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Once more into the breach. Alyss Hart continued....


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Round three

Having kicked my own butt with the 5k training… (stupid tendon) I’m going to have to change things up. 

Mission:  Lose 10lbs

Goal 1: Cardio 45 minutes 5 days a week              

Goal 2:  No more than 2 caffinated beverages per day and not after 10am.  (I’ve been having trouble sleeping)

Goal 3: Calorie intake under 1500 5 days a week, Under 1700 the other two days


Life quest:  Save $130 a month, pay off $130 of debt.

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Jumping off point.  As of today I weight 168 lbs.  I have $8020 in debt (not including my mortgage) and $1000 in savings.  Seeing my debt like that is a huge eye opener.  I want to get rid of all of it.  I'd like to get rid of the mortgage as well, but that's more of a chunk than I can manage.

You might want to know why I'm keeping $1000 in savings with all that debt.  It's money I'm keeping so I can drag my ex into court and have them order him to pay me back the $3000 dollars he owes me in medical bills and daycare.  The only reason why he is current on child support is I contacted Utah's office of recovery services, and he really doesn't want to be on their bad side.

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It's horrifying!  I'm REALLY cranky.  And I get headaches.  But I am sleeping better.

 I am giving myself a C for the 1st week.  I was coming to terms with the death of a friend, and was really depressed for all sorts of reasons.  The last couple of days I seem to be coming out of it.  I actually feel like doing things.  (I used my weed wacker)  The money goal is going well.  Debt is now at $6758, Savings is $1131.41.

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We need Rangers to jump in on the last part of the mini-challenge!


We're killing murderous, bourbon swilling imps via pullups and burpees (modifications allowed for fitness level and injuries).


Check it out here. And contribute your kill stats here!


Bring friends!

. I am Elder . Woosah . Sunshine . Plants . Fur babies . New book smell . Cinnamon . Pepperoni Pizza .


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