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apfelstrudi battles mistyfication

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Either the salad wasnt good or i caught a stomach bug but it's 1.30am and I've been throwing up since 10 :(

sent from my toaster


Nuuu! Get rest and tea! D:

Race: Demi-Human

Class; Ranger Level: 3

STR:5 | DEX:5 | CON:6 | INT:1 | WIS:5 | CHA:1

Former ​Challenges: 1, 2, 3

Orcs Killed


Coffee challenge: Failed :(


Next up: Nerd Rumble 2015


I am Groot.

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SO MUCH AWESOME!! I LOVE the way you set up your challenges!! They are so creative! And I love that they continue from challenge to challenge and EVOLVING POKEMON!!!

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