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Healthy eating tips


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Hey all,


So for a while now I've wanted to eat more healthy than what I have been...but I have a problem. When I get hungry, I tend to either eat chips (or crisps for those in America) or chocolate...and I'm not talking once a week here peoples, I mean like nearly every night.


Along with that, I'll often feel quite lazy and eat takeout a lot, especially when I'm at home during the day. Or I'll buy things that I can just shove in the oven, like garlic bread. I know it's not healthy and it often leaves me feeling very heavy but...sometimes I can't help it.


So can anyone give me any tips on not eating the junk and replacing it with food that'll leave me full but is still tasty? I'm thinking for dinner as well as for lunch.


And while we're on the subject, what are your guys opinions on cheese? Because I'm not so sure I can live without my cheese...

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Cheese is fine.  Most things are fine in moderation.


First off, the biggest healthy eating tip I can give you is one that I had to realize on my own, nobody told me this.  But it's painfully obvious when you think about it.  Avoid condensed calories.  What do I mean by condensed calories?  Any food with a lot of calories packed into a tiny amount of actual food.  Great examples: peanut butter, oil, candy.  Less obvious examples: coffee creamer, salad dressing, sauces, etc.


Here's what I had to think about to really flip my eating habits over: food volume.  I count calories and I watch my macros.  To me, that's first and foremost when it comes to losing weight.  But the volume of the food plays a huge role in how satisfying it is to eat, and how you feel afterwards.


Use cooking spray instead of oil or butter.  Use powdered butter flakes (low-no calorie options) on your veggies/potatoes/pasta.  Measure/weigh your cheese.  Things like that.


Make sandwiches for lunch.  Use fat free mayonaise, low fat cheese, and heap on the lettuce and other vegetables.  Most bread is pretty filling, just make sure you get one with fiber.  Any kind of meat is good, except processed crap like bologna.


Pickles make a great calorie free side to any meal.


Start using mustard instead of mayo, or use more fat-free mayo.


When you want chips, or something you can throw in the oven, use real actual potatoes.  Slice them up, spray them down, salt them, and toss them in the oven.  Super satisfying, filling, and perfectly healthy.  Season the crap out of them if you want.  Throw some minced garlic and onion slices in to boot.  It takes literally five minutes to prepare a heap of potatoes. 


A super easy lean meal is chicken and broccoli.  Throw two cups of broccoli and 8-12 oz of chicken breast in some boiling water for 10 minutes.  Throw on some butter flakes and some steak seasoning.  Two cups of broccoli with chicken will fill you up, garunteed.  Again, virtually zero prep time here.


If you still want to be lazy about cooking, buy frozen dinners.  You can count the calories easily (everything is measured for you), and all you have to do is shove the box in the microwave or the oven.  Bam.


Start drinking coffee and water instead of soda, juice, beer, etc.


Start telling yourself that the immediate gratification of the snack is not paramount with the long term satsifaction of looking good, feeling good, and being healthy.  Take control and start kicking ass.


Eating right is super easy.  You just have to take the wheel.  Doing anything else is an excuse.  Build a healthy relationship with your food, learn to actually value it, and live a happier life.  You will, I promise.

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I can't live without cheese, either, don't worry :P  If it's not adversely affecting you, and you're keeping within your goals, then cheese is perfectly fine.


For the takeaway, you might designate a cooking day where you make freezeable meals (maybe while you're at home during the day as you say), and then you can have meals you just shove in the oven or microwave, but they're healthy and homemade and won't make you feel "heavy".


You could try replacing chips with kale chips or something of the sort - perhaps veggie sticks with nut butter or peanut butter for a similar crunch.  If you have the urge to eat in the evenings after dinner and such, a good tip I got from a NF member was to brush your teeth immediately after dinner - the act of brushing teeth seems to tell the brain you're done eating for the day, if you generally brush your teeth at night, so that might help cut down on snacking.


Good luck!

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Cheese is my life source, so I understand! I love cheese, and as long as you're eating non-processed cheese (real cheese is so much tastier anyway!) I think you're fine. But, like everything else, moderation is key. Don't eat cheese all the time for every meal and overload, etc.


One of the things that's helped me cut out pigging out on unhealthy snacks when I'm stressed/bored/have the munchies is having some baby carrots nearby. Not only are they healthy, but I don't need to eat nearly as much as them as I would chips/popcorn/cookies/etc. to feel satisfied. If carrots aren't your thing, I encourage you to find any vegetable that you enjoy eating for this purpose. And no dressing or peanut butter or chocolate to dip it in, either! 


For meals, I've been eating a salad for lunch nearly every day, except on weekends which gets changed up with other things for a myriad of reasons, and it's really easy to put together. There are ways of making a salad taste good, too! My personal favorite is spinach with strawberries and sliced almonds, but experiment and see what colorful combinations help your tastebuds. Bonus: these tend to be pretty low in calories but high in nutrition if you're doing it right! And make the salads on your own; the salads you get from fast food and even sit-down restaurants can be just as bad as, say, a burger. Just remember: vegetables are the key here. No harm in adding things like hard-boiled eggs (yay protein), just don't overdo it, but try to limit things like croutons (carbs, and not always the good kind) if you can. Again, moderation!


And I agree with what's been said already re: cooking. If you're strapped for time, or you know you'll be too exhausted to cook at the end of the day, set aside a time over the weekend or whenever you can to cook for the week. If you're cooking for yourself, typically, you just need to cook two full meals and that would be enough for dinner for an entire week.


Also: drink water! If you need a kick in the pants to wake up, black or green tea is fantastic. Don't drink your calories if you can avoid it, and water and tea (if you don't add anything) have none. Plus, they're good for you, too.

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My chocolate is like your cheese. I eat a bit every day. I keep chocolate covered almonds on hand to top off my calories at the end of the night. When it comes to sweets, my motto is "If it's not chocolate, why eat it?"


That being said, my biggest tip is to eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies. I think that the raw versions taste better than cooked plus they are more filling. After that, my best suggestion would be to find healthy/healthier (we all have a different definition of healthy) snacks that you like and figure out your limits. I am the opposite of Shortgorilla in that I like to use butter and (coconut) oil and eat whole fat or low fat instead of fat free foods. Neither way is right or wrong, you have to find what works for you.

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The first step is getting your portion control down. Start cutting back before cutting out.


Try drinking alot of water. 15-20 minutes before a meal drink a bottle of water.


If you feel hungry try drinking water first. I heard somewhere that our bodies cant send different signals for hunger and thirst. I dont know if its true, but ever seen I have started drinking a ton of water I find myself feeling "hungry" alot less.

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I'm a cheese addict too.


HOWEVER, I've found that I have cut out cheese in a lot of places. I don't eat it on sandwiches or in wraps or salads anymore, because by the time I load these things up with veggies and a delicious vinaigrette, I can't hardly taste the cheese anyway. These days when I eat cheese I'm usually eating it by itself as a snack when I can fully enjoy it. I occasionally add some real parmesan to add a zing but since parm is such strong variety of cheese it doesn't take much to get the zing I'm looking for.

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