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Vortex--back to the starting line

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New challenge!  I have to admit, part of me is pumped, and part just doesn't want to do it.  But the good part is that at least I know WHY I don't want to do it.  Because it is going to be challenging and I don't like that moment of realization of how weak I am.  I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm only failing if I don't do anything at all.  Even small progress is progress, right?


Looking back over past challenges, I've always had one goal (at least) that fell by the wayside.  For this challenge, I'm going to have one challenging goal and a few easy but (hopefully) rewarding side goals.  So without further ado:



I'm totally weak. Again.  I had body weight workouts as a goal in a past challenge and really did notice an improvement.  But then winter happened and I hibernated.  I'm resisting getting back into it, because I don't want to go back to the beginning and start all over.  But I must. And I will.


Other main challenge goals:

Read Salt, Sugar, Fat with AgentKatia as part of our little book club.


Floss my teeth.  I never do this, but I want to see if it makes a difference.  At the end of the challenge I may even schedule a dentist appointment!  It's just sheer laziness on my part--I actually enjoy going to the dentist and having my teeth cleaned.



As ususal, I'll have some "maintain" goals.  I think that 3 was too many last time, and I'm in the midst of my busy time at work, so I have two:


Keep up with the good eating.  My CSA starts tomorrow and except for a pint of gelato that I stretched out over the course of a week, I haven't really relapsed on the sugar thing since the end of the last challenge.


Morning stretches.  This I have relapsed on, and I am feeling it. :(



Points and grading will be forthcoming, since I always seem to adjust them halfway through anyway.


I'm thinking I may need some reward to motivate me to complete this challenge, but I'm not sure what it would be.  Hmmm.

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Even small progress is progress, right?

I'm thinking I may need some reward to motivate me to complete this challenge, but I'm not sure what it would be.  Hmmm.

I say all the time that baby steps forward are still steps forward.


A lot of people on here reward themselves with things that they are passionate about, or something that eggs them on to do even better fitness-wise. Like they might get a size smaller shirt and work towards fitting into it; or a new pair or running shoes, a yoga mat, etc.  It could be something like that or maybe something that you like to do that's a passion- like maybe some arts and crafts supplies or something.


If you have questions, feel free to post in the Tavern or send me a PM.  Good luck and have fun :)

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Woot! Book Club challenge!


I like your goals focusing on strength and maintaining. I've also been considering a flossing goal... I get on a kick and then I'll just fall off the floss wagon for ages. 


Good luck finishing up this busy week! Hope things calm down for you afterwards.


Also, I don't think it's fair to yourself to say back to the starting line, even in your strength training. I think you'll find you make much faster progress with your strength training this challenge than when you first introduced it all those months ago. 



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I did really well on the Bodyweight Workouts last year, and then just stopped at Christmas... I'm slowly easing myself back in by doing squats and push-ups on alternating days and trying to do more each day... but we'll see. How did your first two weeks go?

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