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Student Starting Paleo and Other Challenges

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Hi guys!

I'm looking to work my way into a paleo diet once I'm away at school and buying my own groceries. I have a few problems though...

1) I'm not very experienced when it comes to cooking

2) As a student I don't have a big budget

3) Not a big vegetable eater

4) I have an intolerance to fish(a lot of fish makes me sick)

5) I'm not sure what to replace breakfast stuff like toast with that doesn't involve eggs (eggs on their own make me kinda nauseous as well) and snacks (I usually eat crackers as a chip alternative lol)


Basically what I'm looking for is easy to make and not very expensive recipes (I'm ready to put my crock pot to use) for meals as well as simple snacks that are student budget friendly. Also any paleo breakfast alternative to eating toast every morning which I usually do...

Sorry for all the n00b questions, I have looked at other paleo entries in the forum I'm just looking for some recipes that take into account some of the stuff above or even some links to helpful websites.

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Bacon....lots of bacon.

I make Avacado bacon sandwiches.

I buy 4 small cheap avacados.

Cheap bacon and trim the fat before cooking in ghee.

2 pieces of bacon with sliced Avacado in middle or vegetable of your choice.

Or , I know you said 'eggs by themselves' how about egg muffins?

Grease a muffin tray with ghee butter. Beat 6 eggs. Then put in 3/4 cup of three ingredients in and stir. I used onion, ham and pepper last time.

Poor into muffin tray and cook for twenty minutes at about 200 degrees centigrade.

They rise and look like muffins. Store in fridge in a air right container. Microwave 1 or 2 for a minute for breakfast.

Learn how to make omelettes with paleo ingredients. We have a cheap store over here called lidl, I get all my meat and veg from there...apart from sweetpotatoes, I found somewhere that does a bag for 99p.

For lunch I have Avacado mashed into cheap tuna with a microwaved sweet potato or two. I throw in any veg that needs using up.

I snack on a cheap bag of nuts, fruit and occasional dark 85 % chocolate.

Good luck! You won't regret it. I have lost 31 lbs in 6 months going only 2/3 paleo.

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Oh and I also make pancakes with banana, egg and almond butter.

Check out my Instagram for pics.


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I'm also a student and have eaten paleo/primal. The budget isn't an issue, because money you spend on junk just goes to groceries and I spend about 45$/week on just vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy.

If you want to go paleo, you're gonna have to get creative with vegetables. Roasted/grilled veggies are super easy and tasty! Finding ways to eat eggs can go a long way too, it could just be finding various ways to cook things that you need in order to get used to these foods.

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if you get a slow cooker for £20 then you can cook the cheap cuts of meat like Pork Shoulder I think Americans call it Boston butt?, Beef Brisket, Chick Legs and they all taste absolutely fantastic, also you can usually make enough in one go to last for 5 or 6 meals.


And that's if you're a big 240lb guy like me

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Want an Asian flavor? Try blending tamarind juice (available at Asian/Mexican groceries for cheap) with chili pepper. Then use this as a stew base for EVERY vegetable you can think of. Add some seafood for flavor.  

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I am a student too! [sort of].


Go to your local farmers market. Search around for a kindly looking farmer selling grass fed meat of your choice. Tell them that you are a student and that you only have $20-30 to spend. Many times, they will usually give you a deal on ground meat - which is excellent for making into burger patties and stews which you can bulk cook in your slow cooker and enjoy. Usually, ground beef around here is $4.99 a pound - which is 4 lbs for $20. However, if you wave a twenty in front of the nice farmer and spin them stories of your poverty, usually they will give me 5lbs @3.99 a pound. 5 lbs in a slow cooker + bacon + beans + sweet potatoes + onions + tomatoes + every other veggie you can think of will make you a huge meal which will at least you 2 weeks even if you eat 0.5 lbs per meal per day.

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One of my favourite breakfasts (minus the eggs):
Diced bacon (3 pieces of shortcut)
Diced onion  (just one)
Sliced tomato (just one)
Throw it all in a pan on the stovetop and cook. The bacon gives everything a great flavour, and it will keep you full for hours.


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Student here too :)
Butchers I have found to be good places to get reasonably priced meat (although I'm from england so i dont know what the rest of the world is like)

You will have to get used to veg for Paleo I am afraid, but I have found my palette has changed a fair bit since I started eating Paleo so hope goes well for you too!

I also found that almonds have been good to kill cravings for snacks, and dark chocolate (>70% cocoa solids) 

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