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Ajames: More improvements


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My overall goal is to get faster and stronger.


Continue with these things:


Handstands: Every day for 5 minutes. I want to get to 15seconds freestanding. Maybe I'll get there this challenge.



Strength Training 3 times a week: Mon Wed and Fri I do a fairly simple bodyweight workout. Push, Pull, Legs, Core


I really want to get to 3x8 Diamond Pushups with my feet on a chair. I'm at 887 with feet on a stool about 25cm high.


I also plan to increase max pullups to 15. (Currently 10) again not sure if I'll get there this challenge.


Legs: Currently working towards good form pistol squats. After reading "the Naked Warrior" I have learned a bunch about this great exercise.



Add these:


Sprints: Once per week. Start off with 5x100m in five minutes, add one interval per week. I love having done these but never seem to make myself. I'm telling you guys so I can get


Sleep: Get enough of it. Record Bed and Waking times.


Drawing: One page every day. Start that blog I've been talking about. I got back into drawing earlier this year and love it.




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What kind of training are you doing for each of your goals?  Pushups and pullups both respond well to Grease-the-Groove (GtG) training, if you haven't looked into it yet.


Also, the guildleaders did a really good Pistol Squat training progression last challenge: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Thanks for the information.


GtG is something I have looked into a bit and I may try it for the pushups. I'm working on developing my courage to not care about being weird at work.


At the moment I'm keeping my reps in the 5-8 range, doing three sets of each exercise (Pullups, Diamond Pushups and Pistols to a stool) three times a week after a warm up.


I can do pistols all the way but I'm just doing them to a stool (about 25cm high) and focusing on keeping my lower leg as vertical as possible and pushing through my heel.


Any and all advice is appreciated.

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*************   This is a semi automatic message from your future ex robotic guild leader     ********************


Hello! I just noticed that you haven't submitted the Assassin sign-up form.


For those of you new to the guild - this form allow us to list all the members of the guild that use our sign-up sheet, it makes our work easier and allows you to be registered in the phonebook or eligible for the most wanted list! (Please note, this is not the general sign-up, this is an additional sign up for our guild only.)


If it's not done already, make sure to subscribe to the announcement thread to make sure you won't miss any events or informations.



*************   This was a semi automatic message from your future ex robotic guild leader ********************

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I've been hitting the pullups and one leg pushups since I got off crutches on Monday.

Last night I hit 11,10,9 pullups for the first time which felt great. New max :)


I have drawn every day, although I have not started that blog yet. Sleep has also been good, usually in bed before 10 and up around 6 which is about right for me.


Understandably(I hope), I have not been sprinting or upside down since I injured myself.

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Injuries are hard to work around. Glad to see you are remaining focused and determined. Can't wait to hear more about your accomplishments.

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