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Hello, fellow Rebels! I'm NicTheRugger, new to the forum! I'm super excited to be here and am ready to level up my life. :D Here's the thing. I need your help.


I played rugby at college (hence the user name), and I'm still very much a rugger at heart. Unfortunately, a variety of circumstances (injuries, mostly) means that I probably shouldn't play rugby any more (so I can use my knees and back in the future... I've heard these things are important). As such, I'm rather out of shape, and am trying to get back into the swing of things. I've been following Nerd Fitness for about a month now, and I'm slowly getting back into the habit of being healthy. 


My long-term goal is to be able to do the 300 challenge (or Spartan challenge) that Steve blogged about in 25 minutes. This, however, is years and years and years (okay, maybe a year and a half) down the line. Along the way, I want to be able to 


1) Eat healthier

2) Do a non-assisted pull-up

3) Run a Spartan Race

4) Start learning a martial art.


However, I'm limited in funds (I just graduated undergrad, and am going to law school this August), and will be moving to a new state for school. So that means that I'm super broke, and will continue to be for several years. Which means my resources are limited. I'm hoping that by joining the NerdFitness community, I'll have a way to ask for help and get genuinely helpful answers. I can't wait to start leveling up!



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Welcome aboard!  Rugby scares the crap out of me, I am impressed by your background!


Also, I saw elsewhere your comment about books and music - yes, they are the best things in the world, there can be no argument!!!

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