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evidence in favor of a low-carb lifestyle

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I have heard that carbs are not entirely necessary for human survival or health like the eskimos, who COULDN'T eat many veggies or fruit because they didn't really exist in that area. They have survived with healthy individuals for many generations.

The body MAKES the energy you need, and I have heard that the brain is 25% more efficient using ketones (or something like that) for energy than the food we eat. People who starved in Auschwitz (sp?) but survived actually had pretty healthy brains and hearts, so the body preserves those organs (even in starvation) very well with NO CARBS.

I'm personally not freaking out about how many veggies I eat in a day any more. I like some, so I'll eat those just because I like them, but not because "they're good for me".

I'm sorry. I don't remember the article I read telling me this. I'll look for it.

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That is a super article. I'd just like to see some of the studies he talked about in it.

I fell off the carbohydrate bandwagon about 4 years ago, and it's been a bumpy ride ever since. Growing up with the "Canadian Food Guide" (the same as America's) and all those carbs never really made sense, but that's how we ate and I am fat. Erasing 22 years of the food guide is seriously hard work! All those tasty carbs basically act like drugs...in my body at least, and it has been an addiction that's a pain in the ass to get rid of. So after 4 years, I'm starting to succeed more and more, and in the past 2-3 months I've lost about 10 pounds just from eating less carbohydrates. The plan is to continue and keep refining my habits to make them the most healthy me friendly they can be.

My husband found this site. It shows what and how much people eat around the world. Check the difference between the first two and the people who only spend 30-100ish$.

http://www.everybodygoto.com/2007/10/12 ... the-world/

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really good article, i agree.

it is weird for sure. we have donuts at lab meeting every week (except when it's my turn... then fruit... still carbs... but slightly better, eh)... and the smell is so tempting, even though i don't eat them i really want to when they are nearby. nostalgia is a powerful thing. i don't even really like the taste of donuts... it's just that idea of snacking on cakes and things like that.

and like the author of that article said, sometimes you look down at a plate of eggs and bacon and think "this is going to kill me"... even though now i think i'd be better off with that than a bowl of cereal. oh well. no challenge worth undertaking is easy, right?

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