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Hi there, 


When I stumbled upon this site I thought I was dreaming. Nerdy goodness meshed with fitness, I signed up quicker than you can imagine. 

I have spent a long while being lazy and not getting myself in order, worrying about others first and putting myself last. This goes as far as family, friends and even acquaintances. I have had to learn a painful lesson in life that it is not anyway to live.


So, it is time for me to take a stand and get back in gear for me, myself and I. A few things about me, I am a comic fan, gamer, love movies and sports too. 


I am happy I found this little place on the web. I am brand spankin new, so I have some more perusing to do on the site. I do welcome any suggestions and friends to join me. 



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Welcome to the Rebellion Chrissie! :)


I'm also new and still finding my way here, but people are super welcoming and nerdy - which really is the best! I think you totally should sign up for the challenge. 


Keep us posted! :)

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Hey Chrissie, welcome to the Rebellion!


I've been a fan of the blog and lurker on the forums for a few years now - lots of great introductory and motivational materials in the blog posts, and a lot of more indepth discussions in various parts of the forum.


If you're relatively new to fitness, try to check out the basic programs and info in the blog posts first. It can be really overwhelming if you try jumping into the minutiae of the message board discussions about program variations and gear and all that if you're not comfortable with the basics.


The message board section on the first time challenge is pretty straightforward though, and you should totally think about signing up - starts up on Monday and runs 6 weeks!


Good luck and enjoy! :joyous:

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