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Sambalina makes a comeback

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So this has been (and still is) one crappy, crappy week. My boyfriend really unexpectedly broke up with me, my best freind moved out of the country, and I got a bad haircut (pre-breakup) as well. This is a lot to deal with - my core support group is now shattered and I have no one close to 'be there for me', which is a difficult feeling. I am coping, but it sucks big time. Constant anxiety and nausea is the worst.


I got to the gym yesterday and have decided to focus on training for my 5k color run for the next few weeks. Lifting gives me too much down time to think, and running/walking doesn't. So, I've let my gym membership lapse while I take my training into the great outdoors.


In other good news, I had to go for a health check-up for work a couple of weeks ago and I just got the results back. I'm super healthy! All my numbers came back at, or below (in a good way) the safe amount, and I wasn't at risk for any diseases that they test for. So, at least I'm doing something right :)

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Aww bring it in for a big one mate




Sorry to hear about the break up Sam, that's sucky. I could try to pep you up with some cliches but I'll just say that it blows right now but it will pass.


Bummer about the haircut, you got a really good one last time, was it the same place?


Doing some running sounds like a good idea. 


Fantastic news on the health check though, reassuring to find out you're free of any serious illness  :positive:

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