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"Hello there- I'm new to the region, know anyone who can help a merc. find some work around here? I hear some Guilds might be hiring.


"Me? Name's Smiling River. I used to be a pit fighter- aye, a monk of sorts. I was then accepted into the academy and didn't much have time for all that. Got me a belly while readin' manuscripts and whatnot. But... I s'pose you want to hear of my more recent experiences...


"This here is the Kettlebell, my main weapon. I call her 'sweetheart', and she makes me sweat. Aye, and that's no ordinary rope, it's a speed rope, my secondary weapon. Lately I've been getting back into training, still reading lots like I used to, and trying things out. I even stopped eating grains and sugars. Paleo all the way... well, most of the time! And I've even begun looking into training others, too. The certification for that is still out of my grasp, but I'm getting there!"


"I got me a hound too, his name is Cosmo and we go hunting everyday - for at least 30min. I try to train about three to four times a week, re-sharpening my skills, dig? I lift heavy things, sprint, and do Yoga. I guess you might call me well-rounded.


"So, which guild fits me best do you think? How would I go about makin' friends in these parts?"




(Sorry for the goofy intro! RL name is Andrey and I am into fitness, Role-playing in MMOs, and a host of other things! Nice to meet you!)

Smiling River

Level 0 Orc Mercenary - Accepting Quests!

Main Weapon: Kettlebell - Side: Jump Rope

My Level 1 Challenge!

Personal Trainer ... in training! Ask me anything.

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