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cn3wton, Dúnedain, Ranger of the North.

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Iron scap warm up

Prowler push 

Lunge stretch + Frankensteins


5 Strict press 45lb

5 Push Press 45lb

5 Push Jerk 45lb


Strict press








So 90 is technically a new PR for 3 reps. Wasn't really feeling all that strong today, was a bit shakey on it but I got it done.




7 rounds

60 second jump rope

20 second plank

10 second hollow hold

30 second rest


This was a bit tougher than I expected. The jumping part was killer on my calves. Good workout.

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Waiting hours for a delivery = no fun


Re-downloaded the game Infestation-Survivor stories and played that some.


A lot has changed but its a fun Day Z rip off that doesn't crash and have tons of issues. 

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Warm up 400 m row

8 min EMOTM

3 negative push ups

5 AM sit ups





Deadlift+Hang Clean Pull+Hang Power Clean+ Push Press

Started at 65, moved up to 75 on the last two sets. It was more of working on form than going for weight.




3 rounds for time

30 wall balls

15 burpees

completed in 12:38


This WOD killed me breathe wise. But I got through it.


Ate pretty good today. Made another attempt at granola and put in way too much cinammon... Apparantly the 4th time will be the charm.

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Pre workout accessory work

2x8 Hug the twinkie

2x8 good mornings

1x8 hip extension


Warm up

30/30 battle ropes

Lunge Stretch w/ Frankenstien

2x 5 Kb Swings 5 Goblet Squats 5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull












Still think I can do more weight but still taking it slow. So my new PR for deadlift is 175 (wooo slow clap).




10 min max

40 30 20 10

Kettlebell Swings

Ab Mat sit ups


Remaining time row for max cals

cals reached = 17


Ah man my lower back did not like the sit ups. This wasn't necessarily the toughest workout, but It was its own breed of difficult.


On the way home I grabbed some sushi. I divvied up the granola into portions so I could keep the serving size under control. Not much else to report.

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Sotonight I rented the equalizer and sat down for another great movie with Denzel Washington. He's one of those actors that I have to see the movies hes in. Anyways at the beginning of the movie there is a quote I'd like to share.


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.†-Mark Twain


Something to think about. There is also another quote from the movie that I will try to remember as accurately as I can.


"Progress, not perfection." 


It may have been longer or shorter than that, can't really say for sure.


Denzel's character says this to a man whose goal in the movie is to attempt to lose weight so that he can work security. Denzel's helping him with that. I  think it's a good thing to aim for in all things, not just fitness. No one starts out perfect, you have to work at it.

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Warm Up

Air Dyne 

Lunge Stretch + Frankensteins

2x 5 Air Squats 5 Goblet Squats 5 Frank Squats


I was there only 3 minutes before the class started so no accessory work.




Front Squat 1RM






1x132.5 (NEW PR)


So technically I hit a new PR, but I have no really relevant data for this as I have never done front squatting before starting crossfit almost 2 months ago. But its progress. At the bottom of the last one I did get hung up a bit. I am sure I can do more, but I feel that I need to grow more used to the movement. All in all I was happy with the number. 





10 KB Swing

5 Burpees


This sucked a lot more than I expected. But I pushed through and stuck to the rep count. The goal was to get them done within 40 seconds so you had 20 seconds of rest. I managed to complete it just barely under 40 seconds each time. So couldn't get much better than that. Breathing was pretty labored,but of course everyones was so I take that as a good sign.


In other news I apologize to those I have not yet visited on the new challenge thread. I basically save most of my free time for techstuff on the weekend. So I cram that full of other things. I am going to try to set some time aside soon to catch up with everyone.


I finally forced myself to sit down and do some sketching on my computer in Painter, its Painter 12 so a slightly out of date version (got it 2-3 years ago), but I bought it out right and never used it. So I am going to stick with it.I like it a lot more than I thought I would. I don't want to say its "easy" but it fits my work flow very well. Expect an influx of art in the near future!


I havent been tracking food intake on MFP, I think I might just start writing it down somewhere... I know I need to get it under control though. People have been asking "Corey have you lost more weight!?" etc etc. But my clothes don't feel any different. In fact my shirts feel tighter around my chest. I mean it could be muscle but idk. I am dreading getting pinched for the BF again, but I think I may talk to him tomorrow and see when the trainer thinks I should do it again. I am worried that I won't see any progress... 


I have also been trying to balance my food budget. Right now its at a rough estimate of 30-50 dollars a week for me. Its on the higher end if I have to buy the stuff to make granola, or if I have to buy more almond flour. The basic breakdown of it is this.


6 Dollars Rotisserie chicken

10 dollars avg other protein (wings, beef stir fry, etc)

3 dollars whole milk 1/2gallon

15 dollars frozen veggies/steam bag rice (number is a tad high, usually closer to 10 but depends on sale)

10 dollars misc fruits


Thats with everything on the higher end of the scale as far as price. Usually the freezer stuff is on sale. The chicken lasts a few meals. I generally eat the thighs and drumsticks in one meal the day I get it because they taste best fresh. Then I pull off the rest of the chicken and mix it in with rice for the next days meal. I think I will track on here what I eat for the next week. Maybe get some ideas from you all. 

Oh and I need to avoid orange tictacs... literally ate an entire packageof them on the way home.I also have been eating the 60% cacao chocolate I sometimes use in the granola a bit too often. 18 pieces are only 6 grams of sugar and pretty low carb, but still.


Food 1/12

Breakfast - Banana

Lunch - Apple, 5 Green Olives, 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs


Plans for dinner - 1 steamfresh bag rice, beef (1 serving?), peppers and onions, shrimp, jalepenos


I plan to snack on a bag of steamfresh vegetables.

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Pre workout accessory

3x8 Good Mornings

3x8 RDL


Warm Up

Squat Therapy 1/4 1/2 3/4 Full (Air and Gob)


Really helps me focus on weight distribution and form. But pausing just below parallel and holding burns. OH THE BURN.




1 Power Clean + 2 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk


This was all skill work so there was a lot of standing holding the weight. So I only did it with 75 pounds. Have trouble keeping upright when just standing waiting between movements.




Row 500m 4 times

Goal? Beat last tuesday


Last Week - This Week

205 - 203

207 - 204

209 - 206

210 - 207


Total time 831 - 820


Shaved off 11 seconds, not too shabby. Very little breathing issues.


Our class is starting to interact a bit more, or perhaps I am. The girls seem to be opening up to me, and I try to help them put their equipment away if I can. Of course theres really only 1-2 other guys in the class so the girls make up most of it.


Food 1/13


Breakfast - Banana

Lunch - Brocolli/Cauliflower, homemade granola


Snack/Dinner- currently baking wings. About 8 or so. They will be what I eat as a kind of early dinner/snack..


Dinner - Protein covered strawberries shake, some kind of vegetable.


I ate like shit yesterday. So today no snacking on dark chocolate, no glass of milk. 

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So this art thing... gotta start working on that.


As I said before I got Painter running on my computer, and have been enjoying it. But what I NEED to do is work on my portfolio. I was kind of lost as to where to start. But then I had an epiphany. I am going to pick a company that I like, and make a portfolio to apply for a position there. So after a very short time I decided on it.


Blizzard. Why blizzard? I love their art style, I have loved their games since I was little, and I loved the stuff I would be drawing. I will be focusing on the warcraft universe, at least for the first few paintings. 


So now that I have that settled I need to make deadlines. Like it was a real job. So heres my first 2 weeks.


Week 1/11 - 1/17 Finish reading illustration books from christmas present. Complete a portrait "master" copy.

Week 1/18 - 1/24 Complete a full illustration of a figure with a simple background.


I am looking to all of you guys to help keep me accountable. The picture I will be "copying" is this




The goal is not to copy it stroke for stroke. But instead to attempt to recreate it in my own way that at the same times help me learn and further my own art.


Should be fun!

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So I couldn't wait, so I sat down and started a different from "life" reference portrait digitally. So heres an early stage one. I will go back in and add details when I get the chance. I need to decide if I want to finish this, or take what I've already learned by working on this and apply it to the portrait I have a deadline for this week. I may spend 1 more day on this though.


I am rather enjoying digital.



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So I couldn't wait, so I sat down and started a different from "life" reference portrait digitally. So heres an early stage one. I will go back in and add details when I get the chance. I need to decide if I want to finish this, or take what I've already learned by working on this and apply it to the portrait I have a deadline for this week. I may spend 1 more day on this though.


I am rather enjoying digital.



That is awesome!

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Pre Workout Accessory Work

2x10 Band stretch

8 Kb press (each arm)


Warm up

Lunge stretch with broad jump

5 Push ups 5 Lunges

5 Strict Press 5 Lunges

5 Push Press 5 Lunges


Strict press







So again this is technically a new PR, but since I have never done strict press before theres really no relevant data to look back too. But when I woke up this morning I set the goal to at least hit 100, and I did it. I did try 105 but got hung up half way up.




3 rounds for time

100 Single Unders

25 Wall balls


Time completed 8:32


Some breathing issues near the end. Those wall balls really get me.


Grabbed to go sushi for lunch. They didn't have it ready (I ordered way too much) so I sat and talked to a woman who was also waiting for her food. Talked about healthy food and such. Was a good 10 or so minute chat with a complete stranger.


Feeling a bit tired so I am gonna rest for a bit, then I plan on reading some and working on the portrait of Thorin.

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Accessory work

2x20 slow ab mat sit ups

2x10 heavy kettlebell swings


Lunge stretch + frankensteins


1,2,3,4 Push Ups/Pull Ups/Air Squat




3 rounds

1 min per exercise, 1 minute rest at end of round

Max Cal row

Slam Balls

Air Squats


1st: 62 2nd: 50 3rd: 52

Total: 164



10 rounds 20 sec on 10 sec off

Plank:Hollow Hold (alternate between so 5 and 5)


The strenght/skill piece came after the WOD today, it was really tough. Some times I couldn't hold it for the full 20. The WOD burned, I could have done more if my legs could have held out. I don't know if I didn't stretch enough, or if my legs where still sore from the 1RM front squat monday. Regardless I think I did pretty well.


Lunch was Moes chicken bowl with double chicken, a chocolate atkins bar I found in the cupboard, and the homemade granola. Gonna have to stop and get the stuff to make another batch tomorrow.


Tomorrow is deadlift day, setting a 1RM. I hit 175 for 3, I am hoping to hit around 200lb tomorrow! I talked to the trainer and we will test for bodyfat next week.

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Iron Scap Accessory work


Warm up

Air Dyne

Inch Worm Push ups + Frankensteins

10 KB Swing

10 Goblet squat


10 Good Mornings











So the last 1RM for awhile and yet another techincally a PR set. I think I could have done more, but I want to take it slow and do it right. 



Partner workout for time

Shy Guy and I teamed up to to take this on, went pretty good.



100kb swings

80 Front Squats

60 Box Step Ups

40 Wall Balls

20 Burpees

10 Hand Stand push ups


So shy guys a bit taller than me, but I went with the same box step up height (like super high) and regretted it immediatly but I stuck with it. I didn't do front squats and opted for goblet squats instead due to a wrist issue. He did hand stand push ups I did normal. So this is what I actually contributed to the workout.


50 KB swings

40 Goblet Squats

30 Box Step ups (at like, above hip height)

20 Wall Balls

10 Burpees

10 push ups


Our time was 13:25 I think? We where ahead of everybody until the box step ups. I don't really know how we fell behind. I don't think we where last. But in the end it doesn't really matter, it was tough and that mattered.


THEN I GOT HOME AND ATE LIKE ABSOLUTE SHIT! GO ME... Ate like 8 pieces of candy and bread... So this weekend I WILL be eating 100% clean. I will go grocery shopping tomorrow to ensure success.


I plan to finish the Thorin portrait tonight. I should be done with 1 of the books by tonight as well (or close). Then I plan to look up some more brushes for painter.

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Warm Up

Prowler Push

3 Rounds

10KB swings

5 Push ups



3x8 Split Squat

3x8 Good Mornings with 45lb bar



For time

500m Row

40 Wall Balls

20 Burpees


Time -9:09


I knocked off 5 burpees and 10 wall balls, and I barely finished it. I got the 500m row in under 2 mins which was good. I should have went with a lighter medicine ball. If I had done that I could have finished the prescribed reps. I also feel like my eating like shit over the weekend attributed to my poor performance. Gym was packed.


Incoming excuse alert.


So the evolve beta was this weekend. Its a great game, I played way too much of it. So I didn't do anything I had planned. Its more of a reason than an excuse. And a poor reason to completely disregard important things. I have set myself to get my BF tested tomorrow before class. One side of me really hopes that theres not a significant difference. It would really be the kick in my ass to get my diet back on track.


On that note I am looking for someone to give me some kind of accountability on this. If your interested in changes your diet and are interested let me know. My idea is that every night we would pm our daily food log. That way you keep it accountable, and if you miss a day you know someone would notice. Then maybe have some kind of non monetary value prize. For instance maybe I draw something small for the person if they go X amount of days following their diet.


I need some kind of outside help on this, I really do.


Off to bed now, but heres the plan/checklist for the week


-Finish those books

-Finish Thorin Portrait

-Start gathering ideas for second piece for portfolio

-Do a one session study of "master" work.


I should  be able to finish the thorin portrait in about 1-2 hours. Its not going to be immaculate but I need to finish it. The one session master study while primarily focus on me working for an extended period of time. I am thinking I will budget 3 hours, with 10 minute breaks at the 1 and 2 hour points. I will also come up with an idea for the second piece for my portfolio. It will be figure based, and something simple.


I also failed to catch up with people this weekend, so I will slate time for that as well.

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Warm Up

400m Row

3 Band Squat

3 Band Goblet Squat

3 Air Squat




10 Rounds

[10:1] KB Swings [1:10] Goblet Squats


You start with 10 Swings 1 squat, then 9 swings 2 squats, etc. 


Squats suck, they cause me the most difficulty. I was using one of the heaviest kettlebells for the swings, but I just couldn't sustain it with the squats so I had to use a different one half way through for the squats.




1 Power Clean + 2 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk

Did 5 Rounds at 65lbs. I was working my way up last time but I was beat today and could not add weight.  Felt pretty worn out. The pausing at the rack position and listening to the guy talk was the toughest part. In my mind I was just like "PLEASE GOD JUST SAY EXECUTE SO WE CAN GET THIS SHIT DONE."


I also Got my body fat tested. Heres the results based on last times numbers.


Cheek +1 (why it went up I may never know)

Chin - No Change

Pec -2

Tricep -1

Sub Scap -3 

Midaxilla -1

Illiac Site -4

Umbilical Site -1

Quad and Calf - No change


So its good progress... Which is good, but also makes me wonder how much better it could be if I had stuck closer to my diet. The trainer seemed pleased with the results though. Afterwards he asked if I had any questions, and I told him not really just that I have been struggling with diet. He nodded and said that they are working on getting some stuff together to help with that. So thats awesome.


Another thing I have started noticing is that I think the hip stretching is finally starting to pay off, and the lower back stretch too now that I think about it. I seem to have much more flexibility there, and my pigeon pose is remarkably better.


After workout snack was granola and banana bread.

Lunch was a burritto bowl, no bad stuff.

Dinner will be some veggies and another protein drink.


I am going to go right now and do some much needed catch up on peoples threads, put my clothes away, then finish the Thorin portrait.

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