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iatetheyeti: +1 Resurrection

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I've been lurking/hiding/squirrelled away again. I've managed to let things get on top of me and start pushing me down. It's never a welcome feeling to realise that you've allowed yourself to dig such a deep hole without any means of escape. The past couple of months have been rough, physically and emotionally, and now that uni is done for the summer (kind of) I'm determined to get myself back on top of things. If this means digging myself back out of that hole with my bare hands, well, then that's what's going to happen.




I've gone all RPG (more so than usual, I guess) this time around, just for kicks. It's taken a lot of heavy borrowing from Morrowind and Oblivion to put everything together, and if you think it looks complicated on the surface you should see what's sitting in my Google Drive and a small handful of notebooks! I have too much free time now, also, I'm really enjoying it, so... why not?




Goal One: Physical Recovery [+3 STR, +1 WIS]


Skills in training - Unarmoured (combat), knife, restoration


I wrote this down originally without splitting it up into three segments and it just got kinda weird and repetitive as I tried to explain everything. Essentially, I have damage that needs fixing before I can even think of hitting the big goals. Those of you that followed my last challenge will know that during what was supposed to be my epic expedition, well, things went very wrong and I ended up being carted off with a near useless right arm.


After a trip to the doctor to confirm that my tendons are indeed unhappy, I've been issued some instructions to take care of it and hopefully bring myself through the worst and out the other side (with happier tendons!).


The three segments of this goal are as follows:



1. Unarmoured - 0/100


Starting where I should this time, at the start. To fight in armour, no matter what kind, one must first learn how to fight without it. Knowledge is not enough, it must be backed with physical ability. To master the unarmoured skill, I must establish a light workout schedule that will not cause further injury, but will be enough to have an effective workout.


To begin with, I've drawn up a battle plan that consists of two days bodyweight work and two days of yoga. Physio will be a daily thing. To be honest, I think the worst part about this will be getting used to limiting myself this much and not giving in to the little voice that tells me it can't hurt to do more.


Now, this goal will be adjusted throughout the challenge. The doctor I've been seeing on this side of the country is amazing, and she's said she's more than happy to advise me. So I'm doing it properly this time!



2. Knife - 0/100


A knife is traditionally a light weapon, one that requires only a little strength to wield. Therefore, in order to progress with this skill, I have to keep myself from adding weighted exercise in for the duration of these six weeks. It will be strictly bodyweight only.


As easy and as much a pain in the ass as that.




***except next to no push-ups to begin with, because ouch




3. Restoration - 0/100


The art of healing. Herein lies physiotherapy, something which I'm notoriously bad for ignoring, adjusting to something that I think will be better, or just forgetting. There are three rules I need to adhere to for this one, nightly massage, morning stretches, and the wearing of a splint for labour intensive days or the neoprene support for not quite so intense days.





Goal Two: Flexibility and Other Fun Stuff [+3 DEX, +1 STA]


Skills in training - Acrobatics, theft


1. Acrobatics - 0/100





Despite what the name implies, there will be no acrobatics for a good long while yet. This is where the yoga part goes, because let's face it, where would I be without it? I will not be working on arm balances, apparently you need two fully functional arms for that, but what I will be working on is balance and core stability.


And stretching. Morning stretches to go with my morning physio, and night stretches to go with my night physio. Maybe it'll get me into some kind of routine that is conducive to actual sleep...



2. Theft - 0/100


...I really wanted to find a way to work this skill into this whole thing, so I thought long and hard about what I could associate with it that didn't involve actual theft. In the end I came up with grip training. It's something I need to do quite badly, and what thief wouldn't benefit from it? (Right?!)


Starting small here. The tendonitis isn't the only issue, there's also the horribly weak left hand to consider. The training will be incorporated into the BW days to ensure I don't go overboard on it. I've got a pair of those squeezy grip trainer things, one requiring significantly more strength than the other, so I'll start there.




Goal Three: All About the Food [+2 CON, +1 WIS]


Skills in training - Alchemy, illusion


1. Alchemy - 0/100


So being back with my parents and not having much input into the food bought is in fact weird. Sure, I now find myself eating better quality food, and every now and then I get fed a meal of immense proportions... Basically, I'm going back to the start with this one as well. The fasting thing I introduced a few challenges back is sticking around, no eating between the hours of 9pm and 11am unless there are exceptional circumstances, because that actually works for me quite well.


The rest of it?


Cooking. Actual cooking. I need to do this daily. And recording what I'm eating to figure out where the deficiencies are and how I can go about fixing it. Guys, I mean, my diet for the past two weeks has essentially been carbs. Not good. I even feel like crap because of it. So I'm getting myself back on track.


2. Illusion - 0/100


This is pretty much my promise to post food porn at least once a week! I linked up the illusion skill with photography, and while the main part of it will be explained a little further down, I'm making a little allowance for some decent food photography as well.





Goal Four: Mind Games [+2 WIS, +1 CHA, +1 CON]


There are no specific guidelines for this one, save this: Spend at least one hour a day on something that is purely for me, that will make me happy.


I can't even begin to describe how much I need this right now. The past couple of months, well... They've really enforced that I need to get better at cheering myself up, at distracting my mind from issues for at least a little while. I knew this already, then I got a bombshell dropped on me that really lived up to the name and realised that my current system sucks and I need to build a new one.


Never mind the almost failing third year/massive meltdown in from of the personal tutor thing, never mind crapping out big time on the expedition that was supposed to be one of my biggest achievements to date...


Five days ago I found out that I have an older brother.


...and the rest of my dad's side of the family knew about this for years. Nothing like being the last to know, right?


So, there's that on top of everything else, and I'll admit I am having a little trouble working through it.


As I was going through plans for this goal, I actually realised how little I could do. I've found my old guitar and really want to learn how to play the thing, but apparently that would be a bad idea right now what with the wrist and everything. The same goes for knitting (!), drawing, and woodworking. To begin with I panicked, but I realised this would be a perfect opportunity to pick up some new hobbies. Besides, I can still read and pick up a camera!


I'll find things to occupy my time, and I'm determined I'll be a happier person because of it.






I will never stop using that gif...


Things may or may not be tweaked before the actual start of the challenge, but for once I'm actually really happy about how I've gone about this. It makes sense to me, and as frustrating as it will be, I know starting at the beginning is going to work out for the best. I'll post some starting pictures and measurements on the Sunday or Monday, 'cause I haven't done that since my first challenge, I don't think.

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Oh wow, this challenge. I really admire you for your determination and staying positive and coming up with good challenge things, while you have things in your life that drag you down, shake you up, or make things difficult. Extra love for the way you are thinking about dealing with your injury, and what you can/cannot do. <3

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Thank you :)


At this point I think it's sheer stubbornness keeping me trying to stay positive, but hey, whatever gets me through to genuine happiness.


As far as the injury goes, it's really long past time I started dealing with these things properly. I have an unfortunate habit of breaking myself far too often to be skipping out on proper recovery... If it leads to me injuring myself less frequently, then so much the better!

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I kind of did that on purpose this time round, I knew that if I didn't tell myself exactly what I could and couldn't do then I'd go off and do my own thing, and that wouldn't be so good. Hopefully I've judged things right and gotten the right balance with the goals, just need to actually start the challenge to find that out!

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It occurred to me that I never quite figured out what I should and shouldn't be doing exercise wise, so I figured I'd make a listing of it and stick it up here. That way if I post that I've done something that I really shouldn't have, I get held accountable for it. Obviously this may change around as time passes, but I'll review this at the end of every week and see where things stand.



Good to do:


I struggled with putting together enough of a list to give some kind of variation. It doesn't help that the majority of my favourites are now on the red list...


Squats, pistol and usual variations

Hollow body holds

One handed (left) push ups (if I can!)

Plank, side and normal

Wall sit


Leg lifts (or whatever you call them, the horrible things where you lie down and lift the legs six inches or so)

Shoulder bridges



--- plyometric exercises, weather permitting (indoor plyometric not possible right now)


And after a bit of research in the bodyweight forum, I came across this comprehensive list of leg exercises. Maybe I won't be building killer abs or amazing guns during this challenge, but at least I have a chance at some awesome legs!



Bad to do:


Basically this consists of the majority of things I like to do. I haven't set up my pull up bar or rings so I can avoid that temptation at the very least...


Push ups (any more than one rep sets. DO NOT ATTEMPT WITHOUT STANDS)

Pull ups

Chin ups

Inverted rows





I should disclose that I did actually manage to do a push up today, though it was far from comfortable and the joints on my right side made some truly horrific noises... Attempts at pulling exercises are out of the question right now, as is anything that will put my body weight on my wrists. You know, like push ups... If anyone's got any suggestions that might bulk out my can do list a little, they will be most welcome.

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How about shoulder bridges? Those should be okay, unless your shoulders / back are also a disaster area...


And headstands? They might be a bit tricky, but since you have planks on the menu, I thought they might work, too.


... also... plyometrics? Box jumps?

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Gah, none of those things occurred to me!


Shoulder bridges will definitely be added. Headstands could be interesting... But hey, I need something that I know I can't do very well at all to distract me from not doing as much as I'd like to do! The plyometric stuff might not work out unless I can get the weather to exercise outside, I'm kind of worried I'd go through the floor if I tried them where I am now. Hopefully, seeing as it is supposed to be summer (though no one told the downpour outside that) the weather will clear up soon.


Cheers for that!

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Wow... You've got a lot on your plate this challenge. 


Rehab & healing is tough work.  I had a layoff after a car accident last year and it's freaking DIFFICULT to scale back and do what you need to do to heal.  But.  You gotta do it.  Or else.  You'll struggle with pain and injury for much, much longer if you don't do it.  Can you check in with your phisio team about the bodyweight workouts you have planned?  They might have suggestions to add or take off the list (I know my PT was very anti-headstand due to the forces on the neck.)


Also, for your grip stuff, can you get some Power Putty over there?  It's super great for grip training because you can use it to train both the grip muscles and the extensor muscles of your hands, to develop balanced hand strength.  You tuck your fingers into a ball of it and slowly expand them out... as well as using it to grip & squeeze.


And I'm so sorry you're struggling with family secrets.  ((( hugs )))

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It seems like a lot, but at least I've got it all at the beginning this time so I can figure out how to tackle it head on.


This is true, unfortunately. I spoke to my doctor about working out and suchlike, and she seemed quite confident that as long as I was keeping the pressure off of my right arm/elbow/wrist that I could carry on as I usually would. Avoiding overcompensating on the left side will be a little tricky, but I do need to build up the strength in my left arm, and apparently so long as I take it steady it should be ok. Chances are I'll phone up about another appointment mid-way through, that should be early enough to get me an appointment for just after the end of the challenge, and go from there.


I had a quick Google check, and I found the equivalent of Power Putty. It's a good price and has better reviews, so I think I'll grab some of that! Cheers for the tip :)

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Thank you :)


At this point I think it's sheer stubbornness keeping me trying to stay positive, but hey, whatever gets me through to genuine happiness.


As far as the injury goes, it's really long past time I started dealing with these things properly. I have an unfortunate habit of breaking myself far too often to be skipping out on proper recovery... If it leads to me injuring myself less frequently, then so much the better!


Keep at it.  It is an unfortunate fact that athletes get hurt, injured, and over train.  So, we need to know how to recover!!

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Keep at it.  It is an unfortunate fact that athletes get hurt, injured, and over train.  So, we need to know how to recover!!


Couldn't have put it better!



Subbing. We'll be here to keep you in check, if needed. ;) Also, looking forward to the food porn.

Sent from a magical handheld box


I'm probably going to need it, truth be told...


Heh, I can't promise it'll be fantastic (my food presentation sucks), but I'll try my best to make my food pretty for you guys :P

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