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My Rangers Mini Challenge Thread

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So I have just done the Strength and Weaknesses challenge... this was a good reminder on how bad I am and Good to.. 


Ill explain, First this Winged Grey Warden can help encourage others when down and lift them up but forgets he need to be pulled out of the mud buy others too.. 


i need to shout out to the enemy more of what i have done so don'mess with me or the blazing sword of light will fall onto the dark shadows...


bring the First Cantor and my will power to bare and force and defeat the demonds that known as laziness and excursuses

by doing it no matter the weather or time.. something is better than nothing.


I have seen what I am strong at that's keeping a goal but I need to build better armour and bring the burning light of knowledge that i and my fellow rangers hold.. So I have added links links people to click onto add as friend and kick my arse in to gear...


:angel: of the Wilderness Level 1 Archangel Templar order of the NF blazing Light.

 STR 2 - DEX 1- STA 2 - CON 4 - WIS 3 - CHA 2 

Your current safe boundaries were once fears.. Push your boundaries till your last breath.

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