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I'm currently laying on my couch with a hot laptop spread out over my stomach. Five years ago, I may have been able to see above the screen while horizontal - but now there is a lovely rise in elevation due to the girth I have bestowed upon myself.


I've done this before. This whole lose weight thing. It was easy.

Now I am 35 and it's a feat of resolve and dedication. Effort beyond books and nerdistry was not something I likened to, but now... now I must.


Luckily I have caught myself in the act of gaining weight early(ish). I have 35 pounds that I might like to donate to the ether, but then again - reading what NF has given us - I am less concerned with the weight in as much the way I feel, or the way my clothes choose to not commit mutiny against my ever expanding skin.


I am unhappy, tired, puffy, and feel older than I should. I have never been active. I've been accustomed to frequent viewings of bad movies, Kids in the Hall, MST3k, and numerous books. Sitting has grown my imagination and decayed my bones. 


However, my life - what I have in front of me - governs that I should be much more.


I am becoming my own boot camp. I will need cheering on from you, my fellow NF folk. I feel weak and downtrodden, but there is a spark - I can feel it burn (and I don't believe it's indigestion).


Rally with me? Let me cheer you on? Scream along with me? Help me take whatever it is we want back?


Are you pickin' up what I am puttin' down?


Good then.


Let's go.



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Aging is a bitch, isn't it? It's not a jail sentence though. 




 I am less concerned with the weight in as much the way I feel, or the way my clothes choose to not commit mutiny against my ever expanding skin.


 Woop woop! That's the way to do it. Numbers just stress us out. If you do use them, use them in small chunks.

Texas Mom of Boys, Druid Chick

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I've taken up exercise like a year ago and now I'm a entirely different person, really.

(Except for my weight, though. I did get a lot bigger in terms of muscles, so I must have lost some fat, but it's in fact incredible: my weight never left the 75.5 kg (that .5 kg is one pound, I'm stuck to the last pound lol.)) (Meh, at least I'm not getting heavier.)


But I'm trying to advocate exercising here, I swear.


Do you have any idea what you'd like to do? I suggest strength training. Come to the strong side of the force!!


And if you're feeling down about your 35-pound overweight body, here's something I came across the internet the other day. You know, it's off the internet, so it's NSFW and all lol. But if you're a guy, it might cheer you up. If you're a girl, you may just laugh as hard as I did. And then go out and look at chubby guys differently  :devilish:  http://goo.gl/Z5tKUo

"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." - W. Faulkner

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Hi there!  It's never too late!  35 isn't even old.  You will feel ten years younger after cleaning up your diet and getting moving.  I hope you have read some of Steve's blog articles, they are very motivating and have good, straight-to-the-point advice.  One thing I love about NF is that it is all about getting you to work with what you have.  You don't need subscriptions, special equipment, expensive products or any other ridiculous consumer goods to be successful in health and fitness and life in general.  This place is real.


A few suggestions to get you started:

  • Go for a walk, as long as you can muster.  Keep track of time or distance spent walking and see if you can beat it the next time you go for a walk.  
  • Try the beginner bodyweight workout (under the NF resources tab)
  • Yoga it up - stretch!
  • Lift stuff - get strong! ;)

Good luck!

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Do something active you enjoy its amazing how much of a workout I get just doing my everyday routine. Gardening, moving dirt, tilling, digging holes, installing landscape block walls around my property, chainsawing/bucking trees, long boarding.  You get the idea, yours will probably be different but the point is I like doing these "workouts" so they don't feel like workouts. Then when you add the workouts too you really start to see some results. That's my two cents.


Good Luck!

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