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Freddyfly Wants to be Athlete Extraordinaire!

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Ok that may be an overstatement...but really it would be awesome.


Anyway, my main quest is actually for this weekend (can I do that?).  Here it is:


Main Quest:

Under 3 hours in olympic distance triathlon on June 14.  (if that is too soon, I'm planning on signing up for another in July or August as well).



  • Run 1x per week.  There is a team workout on Tuesday mornings at 6am that I'd like to get to every week.  However, that has not happened yet this summer.  Also refer to life quest.
  • Bike 1x per week.  Biking to work is separate and does not count as bike workout.  Bike workout may be road or mountain as I have just discovered my love of mountain biking.
  • Hike 1x per week.  Refer to previous challenge "Freddyfly's Grand Quest". 

But why is there no swim goal?  Well, swimming is my strongest leg and I REALLY need to work on the other 2 so swimming improvement does not count towards being athlete extraordinaire.


Life Quest:

Wake up with alarm.  As in less snoozing and coming into work later than I'd like.  This should help me get to that running workout on Tuesday mornings.  Hopefully.  I used to be SO GOOD at waking up with my alarm and I'm not sure how this happened.  Any tips?

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Sigh...Off to a bad start.  Hit snooze until after I was supposed to be at the track workout.  How can I break this terrible habit?  I used to get up as soon as the alarm rang!  Now I can turn it off in my sleep and not even notice.  :livid:

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Nice goal! I hope you reach it! Also, may I present to you, your new alarm tone:


Thanks!  I'll have to use that!


Move the alarm far, far away from the bed.

Hmm yes I should try that.  I did do this before but I don't think it was far enough away since my monkey arms could still reach it by just sitting up.  (and promptly laying back down and falling asleep)



Update for today:

I have a water polo game tonight (not part of my goals), so will not be making any progress.  However, I shall be moving my alarm clock away from my bed tonight!

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Monday Update!


I successfully completed my Olympic Triathlon this weekend!  However I did not go under 3 hours (groooaaannnn :sour:) but my time was 3:07:18.4.  So close.  The bike was ridiculously windy and what was supposed to be downhill ended up being more work than the uphill so I shall blame the wind.  Surprisingly, the run was not as bad as I thought as that is usually where I struggle the most.


Here are my splits in case you are interested:


Swim   23:32.8    (pace) 14:43

T1         1:42.5

Bike  1:35:46.2    (rate)  15.7mph

T2          1:20.4

Run  1:04:56.3    (pace) 10:28/mi




I'm pretty damn proud of that.  Oh, AND I took 3rd in my age group!  W00T! :excitement:


As for my other goals for last week, I did mountain bike on Friday but no hiking/running (unless I can count the race).


I did move my alarm far away from my bed but I seem to rationalize getting back into bed for various reasons...I'll try to make the run workout tomorrow morning!

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Woohoo-congrats on the triathalon-those are super impressive!

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Woohoo-congrats on the triathalon-those are super impressive!


Thank you!  I'm going to try to keep the training going (although the track workout was cancelled this morning).  I should be doing lots of hiking next week since I'll be on vacation in Glacier also!

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And to show you how impressive we really think the triathalon is! You're one of the Most Wanted Assassins this week  :D



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Oh man, I've been slacking on the updates...My apologies :(


June 16 Week:

I did bike and hike once but no running.  The Tri team moved their running practices to a farther venue so I can't make it to work at a decent time if I go.  And I don't have much motivation to run by myself.  I did also go rock climbing this week as well!


June 23 Week:

Vacation!  Went to Glacier National Park so I got lots of hiking in but no biking or running.


June 30 Week:

Mountain biked this week!  But that's it...


July 7 Week:

Not over yet, but am trying to get everything back together after the holiday weekend and Glacier trip.  Takes me awhile to get back into a groove, I guess.  And it's HOT here.  I miss winter!


Life Quest:

I moved my alarm away from my bed but my sleepy brain rationalizes getting back into bed until the alarm goes off again.  I've gotten a little better but there is still a long way to go.



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