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TIAFG takes the challenge

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This is going to be largely blank for now, as I am just joining up and not really sure what direction I am headed in yet.  I want to do the challenge.  But I haven't had time to read up on the in's and out's.  So I will post what I have going on to this point.  


Goal #1.  Eat cleaner.

I am knocking out convenience store lunches.  I find myself grabbing a bag of chips and a taquito for lunch more often than not.  I am going to bring my lunch to work with me, and include veggies and protein.


Goal #2.  Get out and DO SOMETHING.

I am going to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day.  I would also like to be able to do multiple unassisted pull-ups.  (I am currently at 1.)


I would love some input on this.  I am so n00b it hurts right now.

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Ok, I'm still a bit of a newbie myself, but I've been in a similar place where I know I need to change, want to and have no idea how to do it. These are some of the things that helped me-

  • Google "nerdfitness habits" there are several articles written over the years about forming habits, which may help you out as you figure things out
  • Read up on the paleo diet
  • Look into different forms of exercise. Personally, I hate running but when I figured out I can do strength training it made me feel better about the whole exercise thing.

Good luck!


(PS- upon reading your challenge discription, this video immediately popped into my head. jsyk)

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Hello and welcome! I'm glad you jumped in even if you're not sure about what direction you want to take.  That's completely okay!  A 6-week challenge doesn't have to be complicated, and often it's even better if they're not


I’m Hazard, an ambassador for the Assassin Guild.  And it looks like with your hope of doing Pulups you may have goals similar to many in our guild work on.  If so, we'd love to help you reach your goals!


If you ever have any questions or need help with anything, I'll happily assist you.  An easy way to get my attention is to use the quote button at the bottom right corner of any of my posts.  I have the forum setting turned on to alert me when somebody quotes me using that button, so it's a quick easy way to let me know you're talking to me. :)  You can also get in touch with me by posting on my own challenge topic or by using the forum private messenger system (the envelope button at the very top of the screen).


Here is a link to more information about the Assassin guild.

And here is a link to the Assassin phonebook with a list of various exercises/skills that guild members are working on for this challenge, as well as links to their challenge topics.


There are numerous other people in the Assassin’s guild who you can also get help from.  I recommend stopping by the Assassin's Den – a general chat thread in the guild forum – and introducing yourself.  You can always ask questions there too.


In any case, I’ll stop by from time to time to check in with you and offer support.  Good luck!

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Hey there

Happy Day 1

If you can do one pull-up you're one up on me. I managed to do one once but then had an op the next day and that was the end of that, dammit. Anyway, you've picked some good goals to work towards. I guess the assassins will be your main source of information on pullupery. If you want to compare notes on long walks, a lot of us scouts are fans of walking, including a few who are walking to Mordor. After a while if you get bored, there's always the option of running. No pressure, but the offer's there if you want it.



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Well...not good.  I think I have to bow out of this challenge.  I have been hit with a double whammy.  Not to air my dirty laundry on the interweb, but I just found out this week I am losing my job AND probably getting a divorce.  So yeah... suddenly walking doesn't seem like such a pressing issue.


I'll check back in with you guys periodically.  Hopefully the next challenge finds me in a better place.

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Wow, that's really terrible. I wish you the absolute best of luck with both of those things and whatever may come next, and maybe when you're on smoother seas we'll see your again. I find that exercise is really a great de-stress for me, and builds my confidence, so I hope you don't give up on all your goals right now even if this is not the right time for NF.

Chin up, TIAFG!

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