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I have little ones so making it to yoga classes isn't always worth the effort. I have started looking for Apps I can use to do yoga routines at home. I am a beginner (as in I am happy I can now touch my toes in a forward bend) but I hope to continue to increase my flexibility with daily use. Has anyone had a good experience with trying  this at home? I have android and apple products (i know we are a house divided) so that shouldn't be an issue.

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I love the Yoga Studio app. It has a lot of built in classes that you can sort through based on skill level, duration, or focus. It shows each move and has fantastic flow. Once you get a feel for what you like, you can also create your own classes by choosing the poses you'd like to include and it will automatically add linking poses to make the flow make sense. It's a bit spendier than some other apps, but it is absolutely worth the $4.00. 

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I second the yoga studio app. It's wonderful!

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I've been using the Daily Yoga app for Android for this challenge. It's free and has timed increments you can choose from in case you only have limited time (like with kids!). 

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I actually bought a book... I don't like following a program. I feel more in control that way. I can increase or decrease the difficulty by holding the poses for more or less breaths. And some times I can mix up the routine and throw in different poses.

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I agree with Elinox.  I use Daily Yoga app on my phone. It has really good videos that show you exactly how to perform the exercise, and the voice narration is strong enough that you don't need to watch the video all the time.


Only bad aspect is that the voice narration is just a bit computer-digitalized.  Her voice can be wonky in spots.  Hope it helps!

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I agree with Mal and Elinox.  the Daily Yoga app for android is nice.  I don't have "PRO" only the free version, but so far i like it.  For the 10 minute yoga the voice isn't bad, but i could see how over 20-30 minute yoga it could get bothersome.  All in all a great app.

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