muninn hopped onto the ground and started walking towards the door and bashed his peak against something invisible.  A slight spark of dark energy rippled through the air- making ever so slight waves along the walls, up to the rootop, and rippling back down to the floor again.  That wasn't a storm coming right above; that was some sort of black magic. 


While this was happening, Ravnos was keeping an eye on the situation and thought he heard a caw.  Not from the ravens either.  He looked out of the corner of his eye and poked ChristArtist's shoulder.  "Psst, don't turn your head around. Just kind of eye over to the right, in that mess of bushes. You see that?" Ravnos mumered under his breath.  ChristArtist did as was told and glanced slighty.  Red eyes. Pairs of them in the bushes.  Trying to be subtle, ChristArtist faced the opposite direction and put her hand over her mouth.  She spoke to Ravnos, "Those are the Onyx Crows that Teros swore he saw watching us when we were heading north to face the FrostKing.  Remember he kept quiet about it and then mentioned it at the feast with my lord WildRoss? This is bad. Really bad.  What're we-"


"HEY! I TOLD YA NO STUPID PETS ALLOWED!  SEE WHAT HE DID!? HE DISTURBED THE ALARM SYSTEM WE GOT! NO PETS, BUT YER FRIENDS CAN COME IN MR GUEST OF HONOR!"  The square-bodied hulk at the door finally opened the gates and let everyone in, leaving the ravens outside.


"Don't worry about us. Just remember that things aren't what they seem in there. Stay watchful!" said one of the ravens as the door closed.



The music echoed through the crowded area.  Teros looked around but did not see a band playing.  Instead he saw large trumpets in the corner of the walls where the band music was playing.  "How odd.  He can project sound through these brass pipes?" muttered Teros to himself.


There were jesters everywhere.  Every single 'employee' was wearing a faceless mask of varying colors.  The eyes could not be seen at all- just blocks of etched black on their face. No discernible mouths either. A sea of colored masks with black splotches for features.  It was eerie.  It was haunting.  But it was also...alluring.  Buffets were filled to the brim with some sort of whipped desserts. Patrons were shoveling entire bowls of something into their eager maws in a row. Almost like an assembly-line of people just gorging and laughing.  Well, some of them were laughing and in pure bliss and glee. Upon closer inspection, Teros noticed some of them had a touch of sadness on their faces; around the mouth and brows.  But they were also still smiling.  It was like they couldn't help but be happy with what they were doing while simultaneously hating every second of it.


One of the newcomers, Wyrdling timidly walked up to Teros and saw the same sight as him.  "They look...addicted.  It's like they can't help themselves"  Teros saw one of the patrons wolf down another bowl of something orange and red, then belch, clench their stomach and start puking.  "I can't watch this", said Wyrdling as she walked to the back of the group. Teros smacked his lips together with distaste. "Yeah, me neither."


There were more 'employees' at tables with various pairs of dice, cards, and metal sticks with colors on them.  Through all the chaotic noise Teros heard, "A WINNER IS YOU!" being shouted as screams of delight and simultaneous groans from the others nearby must've lost.  The lighting was dim and eerie.  "This music is already starting to grate on my nerves.  There's so much better options than this" said SarahConnor. 


Petefeet made his way through the crowd, disappeared, and then came back saying, "Hey guys, I found a big red staircase over this way and there's a sign that says 'manager' on it. Shouldn't we head there?"  Teros put his hand forward- gesturing to lead the way. 


They all looked at the sign. 'Manager Upstairs'.  Missrebecca stammered a bit, "I have uh-a weird feeling about this."




-MINI WEEK 2 - Alternative Cardio -

A lot of people go walking but there's TONS of other things you can do to get the heart rate up.  It can be boxing, jumprope, stairs, swimming, dancing.  This week's mini is to try something different for alternative cardio than just walking.  There's no limit to how much- everyone is different.  But the basic idea is to venture out and do something you don't normally do.


For me, I don't bother with stairs so for this week; I'm going to go to my old high school and climb the outside bleechers a few times instead of my same old walking routine.  Anything cardio-heartrate pumping counts. Just try something different.


Shiny +1 Dex for completing.  Let us know what you did!


The group went up the narrow stairway with a brisk tempo.  They climbed, and climbed.....and climbed.  The walls went from an off-white to more and more deep red. There were small wall mounted candles giving flickers of light for a few steps and then a few steps of darkness; then another candle and a few brief steps of light again.  Teros wasn't sure but it seemed the candles were becoming further and further away- meaning more black darkness for steps.  Bigger and bigger gaps of darkness were slowly creeping in between each meager candle.  They must have passed hundreds of them.


There was no end in sight.  Then when going up one of the blackness patches of stairs, Teros stumbled a bit and halted the whole group.


"Sorry. SORRY!" Teros yelled to make sure people at the back could hear him. The stairway felt more cramped then just a few minutes ago.  Pushing himself up off the floor, he saw by the dim candle light something on the wall:




"Is that....a claw mark?" Missrebecca said as she leaned down to what Teros was looking at.  Teros rubbed his eyes and squinted.  "Yeah, and look...", Teros touched one of the claw marks. There was a fingernail dug into the wall. He pulled it out of the wall and examined it. Was the red from the wall's paint or was there a trace of blood?  Dropping the fingernail on the stair, Teros whirled around.  "C'mon, we have to keep going."


The music could still be heard, almost seeping out of the walls. No one spotted any of those odd tiny trumpets which sound could blare from like downstairs.  The group continued.  More candles. More dim light. More empty blackness between the never dying tiny flames.


They must have trekked upstairs with no end in sight for an hour or more.  "Hang on, stop, stop." Teros shouted so all could hear. His knee was acting up a little bit from all the stairs.  He hunched over and was rubbing his knee. When he looked up...



"Is that another claw mark?" Teros asked.  T2SarahConnor was near the front of the pack as well.  She touched the scratches carved into the wall.  "Yeah, it looks like it.", she said.  Teros kneeled down a bit to look at the scratch.  "This...this looks exactly the same. I don't underst-" Abruptly stopping Teros saw.  On the floor.  It was a fingernail. The same fingernail with the small trace of red on it.  Lupus muscled his way towards the front, "Hey, what's the holdup?"  Teros held the fingernail out in front of him.  Then thought for a second.  "I'm....going to put this right here." said Teros.  He placed the fingernail on the same stair, but near the opposite wall.  They kept moving. Twenty minutes later Teros was watching the bottom part of the stairs like a hawk, searching for the claw mark.


It was there again.  He swung his head to see the other side of the stair. There was the fingernail he placed.   T2SarahConnor saw the look on Teros' face and said, "We have to turn around. Now."  There was a grumble and whining from the back of the group to turn around and start heading downstairs.  They walked and saw 1 candle, 2 candles, 3 candles, and then the bottom of the stairs with the sign reading 'Manager Upstairs'.  They went nowhere.


The group made a huge semi-circle at the bottom of the stairs, all dumbfounded.  "What the hell was that all about?! We were going up there for like two hours and we're back down here in thirty seconds?" said KingLeeroy.


Lycan Thom stepped toward the middle of the semi-circle.  "The ravens said things are not what they seem around here.  There's no way that leads to the manger's office.  Think about it.  How many people do you think were burned out of losing all their money here, only to walk up these very stairs and get nowhere.  No, no, no. We have to think differently about this." Lycan Thom was tapping the side of his head.


"I...I'm sorry" muttered Petefeet.  Lycan Thom put a hand out, "No worrys. No way you could have known. I would've suggested the same thing."


"So then now what guys?" said KingLeeroy.


LycanThom still stood in the middle of the group.  "Well...Logically speaking, the manager or more important people are on the higher floor, yes?  So if things aren't what they seem, that would mean we should go down I'd assume.  In all cultures that I know of, height means power. Height means respect.  What do you think would get the least amount of respect?"


The group stood around thinking.  More flashing lights and droning of music all around them.  It was impossible to just stand still and have a moment to breathe.  The air was damp with the swirling humanity around the group.  Looking over at the buffet again, Teros saw more people lined up, shoveling down all sorts of pies or whipped desserts.  He couldn't hear, but there was a conversation between two men possibly arguing. Teros moved a bit closer.


"It's this food. There's something in here that doesn't agree with my stomach. It tastes good but I feel so sick all the time now."


"Hush hush friend. It's not the food. Look at the sign right there.  It says that it's 'All Natural*'.  C'mon, if it's all natural it's gotta be ok for yah, huh?"


"My insides hurt"


"Look at me? I been eating here a while and I'm perfectly fine. It's not the food, it's you.  Here, take some of these"


-One of the men takes out a bottle with some sort of pills in it-


"See this here?  You take two of these and it does some sorta magic to your guts. Heals them right up and you won't have any pain. You don't want to have any pain anymore ehhhh?"


Teros noted closely the person trying to hand the pills over.  There was something not right about the pill-man's face.  It looked abnormally flat. The lights in these halls played tricks. Teros got closer, sneaking up behind the pill-man.


"Look!  Yah don't wanna be in pain ehh?  This fixes it. I'm healthy as an ox and I been eatin' this stuff forever."


"I'm skeptical.  How are those things supposed to work?"


"Pfft! It's specially formulated to work in conjunction wit your body. It's like magic, these things. Trust me, the food isn't bad. You're the one that's bad. These little babies can fix it all."


Teros was behind the pill-man now. He saw near the edge of one of his ears there was an odd skin flap. It didn't look normal at all. It was skin, wasn't it?  Teros moved his hand forward to grab the man's ear when the pill-man turned around.  Teros ripped off his face- NO- his mask.  The pill-man had one of the jester's masks on and a weird skin clay was covering it. That's why his face looked flat.



"HEY BUDDY I WAS TRYIN' TO MAKE A SALE!" screamed the newly revealed jester. Teros punched him right in the face.  The group saw the commotion and headed over.  The sick man wiped a fleck of the fake mask skin off of his face and shook Teros' hand.  "Hey, I'm Kzacher"

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The group saw the commotion and headed over to the buffet-area where Teros just socked a jester in the face.  It didn't seem like any of the staff seemed to care.  There was just a sea of dimmed lights and mass of humanity still playing their games over and over and over. 


"Ok, uh. I probably shouldn't have done that. No one noticed yet but we should probably get away from this area." said Teros.  The group decided to cut through the kitchen area near the buffet instead of getting tangled in the mess of people and jesters in the playing area.  As they were filing through the surprisingly heavy doors to the kitchen area, one of the nearby jesters manning a table with card games stared.


There weren't any cooks around.  The kitchen area was completely devoid of jesters.  "Where do they get all the food if there aren't people making stuff 24/7?" questioned Edigo.  Just as Edigo finished asking her question, a jester pushed the doors open.  It didn't speak. It didn't move. It just stood right at the doorway entrance.  Everyone could feel it's gaze without even ever having to see its eyes.  The door moved again, and another jester stood post right next to the first one. And another.  Ravnos itched up to Teros and murmered, "No casualties here. We can take these guys out without hurting any innocents....but I don't like how they're just standing there.  I'm skeptical."


The group slowly backed out the other entrance to the kitchen area and T2SarahConnor saw a door with 'Janitor' written on it.  She thought back to what Lycan Thom said.  "least respected".  On a hunch, she went inside as everyone else was still slowly filing out of the kitchen area to avoid the jesters...just standing there.


Looking around, the janitor closet was just a small space cramped with all sorts of bottles of cleaners and a mop.  Sarah picked up one of the cleaners. Maybe make a chemical mess to throw at the jesters would spark them to move?  She opened and smelled one of the bottles. Nothing.  She touched it. Nothing.  She licked a tiny drop off of her finger. Nothing.  This wasn't cleaner at all. This was just plain bottles of water that looked like cleaners.  Sarah started swatting all the bottles off the shelf and went to pull the mop and it didn't move. She tugged again, but it felt like it was stuck on something.  With one big yank, there was a metal clanking noise from behind the walls.  A secret passage opened up leading to some concrete stairs and a gust of cool air.  It smelt musty.


"Guys...GUYS!" Sarah said a bit loudly.  She pointed into the closet at the hidden staircase.  The group made a dash inside and bolted down the stairs, slamming the janitor closet door shut.  The jesters didn't follow...


There was no mood lighting here. No music. Just dead silence.  "God, I don't know which staircase was worse." said Edigo. 
They kept going. All that was heard was the shuffle of boots hitting solid concrete stairs. Bits of rust on the railings flaked off if anyone even touched them. 
The group journeyed down. Constantly descending. The fact that no one followed them somehow made it even worse.  The jesters either didn't know what was down here and were scared, or they knew exactly what was coming.
Eventually, the stairs did stop unlike the 'manager' ones.  Someone shone a light from a small torch forward.  A completely metal door caked with rust with only one word written on it in bold font:
Teros gripped the handle.  "Here we go...."
It looked like a homey little office. Not at all what anyone was expecting. There was a tiny piece of fruit on a white dish placed on a desk, with a bite taken out of it.  It looked recent.  Maybe an hour or two it was there, maximum.  Bookshelves were lined across every wall and looked a little bit dusty.  A cane in the corner. A big clock in another corner.  A nice leather chair and finely detailed rug was on the floor. Why did this look so odd?  After all the stairwork recently, Teros grabbed the bitten fruit on a plate.  It looked like a plum.  "So ehhhh...I didn't expect this guys.  What do we do?" he said while taking a bite of the plum.
"Teros, do you really think you should eat whatever frui-" Misrebecca was stopped mid-sentence as Teros fell to the floor, unconscious.  There was something in the plum.  Lupus ran over and punched Teros in the stomach a few times.  "What the hell are you doing?" someone said.  Wild-eyed, Lupus said, "Well, like, CPR. We gotta get this outta him!" and punched Teros in the gut again.  Teros was just slumped over.
In the midst of this, the small trumpet in the corner of the room crackled to life and it spoke. A calm and collected voice was heard through the room with a touchy of a tinny ring to it from the instrument making the sound
"Oh my my, the V.I.P. wasn't that smart, was he?"
*a scoff*
"Listen little moths.  And listen closely.  That janitor door you went through is bolted with every kind of magic available to me. You're not going back up.  And as you can see, you can't go down.  Where do you think you should go?"
*Everyone just looked around at each other and at Teros limp on the ground.*
"Tch tch tch tch tch!  Well. I wouldn't worry about the V.I.P.  You're all equally as important in this dance.  He'll wake up soon enough, unless that runt that was punching him caused any internal bleeding"
*Lupus looked down and away*
"Now, things should be getting interesting, aren't they?  I'll tell you what; you all take a few minutes to collect your thoughts and caaaaalm down, and I'll just be here....watching."
*There was another crackling from the small trumpet and then complete silence*
-Gathering thoughts-
The mini this week is about encouragement.  There are 2 options here.
1) Either meditate for 5 minutes a day to reflect on why you are doing this challenge and what you want to do to refocus yourself.  If not, then just 5 minutes of deep breathing and emptying your mind.
2) Encourage new people.  Non-fanatics.  This can be anyone else. Even hitting up the L1's.  You might want to post on 1 a day, or maybe 5 a day. There's no minimum/maximum here. All that matters is that you are encouraging someone else every day.  Whether its yourself with focusing on meditation or on others by posting.

"tsk...tsk...tsk...  This is all so boring."  the trumpet rang out.


"I tell you what, while the V.I.P. is laying down on the job, let's have some fun, shall we?  I adore riddles so let's make this interesting. If you ever want to find me and get out of here, you might want to pay attention.  *AHEM*


If looking at old tomes you do rewind,

Your clue is who killed one fourth of mankind.


I believe at least one of you is well-versed in old religious texts and could get that one.


You hear it speak for it has a hard tongue,

But it cannot breath since it has no lung


That's a gimmie honestly.  This one I made a while back and I just de-LIGHT in its layers:


It can be a man's lover witholden,

It can be a jacket arrest,

It can have a bill that's golden,

It can be a span of rest


Hmmm.....This isn't enough for me. Tch tch tch this won't do.  We need more....atomossssssssssssphere..."


"No one wants to play your stupid games!" shouted Clarys


"Oh? Oh-ho-ho?  No?  Well we'll see about that, shall we?  I'll keep tickling the ivories and you WILL appreciate my artistry in due time.  You have a grace period for that sassy remark for now, but don't you DARE say that again or you'll need even more atmosphere.  Have fun!" the trumpet crackled out but the piano kept playing, ringing through the small room.


"Does anyone even like riddles?" asked Ravnos


The group muttered to each other. There were come clues and a few options for the riddles but why is Distractia posing these anyway?


The trumpet crackled on again with a tinny ringing, "Oh so many wracked brains...poor nimrods. If you ever want to get out of here then you might want to start blurting out some answers.  This game isn't 1-sided." There was a clanging or ringing noise.  "Do you really think I'd just leave you in the dark on these?  How about a man's lover?"


Clarys seemed to be the most irritated.  "NIMRODS?  At least we're not a psycho like you!  Face us like a man, or did someone steal your privates?"




There was only a slight crackling heard from the trumpet in the corner of the room.  Was there....whispers?  sobbing?


Suddenly a booming voice cracked through the trumpet, "MARU HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!  PSYCHO?  PSYCHO!?"


There was some sort of banging going on and fumbling.




There was a metal clang and then a low hissing noise coming from behind the walls.  Faint purple smoke started to seep into the room.


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The purple smoke was pooling- gradually getting darker and more sinister near everyone's feet when Teros shot awake, coughing and gagging at the same time.  "Thanks" Teros muttered to Lupus/Pilgrim.


"I...I need some help getting up. Hand me that stick over there", Teros pointed to an old wooden cane near a grandfather clock in the corner of the room.


Pedibus went over to pick it up and pulled. It was somehow stuck to the floor. Pedibus gave it another quick yank and heard all sorts of metal creaking behind the walls somewhere. "What the hell was that?" Pedibus asked.


"One fourth of mankind....The ancient books spoke of Cain killing his brother. I think that's the first riddle." said ChristArtist.  She looked over at Pedibus and it suddenly clicked.  "CAIN?  CANE!  The riddle is wordplay!  In order to get out of here, we need to solve the other two riddles. CANE must be some sort of lever that opened something!"


There was a faint noise coming through the trumpet.  A chuckle or maybe some angry muttering perhaps...


The group looked around at the smoke pooling up and raising almost to their knees.  "Ok, we can't just think about this is silence. We need to start blurting out answers here. What's the tongue/lung one?!" said KingLeeroy.


Minion25 was scratching her chin.  "If there's no lung, then it's either gotta be a....wait...maybe it's a device or something?  The speaking can be like that trumpet over there. Like an instrument or something."  The group looked around the cramped room again.  "BELL!" Minion25 yelled.


Lupus/Pilgrim was near the small silver bell on the desk. He picked it up. Sure enough, the small metal 'tongue' inside was actually a silver key.  "Ok uh....where the hell does this go?" he said.


There was low chuckling heard from the trumpet.  It gradually got louder.  There was a cranking noise coming from Distractia's side of the conversation.  The hissing got louder in the room. More of the purple gas came gusting in.  "WELL!  I GUESS YOU'RE NOT NIMRODS AFTER ALL!  This certainly is a case of the 'pit and the pendulum', isn't it!? No where to go.....yet."


Teros looked around, slumped in the chair by the desk.  "What the hell are you guys talking about?"


Ravnos caught Teros up since he was passed out on the floor.  "Are you serious?  I f@$ing hate riddles" Teros replied.


"Jacket arrest, jacket arrest..... Is it like a strightjacket? For crazy people?" Ravnos thought out loud.


T2SarahConnor was noticeably deep in thought.  "Man's lover witholden. Like, he's crazy?  Golden bill. I'm...I have no idea here."


Teros sat hunched over, blinking hardly and trying to focus.  "Crazy man?"  Teros giggled to himself and made a swirling motion near his head, "cuckoo cuckoo right? heh"


Everyone stopped for a second, even though there wasn't much time.  Everyone's gear shifted.  "Ok ok ok !  Maybe that's it?  A span of rest can be time, like a cuckoo?  Straightjacket, someone that's cuckoo.  Man's lover witholden- that's cuckoldry right?  Maybe cuckoo birds have yellow beaks for the -golden bill- line?" T2SarahConnor said.  Teros staggered up and punched the clock at the top part where the cuckoo bird comes out.  "It's uh...not doing anything." Teros murmered.  The cuckoo bird popped out and there was a giant hole in it's chest. Bigger than a thumb, roughly.


Laughing could be heard through the trumpet.  The gas was above everyone's waist now.  Clarys stood there, frustrated.  "That jerk said this was like the pit and the pendulum.  Maybe that's a word-play too?  The clock has the pendulum."  Teros looked down at the piece of fruit that he took a bite of.  He grabbed it and started eating it furiously.


"What the hell are you doing!" Lycan Thom screamed.  "That almost killed you!"  Teros just eyed him and was yelling back, "IMf NwOT EATffNG IwT!"  Teros spit all the fruit out and wiped his face.  "I said, I'm not eating it."  Teros held up the seed in the middle of the fruit.  The pit.  He stuck the fruit's pit into the cuckoo's chest and a loud creaking noise was made.  Right in the middle of the clock there was a keyhole- for the bell's key.  Twisting it, the entire clock swung forward and to the side- revealing a huge tunnel/slide.


"EVERYONE IN NOW!" Teros screamed.  The gas was almost up to people's necks.


The group jumped through the tunnel/slide without hesitation. There was nowhere else to go.  Some purple smoked seeped down the tunnel with them.  The tunnel was pitch black and it felt like it was carved out of rough rocks.  They fell for what felt like an eternity into the black abyss.


There was a humming sound, like some sort of machinery after a few minutes.  Suddenly, there was a strange pulling sensation that everyone was feeling.  Some could hear faint music.  People started fusing to the side of the tunnel. Their armor almost crushing them like an anaconda.  "I gotta take my armor off." Teros barely managed to sqeeze the words out of his lungs.  He slipped his armor off and kept sliding down the tunnel.  The rest frantically followed suit in the near-pitch darkness.  Everyone's weapons and armor rocketed down a separate tunnel. Clanging of metal on metal could be heard echoing through the chambers. 


Finally, the tunnel ended, and people fell down, one on top of each other into a big heap.  Teros climbed out from under most of the people and dusted himself off.  There were no lights.  Everyone else was trying to crawl off of each other and stand up.  No one had any weapons or armor.


Maniacal laughter could be heard from somewhere up above. It was Distractia still watching and listening to them somehow.


"You can't enjoy the sights without any lights!  One moment.  You little moths deserve a bit of light to help guide you. Ohhhhohoho! This is getting fuUuUuUuUuUun again!" Distractia's voice echoed through whatever large chamber people couldn't see in.  Everyone could hear the sheer giddiness in Distractia's voice, as well as excited clapping.  Whatever everyone was about to see wasn't going to be any better than the purple smoke.


"And your god said to you all, LET THERE BE LIGHT!" -came through some other trumpet in the room




Music blared on


"HEHEHE! This is one of my unfinished projects!  Keep going through. You're going to LOVE this!" -Distractia


The group listened to the music and were all deeply unsettled.  Going through the ballroom area, there was a massive marble floor filled with mannequins in strange contortions and holding weapons.








Just then a loud bang could be heard at the end of the ballroom.  It was a pile of all the weapons and armor- through the sea of mannequins.


"NOW FOR SOME REEEEEEEEEEEEEAL FUN!  Without any weapons and armor, you can't hurt my dancers.  Take a good close look at the ballroom floor.  See the different patterns? The swirls? The colors? Ooooooh GOD it's so beautiful.  Step on the wrong ones, and you trigger them to 'dance' for you.  If you don't want to color my beautifully desgined floor with your blood, you need to dance your way through!  Come, come now little moths!  Follow the lights and don't stray!  AHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"


Sulak was behind everyone else.  He threw a chair and it landed on one of the swirling tiles.  A mennequin swung a full 180 degrees and shattered the chair into splinters, then moved back to it's original spot.


Teros just put his head in his hands. "I really really hate this."  Just then, there was scuffling heard near the pile of armor and weapons. A row of jesters with their sea of faceless masks stood in a row. Waiting.


Ravnos took a deep breath. "We're going to have to get ourselves through here and grab our gear to fight off the jesters."


Mini week 4: The Danse Macabre


To get through and fight the jesters, we need to gracefully get through the mannequins with doing bodyweight exercises.  Squats, pushups, pull-ups, lunges, dips- any and all bodyweight reps count to get through the mannequin minefield.

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Clapping was heard over the music as Distractia was giddy with excitement.  One of the mannequins swung by Teros and chipped one of his horns.  "Good thing they grow back" Teros mumbled under his breath.


Getting through the ballroom was a real challenge.  DarK_RaideR got through first and made a mad sprint to the pile of weapons.  The jesters just stood there in a row, motionless.  Closely behind was Kzacher and Minion25.  Kzacher grabbed a smaller-weight spare hammer from the pile that was Teros' backup weapon.  Swinging with all his might, he caved one of the jester's faces in.  It just collapsed.  No blood.  The rest of the group was catching up while DarK_RaideR and Minon25 grabbed a sword and a couple of throwing knives from the pile.  A few *ffth* noises and another jester was impaled by daggers.  A jester's head was lopped off when the moment of the fray had worn off.


None of the jesters were real.  These were just more mannequins poised there.  Teros caught up, grabbed his warhammer and in a wide overhead arch; crushed a jester mannequin's head into it's chest.  Huffing with frustration, most of the group was partially mixed with relief that there wasn't another battle; but also angry they couldn't get out their anger at something tangible.


The whole group now getting through the ballroom; the huge pile of weapons and armor was divided up as people found their belongings.  Passing by the broken jester-looking mannequins, there was another open room filled with broken parts.




The group dispersed a little bit; keeping a very lax formation.  They came upon a hall of mirrors leading down to more stairs. The mirrors were warped, twisted. They made some people look only two feet tall, and other mirrors stretched people's looks from floor to ceiling.  The fact that the mirrors were on either side of them through the hallway just made it more jarring. Just walking by looked like hundreds of deformed versions of themselves were looking back. 



Traveling through the dizzying hallway stairs, violin music could be heard.


There were also deformed pictures of people superimposed on certain mirrors. A barrage of faces could be seen for what looked like miles mixed in with all the reflections.




No clapping. No laughing. No riddles.  The absence of there being a voice was somehow more concerning than hearing the madman's rambling.  The music starting changing in tone and there was a high pitched cracking noise coming from behind. It was like someone chewing on ice but inside your head.  Without even noticing it, everyone's pace was getting faster and faster. The fear was contagious. The unknown and constant flashing of images in the corners of everyone's eyes started to create a panic without anyone ever saying a word.


"Oh thank God, the end of the hall..." Teros said. There was light and less mirrors on either side of the group.  The ice cracking noise that was coming from behind lingered in the air and slowly faded.  There was a sharp corner to go around and the group was met with a room made entirely out of mirrors.  The floor, the ceiling, the walls.  There were no doorways, no windows, and no visible objects.


The familiar tinny noise could be heard, but there were no trumpets around anywhere. There was just a slight slit in one of the mirrors that the sound seemed to be emanating from.


"....You're close now. So very close my little moths.  I supposed one last moment we should share....yes?"  Distractia's voice seemed mellow now. It sounded like a completely different person. The maniacal joy minutes ago now sounded like there was a twinge of moroseness in his voice.  


"As.....always...you seem to be confused.  This part of the act isn't finished yet. I only have so much time and so much to do.  The artist can't...no. WON'T be denied his artform. It is a labor of love. Of passion.  I hope you appreciate the effort that I've put forth here. You better.  I plan to have an entire dancing ceremony with those mannequins. I'm learning all of the types of dance... she..loved to dance..."  Distractia's words were trailing off like he was lost in thought.


Suddenly, the attitude shifted.  Blaring so loud that the walls shook, "BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT!  There is SO much to be done!  SO much!  I feel like I've used up all of your time so now it is time to say goodbye.  This has been a wonderful journey, hasn't it?  I was told to do conflicting things.  The Red One just wanted me to end you right away but that's not really my nature.  The Jackal said that I should play to my strong suit and I think that makes more sense.  What do you think? You've enjoyed so far...right?"


Everyone was stumped.  Was this a loaded question? Was this a trick? Wordplay?  Was the group supposed to think that almost dying a couple times was fun?


Teros poked the splintered bit of his satyr horn that was broken back by the mannequins.  "Look, we don't have time for any more of this.  I don't care about what you have to say.  Can't we just face each other like men and end this?"


"I want you to appreciate the fate that has brought us all here.  I want you to reflect ha-ha on your paths.  And I also want you to understand who and what you all are." - Distractia


The ice-crunching noise started getting louder. Suddenly all the mirrors splintered and cracked.  It left thousands of fragmented reflections of the group staring back.


"Understand who and what you all are before you face me.  Tell me the truths that are in your skulls...little moths." - Distractia



- Lying Game -

This week's mini is to tell your lies.  Who are you and what do you want to be?  This sounds like it should be easy, but it's not.  It's easy to say, "I'd like to do this." or "I'm just this."  This week is about telling yourself a lie that you want to be true in your life about yourself.  "I'm sociable" "I'm a runner" "I don't eat junk food" "I'm strong and determined".  It doesn't matter what the lie is; just that you tell it to yourself every single day this week.


For a more elaborate explanation, I refer here:



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As everyone started to explain who they are while being puzzled, the mirrored walls, floor and ceiling had deeper and deeper cracks.  There was a light brushing sound coming from the crack in the wall. Maybe Distractia was just mere feet away.


As everyone fessed up, the entire wall splintered.  Suddenly, all the fragments of mirror started to crash about and shatter into a million pieces.  A hail of refracted glass crashed onto the group.  Shields were raised so the razor sharp shards wouldn't eviscerate everyone's heads and necks.  Among the rubble was a hallway filled with books....and enemies.  The entire room was filled with Jesters.  They started charging through the hall; leaping off the tables, weapons swinging wildly.




Off to the far end of the hall was a spotlight shining onto a shadow of a person playing a piano.




The shadow's head raised up and Distractia's voice boomed through the hallway:




An orchestra started playing while Distractia started hammering the keys on the piano.







Distractia's Demons:


This is the final week everyone. This is the last chance to give it your all.  Don't overdo it, but try to do an extra workout, break a PR, or perhaps do an extra 50% more tacked onto a current week.  SLAY DISTRACTIA!


Teros was still weak from that weird fruit early on in the adventure.  Pushing with all his might; he cracked a few of the jester's skulls. Everyone was in a mad panic.  Distractia's music had everyone's blood boiling- friend and foe.  The jesters were reckless. They didn't care about their own safety. Normally, the fodder that the demon kings throw the group's way will parry or at least block a little bit.  The jesters did no such thing. They charged forward with reckless abandon; spurred on by the orchestral maniac behind the the piano.  ChristArtist set up camp at the beginning of the hallway; chanting and channeling her energies into a healing aura- automatically slowly healing minor cuts and bruises moments after they were happening.


The onslaught brought about by the waves of faceless jester demons was intense but brief.  Their wild ways made for easier killing.


Ravnos picked off the final jester.  As it happened, the mood shifted.




The ground was littered with foes, just as times before.  The group had emerged victorious.  Everyone warily approached the shadow at the piano that was still playing.  There were no sudden movements from Distractia.  Is there one more final test?  Is this game still being played?  Teros walked up to the shadow...



Near the piano was a jester-looking cane, a couple of roses, a doll, and a small portrait.  The music was being played louder as Teros got closer.  Lycan Thom, T2SarahConnor, and Dark_Raider were all right behind him, just in case this was a trick.  The rest of the group was a few paces back.


Teros could hear....whimpering coming from Distractia.  "I....did good, didn't I?  Was this enough?"  Teros saw Distractia sitting there, playing the piano with one hand while reaching out towards the portrait with the other.



He was dressed completely in white, while wearing one of those animal ballroom marquis masks.  Not being able to see his face in the shadows was...jarring.


Teros walked up to him, his friends by his side.  "It's...over now."


Distractia looked toward the group with empty eyes.  "No. It's not over.  It can't be over.  There's still so much-"  Teros cut him off, saying, "I know why you do this.  I know why you continue with these distractions. It's because you can't get over the fact that 'she' is gone.  Rather than face the facts; rather than try to move on, you stay here."


Distractia's mask looked right at Teros- the blackness behind the mask somehow boring a hole into Teros' skull.  Distractia started shaking. Was he holding back rage? Tears?  There was no way to read what Distractia was at any given time.


"There's....no going back?" Distractia seemed to be asking himself the question.  He looked over to the doll and then picked up the portrait and the jester cane that was next to him.  "She..heh...she could scream furiously when I did wrong.  I had to make this to shield myself from her squawking."  Distractia smacked the bottom on the staff onto the ground and a ripple was made through the air.  It almost looked like the air was turned into water and there were undulating waves for a split second.  "Her and her sister never really treated me right. Perhaps....I was blind to her charms. To her wily ways.  She is a cruel temptress.  I.....I mustn't think like THAT!  There's still a chance. There's still redemption from the Red One. That...THAT will win her favor back!"


Suddenly Distractia lunged towards Teros with the cane.  T2Sarah shoulder-checked Distractia mid-lunge and he collapsed to the floor.


Distractia started crying and panting heavily, "No.  NO!  I WILL FIX THINGS!  I WILL-"  *SHTHUNK*


Missrebecca had thrown a dagger into Distractia's heart as he was wailing and getting up.  He lay there, hand outstretched towards the portrait that he dropped when he had leaped.  "Mah....r"  There was a last gasp and Distractia lay motionless.


Lycan Thom walked up to Teros, saying "How did you know what you said a moment ago about the 'Maru'?"


"Distractia's mind games come from never accepting Ma-"  The raven was cut off by large man with a stack of papers standing at the entryway.


Petefeet picked up the portrait with the crack in the middle of it. "Guys...this is a portrait of a bird.  But look...there's human shoulders."  Petefeet had a distasteful look on his face.  Ravnos grabbed the picture.  "That's Maru? I wonder if we'll ever see that beast in person."


Just then T2Sarah looked over at the piano and saw the doll's eyes.



"OH!  LOOK! DID YOU SEE THAT? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Sarah yelled.  Everyone shot up.  Everyone caught a glimpse of the yellow eyes in the jester doll's eyes.  Teros grabbed it and stuffed it into his backpack.  "That's it!  I've seen three of these damn things!  What are these!?"




ChristArtist perked up, "Three?"


Teros described them:







When we were about to get to Sodamus' lair, there was a doll.  In the hall before we fought the FrostKing, there was another.  And now, there's one here. 


Edigo and Sulak went up to the jester staff and picked it up. Edigo piped up,  "Maybe we should bring this with us?"  Sulak nodded.  Distractia's blood was starting to pool around his body.  Edigo grabbed the staff before there was any blood on it.



Petefeet looked around the piano area and saw a rusty elevator lift.  "Hey guys, there's an elavator that leads up.  Let's get out of here.


The group packed up their things and crowded into the elevator.  Teros went over to the piano with the roses on it.  He picked up one and put it on Distractia.


"Art huh?  No need for that rosebud...."



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Oh I am so ready for this.


And so's Pilgrim.


I'll try bring some new faces in, too. New challenge posted soon!

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Hi, I am Cannonfury. My challenge is going to deal with being disciplined and more active. 




Also to the rest of you veteran Demon Slayers!

Probably won't have the new thread up till Sunday. Garage sale is Friday and I am in beast mode to get my life challenge done and purge the crap from my life. Can't wait to see what awesome goals everyone has come up with.

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Hey! I'll be joining again, and hopefully be a bit more involved this time around. I haven't got my challenge thread up yet - I'll work on that today while at Jury Service (It sucks!)

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You lot ain't slaying another demon without your fiendly, er friendly, Lycan along. 

Challenge Thread soon.


Edited to add Challenge Thread,



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