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Virtual C25K Buddy\Buddies

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I'm looking for someone (or a small group of people) who is interested in starting C25K with me.  I've done it before but have been slacking the last year or so.  I really want to get back at it and though running isn't all I'll be doing, it's a form of therapy for me.  I've always found I do better when I have someone who's going through the process with me and someone I can prod to keep on somewhat of a schedule with me. I'd join a group but I hate running with other people. 


I'd be planning on signing up for a race at the end as well.  If we're in the same region perhaps we could pick a race to meet at?  If not, we can just cheer each other on.  I'm in the Baltimore DC area.




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In training to be awesome! :highly_amused:

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I'm down! :) I want to restart c25k as well - almost finished it once, then just... blah. :/ So disappointing.

I'm flying back to the States Saturday/Sunday, so I'm going to start running on Monday. I'd love to buddy up with you. And we should totally do one of the Zombie Run 5K's once we finish. They look awesome ^-^

I'll be in Knoxville, TN for part of the summer, and then back to Columbia, SC. 

I'll message you my MFP & phone number so you can contact me if you want!

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Sounds good!  My mother in law is in town until Monday afternoon so I'm moping to start that day too. Maybe Tuesday. :D

I'm not sure about a zombie run but I'll see what's around here.


Anyone else game? Would be nice to have a few people to keep us honest. 

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In training to be awesome! :highly_amused:

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I am currently in the middle of the Zombies 5K trainer. I am working to do the DC electrict run at the end of AUG. (electricrun.com)

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