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Teros X - Spartan


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This is challenge #10 for me.  I'm basing my challenge on this:



I'll bold the lyrics Leonidas says that inspired the goal:


'SPARTANS! Let's start this! Show this petty officer who's the hardest.


The biggest mistake that you've ever made, I'll toss you like a frag grenade


I'll stomp you in the face with my sandals enraged and tonight we shall rhyme in the shade


Your puny fans are fat nerds on computers

Jerkin off to games giving themselves first person shooters


Your armor's hard but my abs are harder

You're in my hood now chief - THIS IS SPARTA


Ha! I've had better battles with my 6 year old son

I don't need fire power when I'm rocking these guns


I'm king!  You sleep in a freezer in outer space

I'd look you in the eyes, but you're too much of a b*tch to show your face'




1) Whole 30. It's mandatory now to not feel like a pile of pig s@#t.


2) SPARTANS! Let's start this! / THIS IS SPARTA - Complete the Spartan Race in roughly 3 weeks. This is pass or fail.  Nervous as hell.


3) Your armor's hard but my abs are harder - 1,000 Ab Twists / 300 Seconds of planking ( total)


4) I don't need fire power when I'm rocking these guns - 1,000 Pushups (total)


5) I'd look you in the eyes, but you're too much of a b*tch to show your face - Be brave and post a picture of myself on here.


Stats not determined yet.



I think this challenge is very different from what I normally do.  Usually goals should be given a grade. Two of these are only pass or fail - either I do or I don't do them.  The others are a specific number, as opposed to consistency-based.  Normally, I try and just get into a rhythm of doing something consistently.  The time for that has changed. I now have a very, VERY clear goal of getting through the Spartan Race during this challenge.  Even if I come in dead last; that's still better than all the people that were too scared to try.


Because of this looming deadline; I'm technically starting the challenge tomorrow - 5 days early. I can't afford to wait until challenge time to get my warface on.  Every day I slack is a day wasted.


Any and all 300 / Spartan related pics or gifs are welcome. I'm going to need all the motivation I can get. Last challenge, my mini-challenge lie to myself was 'I am a Spartan'.  I aim to make that lie a truth.



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Mommy-Pom-Poms.gifHere with my pompoms to cheer you on! :)  :triumphant:  :victorious:  :applause:

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Fantastic challenge! Good luck with the Spartan Race :D I'm sure you'll ace it!

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I keep meaning to do one of the Spartan Sprints, but have thus far failed to sign up for one, maybe I'll get to the one in my area next year (I think they're done around here for this year.) I'm sure it's something you can do, if you want any help or tips about prepping for one try chatting with Tateman he's done at least one, and I think he's got another one coming up soon (maybe I'm off on all that.)


I'm generally not a fan of pass/fail goals, but if it works for you go for it.


Good Luck!

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Might I suggest Woodchoppers instead of/along with Ab Twists? They're great and since you already have the hammer... you know :)


Since I'm Greek, allow me to share a story about the Spartans and that shield stuff when Leonidas departs: The biggest shame for a greek warrior back then, no matter what city he was from, was to drop his shield and run away. Also, since the shields were huge, they doubled as a means to carry the dead. Just the dead, not the wounded, since being carried on your shield was considered a special honour. Hence the saying "Come back with your shield, or on it", meaning either return a winner, or fall defending what you stand for. The only thing unacceptable is giving up.


So, with all the trivia stuff done, here's your shield, teros




By the end of the challenge, come back with it.... or on it.

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Oooh Im liking all these people prepping for Spartan and Tough Mudder and the like...Im thinking next year maybe, although Im dipping my toes in later this year with Run a Muck (a local 5k obstacles and mud and stuff race)


I'll be keeping an eye on your prep so I know what Im in for lol


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When I was a kid, there was this publishing house that put out books about ancient Greece, the Persian Wars, Mythology etc but instead of the usual "archaic" photos or statues that were in most similar books, they had those intense drawings that made you think you were reading a Conan comic. Here are some of those Spartans for you




Me and some friends largely blame them for getting us hooked eventually into the whole RPG thing.

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Woot!  Just caught up with all the posts.  Yesterday morning I went to the track.  Hit the bleachers 10 times, as well as about 15ish tire flips and I did a set of pushups(20).  I'm considering that a warm up for now to get back into the groove this weekend.  Felt good to do all of that.  I wanted to do more, but they were doing road construction literally 30 feet away and it's kind of hard to huff and puff going up bleachers when all you smell is burnt tar and you start hacking.  So uh...yeah.


When I was flipping tires at the track, an older woman came up to me and starting talking about it.  She said, "I tried pulling that tire but I couldn't do any of it! And then I saw you flipping it and I was amazed! My husband tried and he can't do that either." 


She kind of blindsided me because I just finished a rep and she was right behind me. My natural instinct when I'm caught off guard? Offer to show her how to flip a tire :tongue:  I showed her the technique and she said, "Oh my. I can't even come close to that. How much does that thing weigh!?"  Told her it was probably about 150ish lbs since the one I have at home is 250 and is noticeable bigger.  She left with a 'Bless you for doing that!'


Today I'll be doing some sledgehammer work and a more pushups- another light day.  Tomorrow morning they *should* be done with construction; so I'll be able to do more at the track.  Also, I'll be making food for the next week this morning. Already made a turkey loaf last night.  Now I have to make spaghetti squash casserole, hamburgers, pork medley, and my g/f will make chicken with pineapple and coconut aminos later on.


My sister taped a spartan race that was on tv yesterday. We're supposed to watch it today.  My g/f thinks that I can 100% do this, but doesn't think my sister can. She whines too much and isn't putting in enough effort strength-wise.  I'll see though.  I'd like to make sure my sister gets through it as well but I don't think her heart is into it.


In the following clip:

My sister's logic = Meatwad

Me = Frylock

My friend Bryan = Shake

The non-Rebellion = Carl

*Funfact* I can do a meatwad impression 100% accurate.


A few of my friends that I never see (maybe twice a year) came over out of the blue yesterday and wanted to go out to eat.  Test of my will.  They wanted to go to a restaurant I never heard of (bad sign) but then it was closed (good sign).  Then they wanted to go to Chelo's instead (meh).  I told them all about the Spartan race and I said 'as long as it's a place that I can make a decent healthy choice then I'll be fine with it'.  Chelo's was mobbed and they didn't want to wait for parking.  We drive around more (it's been like 45 minutes now) and end up at Buffalo Wild Wings.  15 minute wait because my friends NEEDED an outside table.  *sigh* I was hungry by this point and checked out the menu. I got the smallest order of 'snack size' boneless wings and a water. It was basically 7 chicken nuggets with some BBQ sauce. I was ok eating that.  1oz of BBQ sauce and some breading isn't a huge deal.  Compare that to my friend's order of 15 wings with 4 dipping sauces and a side salad with another 2 sauces, or the double bacon cheeseburger with fries and 2 sodas my other friend had.


I took the lesson from last challenge and applied it.  I prefaced the night with wanting to make a healthier choice.  I didn't feel pressured into eating other crap.  I was legitimately hungry and not just eating to socialize.  Considering I was surprised and hungry, I made probably the healthiest choice I could have had besides a side salad with 0 dressing on it.


I don't feel terrible like I did at the start of the week. I'm getting to more 'normal'.


Waiting for the accountability page to get moved so I can make the new RPG Fanatics group.


Have an awesome Friday!

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What a great post!

First off kudos for you wanting to help the old lady(what was she 45) with flipping the tire. There was I time you would not have had a conversation with her. Woot!

Second. Great job going out a socializing with friends and not cheating. Good choice! You cheated a little but didn't say screw it and go all out. Do you realize what a big win that is? You should be strutting around like a rooster today!

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Teros now amazes random bystanders, because the NF forums were too small for his awesomeness!


Kudos for the eating situation. Mostly for being brave enough to announce ahead of time that you plan/want to eat healthy (implied: so deal with it). Your lessons and decisions from last challenge, immediately put to practice. Well done, very well done.


I'm waiting for the RPG Fanatics story. I admit, I was sad to read it'll be smaller this time :(

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Man, I miss ATHF. 


Great job on impressing someone! I'm sure that gave you an awesome feeling! And kudos to sticking with eating healthier even when out with friends. That's one of my downfalls, but I'm getting better!


Looking forward to the RPG Fanatics. I plan on sticking around for the whole thing this time. :D


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