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GENERAL THREAD WARNING: I am queer, genderqueer, polyamorous, and kinky. This is my thread, I don't censor myself much, and I will put NSFW warnings on anything that might get you in trouble for clicking on at work.



Last time, on the adventures of Twilight ...


In December I decided to finally actually do something about losing the 20lbs I'd been wanting to lose for years. I downloaded MyFitnessPal and started counting calories, but didn't see much change. Who starts a diet in December, anyway?


In January I discovered Nerd Fitness thanks to a Reddit comment that linked to Joe's amazing transformation. I started the Beginner Bodyweight Workout and was amazed at how quickly I improved. I felt better almost immediately, and was able to go from one to three circuits in a couple of weeks.


I started my Level 1 Rebel challenge in February and continued to progress well. I internalised the idea "When you join, you're in for life." I realised that if I wanted to keep feeling better, I'd have to keep doing these things ... forever. I couldn't go back to my sedentary life and continue to be awesome. So what was going to keep me motivated long-term? Sure, I want to look good naked (I do post nudes online, after all), and of course I want better health, especially as I get older, but those are kind of nebulous and not quite enough to get me ready to work out.


I joined the Assassins after completing my first challenge so that I could focus on becoming stronger and becoming more flexible. I'm staying with the Assassins because that continues to be my focus, and I need to focus. I've hit the "meh, that's good enough" wall because I'm so close to my original 20lb goal. I've seen so much improvement in my body in four short months of working out that part of me wants to stop now - BUT I CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN.


I have gone from starting something without really expecting much, to seeing that I can actually change my life. There's no more room for "good enough" and I cannot allow myself to fall back into my sedentary ways.


My motivations:

  • To gain strength and flexibility to be a better rope bottom and self-rigger.
  • To gain strength and dexterity to be able to wrestle guys and legitimately win.
  • To be able to do pull-ups and handstands because that would be amazingly cool.

January to May progress photo (UNDERWEAR WARNING!)


I want to see how amazing I look after a year of doing this!!


For this challenge I have gamified everything. Table below.


Activity              Stat  Points

ABWW circuit          STR   3

Two bodyweight sets   STR   1

Hollow body holds     STR   1

Bike 12km             STR   3

Stretch/yoga          DEX   1

Hand dexterity        DEX   1

Rope (bottom)         DEX   3

Inversions            DEX   2

Walk 3.5km            STA   1

Swim 500m             STA   3

30 minute squat       STA   1

Wrestling             STA   3

Chores                STA   1

Day of good food      CON   1

Early to bed          CON   1

Write                 WIS   3

Husband time          WIS   1

Job stuff             WIS  10

Rope (top)            WIS   1

Log all food          WIS   1

Identify problem food WIS   5

Ukulele               CHA   3

Play with my kids     CHA   1

Hair maintenance      CHA   4

Photography           CHA   2



My goals:

  • To earn 400 points throughout the challenge. This will be done generally by:
    • Walking 3.5km every weekday
    • ABWW every other day (with days off as required)
    • Swimming two or three times per week (with the side-quest of participating in the Toronto Island Lake Swim)
  • To make every day awesome
  • To keep losing body fat so that my body better shows all of my hard work

I'm ready to kick some ass.





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Woohoo new challenge! Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I really like your point system! This is going to be fun!

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GENERAL THREAD WARNING: I am queer, genderqueer, polyamorous, and kinky. This is my thread, and I don't censor myself much, and I will put NSFW warnings on anything that might get you in trouble for clicking on at work. 


Warning? That's the whole reason I'm here! 

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Yaaaay! Hi guys! I'll be joining your threads shortly!


Scoreboard for Sprint 2

Stat   Yesterday   Week Total

STR     0           3

DEX     4           5

STA     2          13

CON     4           8

WIS     0           0

CHA     0           1        

Total  10          30

Yesterday was awesome because: I figured out a formula in Excel to add my points up more easily. Next: charts!



Activity               Stat  Points

Stretch/yoga           DEX   1

Hand dexterity         DEX   1

Hand balancing         DEX   2

Walk 3.5 km            STA   1

Chores                 STA   1

Day of happy tummy     CON   1

Day of only good food  CON   1     

In bed by 11           CON   1

Lights out by 12       CON   1     

Total                       10


I got some last-minute stretching and headstand practice in last night - in bed! :lol: That sounds bad, but I assure you it was completely above-board. :D I wanted to do ABWW last night, but was too tired after making dinner. I NEED TO WORK OUT AGAIN ARGH. By Sunday and the official start of the challenge, I will do it! My ankle (for anyone new: I sprained it pretty badly playing trampoline dodgeball on May 10th) is still a bit sore in some positions, so I'll be careful and avoid single-legged squats, but I'm pretty sure I'm good to go for the rest.


Yesterday a coworker sent me a message saying: "Have you lost a lot of weight? What are you doing? Help me!" And I said "Diet and exercise and patience" and she said "I don't have patience and am lazy" ... You can lead a horse to water, right? :tongue:

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I love your point system!  You have so many avenues to earn points, so even on the days where you're feeling icky and unmotivated to work out, you can still focus on so many other aspects of your life. :)

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It's Friday!


Scoreboard for Sprint 2

Stat   Yesterday   Week Total

STR     4           7

DEX     1           6

STA     1          14

CON     1           9

WIS     1           1

CHA     0           1        

Total   8          38





Activity               Stat  Points

ABWW circuit           STR   3

Hollow body holds      STR   1

Stretch/yoga           DEX   1

Walk 3.5 km            STA   1

Good food day          CON   1     

Rope (top)             WIS   1     

Total                        8


I added graphs to my spreadsheet and had my nerdy coworker help me with my formulas so that they would carry across properly. I will share the graphs and data for my sprints on Sunday!


I'm very happy to report that I finally got back to ABWW yesterday. I didn't do jump-ups or pistols, so I did twice as many lunges and squats instead. I only did one circuit, but that's ok. I will be back up to two shortly, and then adding a third before the end of this challenge. My ankle is a little sore today, but I'm working from home and so am taking it easy.


I tweaked my points a bit yesterday because I don't feel that I should get a point for both a "good food day" and a "happy tummy day", or both a "in bed by 11" and "lights out by 12". So yesterday I would have got 9 points before the tweak, but am only getting 8 after.


Tomorrow I'm going to a special yoga session with one of my partners that "incorporates simple yoga postures & breathwork, tantric principles and energy play - all done with your partner on a mat." Should be a sexy fun time. :)


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Congrats on being able to do ABWW again!  Have fun at yoga :-)


I stole (with credit) your points system for my workout goals this challenge and several of the Monks quite like it.  Here's passing on the kudos.

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Oooh I want to know all about that class if you wish to share! It sounds like lots of fun. Maybe that  would convince my boyfriend to do some more yoga with me :D


Yay for almost-completely-healed-up-foot! Now next time you can hoop with both legs :)

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Totally following along. I've been doing that hand mobility exercise every day when I walk. Though I was doing the figure 8 wrong. :( thanks for posting it again! I will get it right!

Can't wait until we get to see the year progress photos!

Let's kick some ass! :)

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Hi guys! :D


Scoreboard for Sprint 2

Stat   Yesterday   Week Total

STR     0           7

DEX     1           7

STA     1          15

CON     1          10

WIS     0           1

CHA     0           1        

Total   3          41


Yesterday was awesome because: I went out with friends and had a great time.



Activity               Stat  Points

Hand dexterity         DEX   1

Walk 3.5 km            STA   1

Early to bed           CON   1     

Total                        3


I worked from home yesterday because it was a PA day for the kids, so it wasn't a very active day at all. I went out in the evening to a Pride event but it was so packed that I couldn't even get through the door, so my friends and I sat in the park instead. At intermission, more friends came out of the event and we went for drinks and dessert. One of the people I went with is my friend who hoops and does pole and aerial yoga and DAMN her arms are amazing. She's loosing 4lbs so that she can be below 20% body fat and she is so strong! I want a physique like hers! I know I can do it, too. :)


I'm finding it difficult to report on the day's events the day after they happen, but I can't calculate/post my score until the day after everything's happened.


Heading out to yoga now. I'll let you all know how it goes! :D

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