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I was going to be doing a Tough Mudder on the 19th but after doing a Warrior Dash on the 12th, I realized I was not even close to being ready for the Tough Mudder.  So with that, I transferred my registration to an event in 2015 and need help getting ready.


So far this is my workout that I am thinking of doing, but I know I need to do more.  Any ideas?  It has to be a home-based workout that doesn't involve anything other than body weight stuff.  I will eventually - hopefully in the next month, get some sand and concrete to make additional milk jug weights, but that will be all that I have.  I can NOT have a pull up bar in my apartment - no doors it would work going over nor a door frame for it to work on.


Cardio - running(Zombies, Run and/or C25K)

Abs - planks, straight leg leg raises, flutter kicks

Arms - push-ups

Legs - walking lunges


I am not sure on the number of reps or sets or any of that as of right now either, so input on my idea's would be awesome:

The running is a predetermined program so not worried about that.  

Planking I am thinking of 2 sets of 30 seconds each,

Straight leg leg raises I am thinking of starting out with 2 sets of 20,

Flutter kicks I am thinking of starting out with 2 sets of 20 each leg, 

Push-ups I am thinking of doing 1 set of 10 normal and 1 set of 15 kneeling,

Walking lunges I am thinking of doing 2 sets of 10 each leg.

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Depending on your current strength, you can have a look at the Beginner Body Weight Workout (abbreviated BBWW), which is a great place to start strength training. You do need something heavy for that, either a gallon of milk, some heavy books or similar. The exercises are almost the same as what you listed above. Don't feel ashamed if you can't make 3 circuits yet, it took most of the people here (myself included) a few weeks to a few months to be able to complete all exercises. Of course there are other good options, but I think this might suit your needs best. It's great for both strength and endurance :).


When you can comfortably do 3 circuits of BBWW, you can look in one of the numerous topics here what to do next ;).

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You can work your way up to pistol squats. They look cool, are difficult to achieve and combine strength, balance and flexibility. There's tons of guides because of the awesomeness, for example here or here. A lot of background information about pistol squats is given by Waldo.


If you're looking for more bodyweight leg exercises, I sugges you look at the list Waldo made ;).

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My biggest challenge in TM was the RUNNING! Gah. If you stick to the running plan, you'll be golden!


I would suggest setting increases for your planks. 30 sec x 2 is a great start! Then build it up to 45x2, 45x3, 60x2, 60x3, 90x2. Challenge is to try to get to a 2-min plank. 


Also, I LOVE using a medicine ball with my squats and ab work. That might be a worthy investment. You can use it to do push-ups on, you can use it with your situps/crunches, you can hold it between your legs as you do leg-lowers, you can hold it straight out as you do squats...you can twist it side to side....


Another BW suggestion is to do squat-kicks. Start on your right knee. Use left leg to push yourself up and perform a kick with your right. This adds in more challenge to plain lunges. You can either raise/lower the same leg or alternate, "walking" back and forth.

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