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I've been making great strides at developing new habits, make great changes and evolving into a better me. After a short break from the forums and challenges I'm so ready to jump back in  :)


I previously sucked at updating these so I'd love to be held accountable to checking in often, as I love the community.


My end of year summer goal is to lose 20lbs. I would like to achieve this at the very latest of September 15. I want to do this on my own, no relying on other people to help me. In case the scale doesn't move, my ultimate goal is to lose my belly fat which exists due to pregnancy and surgery. I want to erase the physical evidence of my illnesses and regain my confidence. 


I have a wonderful fitbit that is helping me track my efforts, I've been doing much better than the beginning of the year at being more active, and I've tried a ton of new foods or ways of eating foods that I never would have before.


So I guess the How!


1 - Limit my sugar intake. I can have sugar but not often and preferably in healthier forms such as honey or stevia. This should allow me enough flexibility that I could take my kids for iced cream or have s'mores but not have sugar control my cravings and eating habits. Ultimately I would love to keep sugar out of my regular day to day routine. 


2 - Be consistently active. Right now I do yoga once I week but I want to get moving and be more active on a more regular basis. There is a running group starting that I'm hoping to join, but even just hoping to walk more, run up and down the stairs, play with the kids in the yard, anything. As a starting point it would be great to have a minimum 15 minutes of activity each day. 


3 - Get dressed daily. Even if it's into yoga pants or sweats but get out of my pajamas and be ready to go or be active at all times. Create more yes opportunities and less no's for the kids by being dressed in something we could at least go to the park in each day.


4 - Spending fast. No spending on unnecessary things. No toys, no extras, no material things. We can spend on experiences though so a trip to the zoo, maybe go to the drive in, those types of things are good. This should help us clear out the house of excess items, use up what we already have and encourage us to be more active and present this summer. 


This does not include the previous habits I have already been doing like tracking what I eat in myfitnesspal, drinking more water, meal prepping and eating at home as much as possible. I still need to keep these up. 


Would love some buddies and some help so please feel free to connect! Looking very forward to this challenge!

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You are good enough NOW! 



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How do you gauge 'limit sugar intake'.  Is it a certain amount? Is it a serving? Is it just 1-2 items that are ok? 


Do you have a way to grade your goals?  Some people use a points system while others give themselves an A, B, C, D grade for the week per goal. 


And Hiraedd is right- this week is all about finding an accountability group. Check out the Mini-Challenge post for more.


If you have any questions, feel free to post in the Tavern or send me a PM.  Good luck and have fun :)

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Thanks Teros, I want to simplify how I play the game of life this round, I always over complicate it.


Sugar I was figuring out still. I think no (added) sugar 5 days a week will be the way I go this round just to keep it simple yet flexible since its summer.


i did check out the accountabilibuddies groups and I don't really fit in with any of them. 


Today was good, the only thing I didn't accomplish was sugar but this will have to count for 1 of my 2 days.

Level 2 Sprite

STR - 3.5 : DEX - 2.75 : STA - 3.5 : CON - 6.5 : WIS - 11 : CHA - 4



You are good enough NOW! 



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I like your third goal.


In the Summer holidays weeks can go by without me and my daughter wearing anything other than jimmies!


*coughs*  Doesn't always stop me going out though!


M x

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