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Inferno's Epic Quest to defeat the End-Boss

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I started my quest yesterday. Trying to adopt and change some diet habits. To date, this is my greatest challenge that I often fail miserably at. I eat way too much, and all the wrong food.

Begin. Monday, June 23, 2014:

Breakfast: I had a cup of coffee. But skipped the timbits my kids were eating. Minor major accomplishment there. Usually eat 20 myself.

Lunch: think I did OK here. Ate a dry salad with fresh strawberries and grilled chicken on top. Yes, it was from Wendy's. But limited everything on it.

Dinner: bit of a failure. Had prepared for meals yet with proper grocery shopping. Ate a Zatarains jumbalayla frozen meal. Trying to use up the bad things I have left. I can't waste money and food like that. Ate a Greek yogurt too.

Beginner Body Weight Circuit x 2 Rounds completed. Whoohoo! Gaining some XP. Bring on the Metal Slime!

After workout snack: sliced apple with organic crunchy almond butter. First time trying that. Pretty good!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Breakfast: trying to finish up some of the non-Paleo foodstuffs I have, as I adopt better habits. Had the last of my Oatmeal and Greek yogurt at work.

Lunch: grilled chicken breast cutlets. Marinated in a very small amount of zesty Italian dressing, I know, bad. And a bunch of garlic pepper.

Bag of SteamFresh Broccoli/Cauliflower

Dinner: this will be a disaster for me. Tuesday nights are at my in-laws. Which usually means some form of pasta. There's no way of changing what I eat here without causing strife. I'll just have to severely limit my intake.

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Some of you might read my thread title and ask, who's the end boss? How can you defeat the end boss in life?

For me, my personal quest's end-boss is: fear, self doubt, self hate, poor body image, not feeling good enough, not being able to keep up with my wife and kids, the constant ridicule I receive from people about my weight, not tiring so easily......

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Last nights dinner was a pasta dish as expected. But I cast will power spell and only had 1 helping instead of the 3 I would normally eat.

Today is a tough day Work wise. I'm working 8 hours on, 8 off, then come back in for 8 more. Not only is this tiring, and mentally exhausting, but it plays hell on diet and making good choices. Unfortunately my work schedule consists of doing this weekly, sometimes; like this week, multiple times.

Good thing about being on day shift is I'm an extra guy. So it means I'm on my feet, walking, and going up and down stairs the entire day.

Nutritional Intake is going pretty good so far.

Last night after my 4yo's soccer practice, my wife and him shared a 7-11 slurpee. I normally would have gotten a big one, but cast will power again and abstained. Instead I enjoyed a nice bowl of fresh fruit at home.

Today, Wednesday, June 25, 2014.

Breakfast: sliced apple with organic crunchy almond butter. Coffee.

Lunch: chicken breast tenders and a sweet potato. Water. I drink water all day long.


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Dinner: Peppercorn Steak Kabob! Soo yummy! With onion and bell pepper on it..

Got through 2 rounds of Beginner Body Weight Circuit this evening. Substituted 15 rows on each arm with 12lb kettle bell and 30 seconds plank for both sets.

Had a bowl of grapes with my kiddos.

Quick 1 hour nap, and back at work for 8 more. Brought some fruit and salad with me, and coffee of course, to get through the night.

Mental Integrity: I need to not feel guilty or angry with myself when I have minor diet lapses. The big picture is intake. It's all about making better choices and eating way healthier overall. Which, 3 days in, I am accomplishing. So far.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Got off work at 0730 this morning. After taking the kids to school, it was time for a few hours of sleep.

Thursday evenings are Golf League day. So woke up, had a banana, and straight to golf with my father in law. That was a poor idea. Hotter than I thought out, on an empty stomach and no water. Doesn't make you feel too great.

BBQ Ribs and a sweet potato for dinner. Another poor choice.

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Hey, you've got this. Always small bumps on the road to greatness.

I am a brave man, I am a coward. I am the tiger, I am the flower. I am honest, and I'm a liar.

I am vital, I am tired. I am a free man, I am caught. From where I am, I see the top

I am, most importantly never concerned with what I am not.


(I am) Forever more than just surviving

This is my life and this life is my diamond.

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Thanks Ebag!

Friday, June 27, 2014.

Today was a great day for Mental Fitness!

Got some work done around the house this morning in prep to sell it. Then we took the kids to the zoo. That's always quality family time!

Dietary Intake:

Breakfast- Coffee. Banana.

Lunch- half salad with strawberries and chicken.

Dinner- homemade chicken salad. With avocado and plain Greek yogurt replacing the mayo portion. It was Great! Side of cucumber,onion, tomato cut up with some balsamic vinegar.

Physical Fitness: was suppose to have a double-header softball game, but it got forfeited for lack of enough players. So except for the hour and half walk around the zoo, not much done here today.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

I am an incredibly Proud and Happy Dad this morning. I got to Run next to my 4 year old as he competed in his First ever Race. A 1 Miler! He Rocked it! bevytu9a.jpg

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Saturday was pretty awesome. Got to do that run with my little guy and then we had some pool time.

Dietary Intake: some good with some bad today. Couldn't dodge the chicken wings for dinner. But at least I stayed away from the pizza too. Another small accomplishment for me.

Unfortunately working mostly midnights this week. So that's going to be hell on fitness goals.

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Pictures are priceless! Great job setting such a good example for your kids.

I started with 3 weeks left in a challenge in Jan. Many goals similar. Eat better, exercise more, and uncluttered my life.

I have had much success here. NF is the first place where I have felt good about my progress. I have lost 25 lbs, have had good days and bad, but always had killer support here. Have learned so much too.

I saw your post in the adventurer chat room and decided to visit you. I like your recap of your food! I went Paleo also and that is how I found the site. I am still not 100%. It is so tough with kids. Pasta and bread my downfall.

I would love to encourage you through this journey and can't wait to see your results.

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Level 36 Ranger Sorcerer 


Current challenge 




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I would also suggest you check this out to formulate your goals and come up with a grading system. While you are in level 1 for the next 3 weeks it is good practice.


Also feel free to check out the first posts in any of the adventurers threads. That will give you some solid examples. No need to spend too much time but good to have focus. We have pretty awesome people there with a diverse set of goals.

Level 36 Ranger Sorcerer 


Current challenge 




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Signs your beginning to make sound healthy choices in your diet:

1) the amount of produce and meat in your shopping cart makes the larger majority of items.

2) Your need to sit upon the porcelain throne is more frequent. And more urgent.

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Started entering stuff in myfitnesspal. Not because I'm worried about counting calories, but if I'm writing it down here, I may as well have an idea of its value.

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Sunday, June 20, 2014:

Tried sleeping after work this morning. But grumpy crying kiddos downstairs made that impossible.

Breakfast: Skipped.

Lunch: some leftover boneless wings and a cinnamon roll.

Dinner: a burger and a sausage. Small portion of coleslaw. Single ear of corn on the cob.

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Funny. I don't even go into the middle of the grocery store anymore. Your body will get used to the good stuff! I didn't realize how " crappy" I felt until I cut out gluten. My mornings are much better now.

You will end up with more followers. Investigate one persons thread a day. Make friends with newbies that have similar goals. Support feels good doesn't it?

Keep up the good work. Get some sleep. Your schedule sounds brutal!

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Current challenge 




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Monday, June 30, 2014:


Slept during the day after working midnights.


Evening, made tacos at home and then went to the local lake with my family for a little Open Water swim practice. My Wife and I are thinking about dabbling in some Beginner Sprint Triathlons, so wanted to get a tiny taste of it in. Cannot say enough about our Eagle Friends in Team RWB for supporting us and being amazing people!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014:

Another day spent sleeping after working midnights.

Dinner was at the inlaws. Held myself to one pasta portion. Hooray!

My son had soccer practice tonight. He's 4 and just started playing, but is doing so awesome!

Interesting note: had a Kiwi as a snack when we got home. Pretty confident I am now having an allergic reaction to it. Kiwi is now out of the dietary lineup.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014:

Breakfast: Apple with Crunchy almond butter. Coffee.

Lunch: chicken breast cutlets.

Dinner: grilled pork tenderloin and a sweet potato.

I didn't weigh myself at the start of this last week. I honestly though I was around 225. As of right now, I weigh 217! Haven't seen that number in a couple years.

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Everyone is eating desert at work this morning at break for the Boss' Birthday. I cast the Willpower spell and politely declined. Another small accomplishment for me. Sweets are my kryptonite.

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