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Help me with the start xD

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Hello NF this is my 1st post and im trying to clean the mess my life has become.


Im a bit of a procratinating bast**** so i wanna try and turn small steps into habits while i set myself up bit by bit.

Im 1,75m and my current weight is 78kg , being 66kg my lowest all time. Im a 22 year male and currently coursing engineering . Yeah im an engineer , trust me .

I have some questions regarding how much water i should drink everyday, i used to drink a lot and i lost the habit, ever since i've been noticing headaches and sometimes i just dont feel fine for the whole day. Someone told me it can be a minor dehydratation.

Im doing nothing for so long my body grew stiff as a stone i would very much apreciate some guidance on stretching as i never been very fond of it. Im in for high kicks and flexiblility but i think i just need a place to start.

I have wrist injury for 2 years now ( and never even looked for the treatment ) so i cant lift unless i wrap it up some bandages . . . Is this unhealthy ? I learned it from boxing classes...

Gosh i made this into a giant post sorry


- how much water to drink daily (mililiters please) ?

- stretching basics or some good post about it

- is it unhealthy to workout arround wrist injury wearing bandages to "fix" it so it wont hurt ?

ty in advance

English is not my native language, im trying my best xD

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On average, people need to drink 1500 to 2000 ml of water a day. Some people need more, some people need less. How much you need really depends on you and your diet. Try to experiment a bit, and see what works for you. Everyone is different, so I can only give you general advice.


As for the wrist, I advice you to see a doctor or physical therapist for it. Apparently it is not going away on its own, so you need some care for that. You might cause permanent damage every time you lift before it is healed, so go to a doctor rather sooner than later.


For stretching basics, you can take a look around the yoga subforum or druid challenges. Yoga is not exactly the same as stretching, but there's a huge overlap and there's tons of online resources. This topic might be what you're looking for.

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Generally unless your wrist has a fracture or similar problem complete immobilization (especially at night) will help. Do see a doctor for a complete diagnosis and if necessary look for second opinion. Do this before starting any exercise routine involving your hands, upper torso.

I recommend active flexibility, rather than pushing into the stretch passively, actively use your muscles to push or pull the limbs into a stretch. Example: Sit down, hands flat on ground to side and legs straight forward. Lift legs off ground while keeping body straight.

Drink at least 2 liters of water. I Iike to drink about 500 to 600 MLS immediately after I wash up in the morning since I dehydrate while asleep.

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After countless hours of doing studies, science tells us "drink when you are thirsty".

It's by far the best measurement of how much one should drink, since our bodies are quite smart about it ;)

If you want to create an opportunity to drink, just bring a (re-fillable) bottle with you to courses. When you feel thirsty, drink some. Easy fix :D


I'm not very good with stretching. I just do some before workout. So no tips from me here. (maybe foamrolling?)


As for the wrist: Do as much as you can without straps, and for the time being, use them if necessary to prorgess for workouts :)

And go see someone about good PT routine. It's worth it to fix yourself :)

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