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Question about variety in workout programs

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Heyas, im attempting to build my own workout plan to improve my existing one. The thing is though, in wondering if my varied exercises will make me better balanced or hurt my progress. Generally i spend one of each of my three exercise days a week with a completely different goal in mind. For instance, Sunday focuses on a reverse pyramid set, Tuesday is a heavy lifting straight set and Thursday is light, endurance weights. The exercises i use are generally the same every day, but with variations and switching up the order. An example is weighted squats on Sunday, box jumps on Tuesday and body weight squats on Thursday. I also do two sessions of hiit cardio a week.


Will this much variation help or hurt my workout because of the contrasting variety?

I want power, strength and reasonable endurance. Size isn't my main priority.

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I see nothing wrong with a mixed-program like this. In fact, I'm following one myself right now. I think the key to designing your own program is flexibility. Try it for a while, and if something doesn't seem to be working, tweak it and see what happens. But make sure you understand that you might not see as great gains in any one area as you would if you ran a program specifically focused on that aspect of training (i.e., you're not going to gain as much strength as you would if you did pure strength training). Overall, though, I think a balanced routine is the best option for long-term training.

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You'll still see improvement with concurrent strength and endurance training, but as TheCrimsonFist says, it won't be as much as if you focused on them individually.  For this reason, most people who get technical about their training do periodization - that is, they take 4 weeks to focus on one aspect, 4 weeks on another, and go back and forth.  This is typically the more efficient way to get to where you're going.


Again though, you'll still see improvements with what you're doing.  Particularly if you're a beginner, for whom nearly anything and everything will work!

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