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Batman_Trainee: Ch. 2, Victory Is In The Preparation

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“Victory is in the preparation.†– Batman



(Spoiler Alert) I was reading the Batman trade paperback, Batman and Son, written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Andy Kubert.  After the initial storyline where Batman meets his 10-year-old son, Damian, for the first time, there is an alternative timeline story about Damian taking over the Batman mantle.  During a battle, he quotes his father, “Victory is in the preparation.† Damian knew that he could not beat this foe in a physical altercation, so he “cheats†by planting explosive devices in advance to give him the upper hand.


Also in the Batman and Son story (Batman, Issue #655), it shows Batman’s daily preparation routine (Batman Capability Website).  This example includes weight training, nutritious meals, and work on his bat suit (See attachment below).   He is extremely disciplined to ensure he maintains his physical and mental peak.  Since he does not have any superpowers, he must work hard every day to defeat crime in Gotham and around the world.  This is why my 2nd challenge will continue to focus on creating healthy habits that embrace continuous improvements so I can be ready for anything.




Fitness Motivation:


I have had on-again, off-again fitness routines for years but I usually lose motivation a few months in.  No more excuses to not becoming healthier.  I have nothing to lose, only muscle to gain.  I will make my habits, performance, and appearance demonstrate that fitness is a priority.


Main Quest


(From challenge #1) Main Quest:  Develop fitness habits that set a foundation for my second 6-week challenge. 


Challenge 2: Maintain fitness habits from previous challenge and begin to add new ones.


Quest Objectives


1.I will strength train 3 days per week.  (+5 STR)

a.     Embrace the Assassins guild workout style and try 3 different body weight exercises than the ones used in my previous challenge, include a leg exercise.

b.Military Press

i.Standing using 25lb. dumbbells, technically not a body weight exercise, but I will use the 25lb. dumbbells throughout the challenge to simulate a bodyweight exercise.

c.Wide-grip Chair-assisted Pull-ups

i.Pronated grip, hands as wide on the bar as possible, use one leg to aid in the lift.

d.Body Weight Squats

i.Deep squats, cross-fit style where my quads go below parallel to the floor.

e.Overall grade based on x/18 days.

2.I will have a salad with/for lunch 6 days per week.  (+4 CON)

a.Use a nutrient rich leafy green, like spinach or mixed salad greens.  Avoid using low-nutrient lettuces, i.e. the darker the green the better.

b.Incorporate a lean protein like chicken or tuna to help keep me full.

c.Track on Lift app.

d.Overall grade based on x/36 days.

3.I will do an evening yoga session before bed 4 days per week.  (+3 DEX)

a.Do a short 10-20 minute beginners yoga routine on YouTube to unwind and stretch out sore muscles.

b.Do these with my wife to hold each other accountable.

c.Overall grade based on x/24 days.

4.Life quest: 3 “coffee shop†sessions per week.  (+3 WIS)

a.2 hours each to prepare for grad school entrance exam (GRE), research internships, or apply to grad schools.

b.Overall grade based on x/18 days.


Here is a link to my Challenge 2 training log: Ch. 2 Training Log

Batman_Trainee, Level 2 Human Assassin

STR 3, DEX 0, STA 2, CON 3, WIS 2, CHA 3

Challenge #1, Ch. 1 Training Log

Challenge #2, Ch. 2 Training Log

“Incremental change is better than ambitious failure…Success feeds on itself.†–Tony Schwartz

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