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Quietmuse's Quatrain – To Higher Goals

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Steve's article about "Doing Things You Suck At" poked me to get off my seat and write a challenge thread again.  One of the things I suck at is sticking with things and keeping up a challenge thread.  I reckon I can make my attention span at least 6 weeks long - it's time to give it a go again.



“All this has happened before.  All this will happen again.â€


I've been here before, both "here" in the Rebellion and "here" in my fitness journey.  I completed my third challenge right before Christmas then somehow just trailed off after the new year.  I was in the process of kicking rear, adding weight to my workouts, and making progress, but then somehow I got bored and disillusioned.  With nothing on my horizon to work towards, I quit.

I accomplished a GoRuck Light this last weekend, which was the motivation for my last challenge.  Over 8 miles rucked in 5 hours, with at least 30 lbs on my back (my ruck) and often with much heavier weight - I was pretty impressed with myself.  This is the point of a hard event, it seems - to push your boundaries of "unreasonable".


I did struggle in the PT parts of the event more than I anticipated.  The only training I've done in the last 6-8 weeks has been rock climbing and rucking/running, so this shouldn't have been such a surprise.


I'm signed up for a GoRuck Challenge in August, ten weeks away.  Instead of 5 hours and 8 miles, this will be 10-12 hours and 15-18 miles.  A bit more difficult, you might say.  While I was able to "gut through" the Light, such a thing will be quite a bit more difficult in the Challenge.


Main Quest


Over the next two challenges, I need to get my ducks in a row and be in proper conditioning to make it through a long event without undue suffering.

Main Goals

1. Three workouts/week (weeks 4-6: 5 preferred) (+3 STR, +2 STA)

Weeks 1-3: scale Beginner Bodyweight Workout to regain lost ground

Weeks 4-6 (and next 3 weeks): start through the GoRuck 6-week training plan

2. Ruck 2x/week (+4 DEX, +1 STA)

A "RUCK" is a walk or run with a weighted backpack. The minimum for this challenge is my current baseline: at least 3 miles/day with at least 20 lbs (4 bricks + work paraphenalia). As the challenge progresses, I'd like to increase distance, and I _will_ increase weight up to 6-7 bricks (25-35 lbs)

3. Yoga 2x/week

The last challenge I did aimed for yoga 4x/week. While I liked my practice, I didn't like the time commitment and how I felt when I got inevitably behind. Therefore, I'll scale back to 2x/week this time. I've been using the guides from DoYogaWithMe.com, and I've really enjoyed them. Being several months out of practice, I think I'll go back to week 3 of the beginner course and see how it treats me. I left off somewhere around week 3 of the beginner-to-intermediate course, and might catch back up quickly, we'll see.

Goal 1 Grading:

A: 3x/week

B: 2x/week

C: 1x/week

F: none

Goal 2 Grading:

A: Ruck! Ruck!

C: Ruck!

F: No ruck.

Goal 3 Grading:

A: 2x/week

C: 1x/week

F: Oops, I forgot

Life quest:

Goal: 3 efforts (at least 1-2 hrs) spent on organization or home improvement. Examples: Cleaning garage, taking unwanted piles to Goodwill, etc. Ordinary housecleaning and yard work don't count.

Life Quest Grading:

A: 3 accomplishments

B: 2 accomplishments

C: 1 accomplishment

F: Oops, I forgot



- Week 1 is a recovery week from the GoRuck.  Only 1 workout required for full credit.

- I'm on vacation from the end of Week 2 to the end of Week 3 - out of my usual routine.


All these workout and forum things I have to remember how to operate...better get on it!

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Hey Nym!  I think it's good to be back - check back with me in a week or couple and see what I think then. :-)


The climbing has been going steadily.  I took a couple 2-3 week breaks this year and it always seems like I slip back half a grade when that happens.  I'm a pretty solid 5.10 climber now that can do a 5.10+ with a fall or two and a 5.11- if I get lucky and am reasonably fresh.  A month and a half ago or so, there was a freak 5.12- that I managed to finish.  I think it was really soft for the grade and I took _forever_ to climb it  (basically one hard boulder move after another - I'd go half a move and fall, then another half move), but I did it.  I've led once or twice, but not consistently.


Sadly, my climbing partner apparently broke his collarbone last weekend (not climbing) so I'll have to figure something out for the next 8 weeks.  Autobelay and bouldering are significantly less fun, but that may be what I'm stuck with for a while.


I followed your rehab thread - sounds like you're making the best of your recovery, which is cool.

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I'm amazed at how much ground I've lost.


I got my two rucks in this week, rucking to work Tuesday.  Today I was going to ruck to work as well, but I woke up too late.  Made up for it with a nice low-key after-dinner ruck.  With nothing but 4 bricks in my backpack, it seems really light.  I'm going to have to wrap and strap up some more bricks soon.  Maybe this weekend. 


I attempted a dumbed-down version of my old workout last night:


    20 body weight squats
    10 push ups
    20 walking lunges
    10 dumbell rows (replacing 5 chin-ups/pullups)
    30 second plank (replacing 15 sec hanging leg raise or flutter kicks to failure)
    30 jumping jacks (replacing 15 burpees)


I got through two rounds, but was pretty beat down afterwards.  See above "slept late" this morning...


I attempted to pick up what I remembered as a moderate to slightly-challenging yoga video last night and made it through 6 of the 30 minutes before melting back into child's pose.  I'll give it another go tomorrow.


I've got work to do to get back to where I want to be.  I'm happy with my rucking and will push a bit harder, but everything else is a bit rough.  That's what goals and hard work are for, I guess.

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*************   This is a semi automatic message from your future ex robotic guild leader     ********************


Hello! I just noticed that you haven't submitted the Assassin sign-up form.


For those of you new to the guild - this form allow us to list all the members of the guild that use our sign-up sheet, it makes our work easier and allows you to be registered in the phonebook or eligible for the most wanted list! (Please note, this is not the general sign-up, this is an additional sign up for our guild only.)


If it's not done already, make sure to subscribe to the announcement thread to make sure you won't miss any events or informations.



*************   This was a semi automatic message from your future ex robotic guild leader ********************

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End of week 1.


I did at least try yoga once.  The week 3 class I picked out worked me over and I was a useless puddle within 10 minutes.  The week 1 class I picked the next day went much better.  Sigh... I guess that's what happens when I take some months off - time to start over at the beginning.


On to week 2, and it starts with climbing tonight.

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