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Introducing Terrormortus: Military Addition!

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A few people might recognize this name (hopefully at least) and put together that this is in fact a reintroduction thread!


So in essence I kinda fell off the edge of nerdfitness mainly because I was preparing for something called BASIC TRAINING, the Army's way of turning me into a soldier. Well it worked and what do you know I'm home in time to start a new challenge!


So yeah for four months I did what some people would call f***in' crazy. For two months I exercised six days a week, climbed walls, trained outdoors in frigid temperatures, learned how to shoot a rifle, and all sorts of other things. The next two months were devoted to learning how to cook surprising good food and other skills as well as continued combat training. It was awesome, and it made me a better person.


But you at nerdfitness like numbers don't you? So here are a few.


When I went to my recruiter I weighed 291pds and was told I had to lose a ton of weight. Two years later (yeah it took awhile) I way a wonderful 187pds. Total Loss: 104 pds.


Yeah I like that number. In addition I can now run two miles in about 13:00 minutes, meditate daily, keep a journal, can knock out one hundred and fifty pushups a day (though not all in one set, still working on that), and now have razor sharp focus.


To sum things up, glad to be back Nerdfitness and watch out because I have some momentum I don't plan on losing.

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Welcome back!!  And what awesome results!!  Congrats.

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Echoing Chris-Tien Jinn, congratulations! One thing I remember about basic training was that it definitely teaches you that you CAN accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Also want to throw out a thank you for your service to our nation.


And hell yes, keep up the momentum!

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