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Warrior Challenge 34.3 - Beach Bods pt3

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Beach Bods

pt. 3



Hello Warriors! Welcome back to the Beach Bods Challenge! In these next few challenges, we're going to take a look at how to level up your beach bod. How to get a good "pump" on some of your most noticeable muscles while you're out there styling and profiling on the beach circuit. 


Now normally, we don't like to boost our own egos here in the Warrior Hall. But here's the thing, we're the strong ones, the tanks of the party, we take bruising every once in a while for the sake of our teammates. So, every once in a while, we like to strip down and show off dem muscle groups which help us deal damage and make our saving throws against constitution.


Each week, we'll give you a new exercise or two that we'd like you to throw into your programming. Get your pump on and gain a point for both Strength and Constitution.




Guess what day it is?
4ba7a1c6ce1bb14de49c74708df55dcd.jpg  Games2012_JulieFoucher_Floater3.jpg
Bicep day, get after it. 
Oh, where to start. There's so many fun things to do here. Barbell curls in the squat rack, dumbbell curls in the squat rack, reverse curls, hammer curls, plate curls, preacher curls, isolation dumbbell curls, curls for the girls, and bis for the guys
Now, everyone knows how to curl. You take the weight and you bring up to your lips, then you kiss your biceps. Simple. 
But, there are other ways to build those biceps. Ways that are much more fun. What kind of toys does your gym have? See Ms Foucher up there? Pulling on dat rope? Do you have one of those? Can you tie it to a sled? 
Quick pulls on a heavy weight are great stressors on the biceps. It's a big girl toy, so if you have one, get someone to chaperon you.
No toys like that? How about a pull up rig? I'm pretty big on chin ups. They're a bodyweight workout that works against you with the all powerful force named gravity. Going for sets to max reps is a great way to get dat pump. Weight chin ups are even more fun. Can't do a chin up yet? Get yourself up above the bar and hold for as long as possible, then drop yourself as slow as possible down to full extension of your arms. Negatives are a great way to build muscle strength in your biceps. Give them a shot.
What else can you do? You can curl pretty much anything. Milk jugs, sand bags, kettlebell, anything, really... anything.  

You ever see those guys who look like they totally used to be in shape?
I'm working to get back to that...

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You know what's better than one dedicated bicep day a week... seven. Everyday is bicep day.


I've been considering putting a dumbbell next to the couch.

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Links to some curl presses, I took one video from each side.  I think the right side is 50# dumbbells and the left is 55# dumbbells.  First time for video and didn't realize I used so much swing....sigh, guess it's back to smaller dumbbells


Right side


Left side


Edit: fixed the links

Warriors don't count reps and sets. They count tons.

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