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RPG Fanatics Guild - Battle of Demon-King Acerbus

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Hello and welcome to the RPG Fanatics. This is a story-based accountability group with some pretty easy guidelines:


1) Main story is written in this red and in bold.

2) Your character writes in this blue italic.

3) Regular writing that is not in character (like right now) is in regular old black.

4) Follow the threads of people in this group to offer accountability. Don't know how to follow and check on people?  Easy: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/50975-how-to-pm-and-follow/

5) Have some damn fun!


With that out of the way, the story so far......




Welcome to the World of NerdFitness



Putting their trust in a raving lunatic named Teros, a ragtag group naming themselves the RPG Fanatics faced their first foe: Sodamus.


Along the way, the group rescued others that aided their quest; most notably Sulak; a goat monster that was held captive and specializes in arcane gem crafting.  Sodamus' minions were a goblin horde and were dispatched.  Sodamus was a demon-king responsible for the rise in new peppy 'elixirs'.  Lo and behold, it turns out the demon-king's concoction was made with his own filth extracted from boils on his back and mixed with a blend of dirty water and drugs known as 'sugar' and 'caffeine'. 


The RPG Fanatics slayed the beast, only to deal immediately afterwards with three agents of the FrostKing.  His minions froze the town of level 1 rebels as well as causing much destruction and mayhem.  Two allies; the ravens Huginn and Muninn, explained the situation that has befallen the heroes.  There are major Demon-Kings that have crept up to control the realm, and it was now the RPG Fanatic's quest to end them all. Sodamus was just the beginning- starting a chain reaction. The heroes have the attention of the mysterious RED ONE, as well as the other Demon-kings.


Our heroes trekked through the Scout's Plains up past the Ranger's Fort to the Warrior's Hall.  There, the FrostKing's draugr minions of ice and bone clashed in an epic battle that saved the Warriors from overwhelming odds.




Putting an end to the FrostKing was no easy task; being that he was the manifestation of being frozen in fear and inactivity.  He was beheaded with some creative thinking, and the RPG Fanatics headed back south to help the Level 1 rebel town heal.


After helping rebuild the level 1 town, the ravens spoke of another threat looming over the horizon: Distractia.  The group enlisted the aid of others that rallied behind the core group of the RPG Fanatics.  They made their way to Distractia's casino- a place filled with all sorts of addictions and distractions to keep people from realizing their full potential.  Distractia was a different type of foe; enlisting the use of riddles, poison gas, killer mannequins, sorcery in neverending hallways, and his jester-minions. 




In the end, Distractia's death came by a dagger to the heart from a quick-acting hero in the group.  Before his abrupt demise, he spoke lovingly of his 'Maru', which according to the picture framed by his piano was some sort of other demon-queen.


The RPG Fanatics made their way out of Distractia's Casino and back to civilization; where we now are all caught up and the adventure begins again...


The team (still organizing):

-At Maximum Capacity Unless a previous RPG Fanatic missed joining in time-
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The elevator was cramped with the group.  Someone murmured "I really hope we're not above the weight limit here. There's like 15 of us..."  The elevator climbed up and up until it jostled and creaked to it's final stop.  Everyone filed out and looked around. Just an empty red room and a staircase that led down.  Clarys went to the staircase first, saying "Guys!  Look!  This is the staircase we could never get past!"


Sure enough, there was the red staircase lighted by small candles; leading down to the sign that said 'Manager's Office Upstairs'. It must not have been more than 40-50 stairs maximum.


Back on the main floor, the doors to the exit were obvious compared to when they first walked in long ago.  Perhaps slaying Distractia had his magic wear off, so the path was clear.  Stepping outside, the group was greeted by all their animals they had to leave behind.  Minion and ChristArtist's animals were waiting patiently on a patch of grass near the entrance.  The ravens Huginn and Muninn were perched on a nearby tree.


"Good grief, we thought we lost you all" chimed Huginn.  Teros looked around, glad the sun was finally hitting his face again.  Replying, he said, "What do you mean? We weren't down there that long. There was a staircase, some jesters, some riddles, 'dancing', and then we took out Distractia. Maybe a couple days quest."


Muninn's head was tilted 45 degrees, like a dog trying to understand it's master.  "Wh...wait a minute. No you weren't. You were gone for over a month's time.  That casino warps time and people age and die in there.  I'm grateful that you're all back but you have to hurry now! Me and Huginn have been scouting on and off for weeks, trying to see who the next demon-king would be that would arise.  Others have congregated here to join your cause."  Muninn pointed his beak towards a few people with a small camp under a couple trees.  A man named waved and said, "Hi! ItsDaniel."


MissRebecca chimed, "Good. We need new blood.  A few of our companions were lost back in the shuffle but with Distractia's magic wearing off; they should be able to leave of their own will shortly."


Tomas had a tinge of sadness in his eyes.  "Yes, things were hectic, being lost in that place."


The ravens spoke in unison, "Well then, let's go!"


Teros stretched.  "Guys...uh..I know we're on a time crunch and all that; but we've been fighting this entire time. We need to get a hot meal, a shower, and a good night's sleep.


Huginn, "Right, right.  Sorry to be so hasty.  Set up camp and on the morrow, we'll journey far west. So glad you're all ok"


Dark_Raider asked, "What's west?"


The ravens looked at each other, "Acerbus."




"Acerbus?" replied Teros.  "I uh...that doesn't sound like anything familiar."


The ravens nodded and one piped up,  "Wouldn't expect it to be; being that this particular Demon-King's lore has been retold many times, many ways.  So much so that the origin has been lost to time.  Those familiar with our origins-" a quick glace to Thom "would even have him mislabeled.  Get some rest tonight though. Tomorrow morning; we must set out."


Teros made introductions with the newcomers that had camp set up."


Everyone slept like logs in what felt like forever.  The early sunrise felt good.  Someone in the group put on a kettle of some sort of robust breakfast stew.


A few of the group ventured out a little ways to the nearest town; buying up a ton of supplies for the whole group using some spare riches back from the FrostKing.   Ravnos muttered to himself at the Ranger's Fort, "This next one of these bastards better have some real treasure instead of stupid flowers and a cane; our funds are running low. Saving the realm ain't cheap."


The group gathered together and supplies divided, everyone was ready to head out.  The ravens led the way in silence.  They kept alternating scouting ahead and giving everyone the ok to continue.


Sulak spoke up, "Ww-w-we're heading-g-g W-w-est?   Ww-w-where on map?"


Muninn swooped down and looked at the map. "Tsk-tsk-tsk. This map is so outdated.  Here.."  Muninn grabbed some clay and chalk sticks and with his beak, started to erase and updated the map.  "Ha! much better."  Muninn was pleased with his handiwork.  Huginn went to check on Muninn's work.


"See, we're all here at Distractia's Casino. Now we're heading south along the Ranger's territory, then the Scouts. Then we head west to the unmarked Acerbus' tomb.  The blackness past the map- that sand is our target." -Huginn


The rest of the day was spent continuing along familiar territory. A few times the group was inching towards the edge of the Forest of Doubts.  Teros thought he saw those red eyed crows, would blink, and there would just be a haze of dead trees and nothing else.


Coming up to the sandy area of the map, Teros finally asked.  "Ok, so you said this Acerbus' origin has been lost to time. Want to fill us in?"


Muninn only replied, "Soon. We must keep heading west through the sandy plains.  Let's go!"



The group made their way through the hot sands. No shade or breeze made the heat as the day waned feel worse and worse.  "Not enough sun before, too much now." KingLeeroy stated and she chugged some water from a canvas.


Finally coming up to something in the distance, Teros shouted.  "HA!  Is that it up there!?  That were we're supposed to go?"  Just silence from the ravens.  Once at a small marker, the group looked confused.  "Uh, is this it? It's like 5 feet by 5 feet big. We supposed to break this thing or something?" someone in the back remarked.  Again, silence from the ravens. They both seemed to be occupied in their own minds.   A few minutes passed.


ChristArtist leaned over to Teros and whispered, "Are we supposed to say something? Are we waiting for something to happen? Because this heat is killing me."  Teros shrugged, replying "I have faith in them, though sometimes I think they play the brooding silent type for dramatic effect."


Suddenly a whistle in the air that started growing louder and louder.  "EVERYONE DOWN!  COVER YOUR FACES!" one of the ravens squawked.  The ravens flew down and hid in ChristArtist's cloak. The group all hunched down and covered themselves.  Wild winds howled through the plains. No trees or obstacles to slow the winds down; the group started getting pelted with sand. It was incredibly hard to hear anything but the loud roar.  Sand started sweeping past the group; creating dunes all around them and leaving huge valleys.


"It's ok now, dust off" spoke a raven. Teros shook the sand off of himself and was shaking it out of his hair.  He looked up.  "Oh wow..."


The marker was now a large obelisk over 20 feet high. The sands shifted and unburied the area surrounding the tomb.  A massive obsidian door lay ominously right in front of everyone.


Dark_Raider went up to the door and pushed on it. It didn't budge in the slightest.  Muninn declared, "In order to get in, you all need to pool your strength together to push open this door."


Mini #1 - The Tomb

This week is all about push-ups.  In order to push the obsidian door open, we all need to do push-ups to heave the door open. You can do anything from wall-ups, to incline push-ups, to burpees, to triple-clap pushups.  If you have an upper body injury, maybe to your shoulder or something; you can STILL help push that door open.  Just replace push-ups with lunges.

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"HEAVE!"  Teros screamed.  Everyone was lined up shoulder to shoulder; panting as the hot sun slowly roasted any uncovered skin.  The sound of stone scraping on stone could be heard.  "HALT!" was yelled.  Everyone took a half-step back.  "HEAVE!" Teros screamed again.  Each time; the door would budge only a couple of inches at a time.  Everyone put all their might in for a few seconds and then recuperated and went at it again.  Sadly; there was no momentum pressing on the door. The group had to shove with everything they had to make any sort of budge. "HALT!.... HEAVE!... HALT!"


One of the newcomers, Redeaglespirit was near the door's edge.  The tomb door must have been a solid 3 feet thick.  "HEAVE!"  The grating of stone on stone was heard again.  "HALT!"  It looked like the doorway was almost open enough to peek through a crack.  "HEAVE!"  The door again moved a pitiful one or two inches, but this time there was a rush of cool air that hit Redeaglespirit in the face and something black grabbed her hand.


"WHAT THE HELL GET IT OFF! GETITOFFGETITOFF!" Redeaglespirit fell backwards onto the sand, hand flailing.  The group stopped in Redeaglespirit's panic. A mass of "What is it? What's wrong" rang out through the group. Two fat black scarab beetles were shaken off. They scurried back into the crack of the tomb opening. Taking a few deep breaths, "Sorry, sorry. I just...wasn't expecting that. New to this 'adventuring' thing jitters I guess" followed by some nervous laughter.


Everyone got back into position.  "HEAVE!...HALT!"  A dozen more times and then there was a big enough opening to enter the tomb.  As everyone was filing in, Teros saw by the sliver of light in the tomb's entryway a few dusty rags.  Making a fat torch, Teros lit it and the group looked around. 


Dust was pouring from every orifice of the tomb. The ceilings were trickling sand like a light drizzle of rain. The innumerable cracks and gaps in the stone walls looked like they were bleeding sand.  Jagged areas had pools of sand filling up small dunes which then poured down to the floor.   In the faint darkness, a raspy, dry voice hissed through the halls.


"The warmth of life has entered my tomb."





A few of the newcomers recoiled back a bit at the sound of what was presumably Acerbus speaking.  The veterans knew that each demon-king was different; and to never rule out anything.  The group trekked on; leaving their last vestige of sunlight at the entrance.  A few others grabbed ragged clothes off the floor and made their own torches.   After their 'welcome' from Acerbus, there was no noise; save for the constant hissing noise of sand and the chittering of bugs running away.  Every time a torch was waved; scurrying could be heard but nothing was ever there. Probably more scarabs.  It felt like any minute something would be right in front of the group.


Forward they went, into the vast darkness.  The inside of the tomb was surprisingly cool, but that might have been because of how brutally hot the sun was on the journey to the tomb.  The narrow passageways made everyone feel claustrophobic.  Because of how cramped it was; and because of the constant pouring sand; the ravens had to make due perched on the group's shoulder.  Eventually, the passages widened into a large room, filled with all sorts of broken clay jars.  In the very middle of the room was a stone block.  Inspecting it closer, there were all sorts of symbols carved into the block. It looked like it was a crude sarcophagus.  Huginn hopped on top of the sarcophagus, head tilting 90 degrees while looking at the inscriptions.  Tomas asked, "So...do we open it?  Where do we go from here?" He gestured around the whole room- there were three other passageways the group could go from this room.  Huginn was murmuring to himself; trying to read the symbols, "Burnt..spspssps....of life..spsps..folly of man..spspsps."  Muninn went over and stood on the tomb too; trying to aid Huginn's reading. 


Teros put his hand on the top of the sarcophagus and asked, "Why does this rock feel so warm?"  Some of the others went and touched the sarcophagus too. "Yeah, that's weird. It's like it's radiating heat. It feels hot" said Dark_Raider.  The ravens both hopped off the tomb and onto some of the group's shoulders.  "That was starting to hurt my feet. Why is that so-


Huginn was cut off as the top of the sarcophagus shattered with a loud crash.  A pitch black obelisk with a bright orange glowing disc on top jutted through the tomb straight up.  It towered over the group. The orange disc was whirling around, spinning hundreds of times a second.  The disc stopped and tiled towards the group. A burning orange beam shot out and covered the entire party.  It's glow grew brighter and brighter.  The ray was burning hot, like standing on the sun.  Any moisture in the air vaporized; and any water the group had with them dissipated.  The beam was getting hotter, but the radius of the beam encompassed the whole area; it was unavoidable.  Dark_Raider and Teros were the closest to the heat obelisk.  Teros swung his hammer at the thing; and it barely even chipped. Dark_Raider did the same, with no effect.  "WHAT DO WE DO? WE'RE ROASTING ALIVE!" KitBi12 yelled.  Ravnos screamed, "THE CEILING. HIT THAT ROCK!"  He pointed at the hanging stalagmite right above the orange disk portion of the obelisk.  Anyone with a projectile started pelting the rock formation. It chipped away. Everyone's skin started turning red and some people were getting blisters. "COME ON! WE CAN DO THIS!" Ravos cried.  Teros didn't have any long range weapons; so he spun around and heaved his warhammer into the air to aid.  The stalagmite cracked and impaled the orange disc- instantly killing the heat beam.  The entire room went pitch black and everyone keeled over.  The torches had gone out.


There was coughing and wheezing as people were desperate for any kind of water.  The room smelt horribly of singed hair as people were gasping like fish.  People rooted around in the darkness; checking their bags and there was nothing in their water pouches.  "Oh god, we're going to die in here if we don't have water" KingLeeroy said.  Sulak was bleating and scurrying around with his bag in the dark.


"W-a-a-a-it! I have the-e-e-se!" Sulak said.  No one could see what he was talking about.  There was the distinct shattering of glass noise and everyone heard the familiar sound of water running.  Teros was able to find his torch; which was put out because it was covered in sand. He brushed it off and lit it again.  Everyone saw:


Sulak had a large bowl that was being filled with water. The bowl was on the floor and Sulak was standing up; holding a gem.


Water magically flowed out of it like a faucet.  Everyone went wide-eyed and frantic; racing towards the bowl.  "Kne-w-w-w-w this wo-o-o-o-uld come in handy-y." Sulak said.



Mini #2: Drink up


There are two options here that you can choose from. 1) Either drink ONLY water for 3 days straight instead of whatever your normal drink of choice is.  2) Drink 200oz this week. This breaks down to roughly 4, 8oz glasses a day.


As the gem was running out of water; those that had their fill went and replenished their canvas bags. Besides a bit red and itchy, the group was almost back to normal.


Someone in the group wanted to see if anyone had any magic proficiency on making golems or elementals with the remainder of the water. There was only a couple gallons left. Teros poked the bowl with his foot, saying "I don't think something that small would be of much use; but that was a good idea. Also, with this being all sand; would an elemental just roll over it, pick all the sand up and turn into a teeny mudman? I'm not even sure. I don't have any real knack for magic."


While saying this, Teros was scrounging around- looking for any more rags or bits of cloth that could be used to beef up the torch. The light from it was very pale. It seemed like light was devoured in this tomb and the glimmer given off by a torch wasn't nearly enough.  Teros swung the torch side to side in the room the group was in. Every time turning to the side, there would be chittering and scurrying noises- like there were hundreds of bugs just out of eyesight.  It was extremely unnerving.  Teros took a deep breath, "You've dealt with worse.  Stay calm."


Because of the limited range from the torch, Teros had to get really close to the walls to see where to go.  After following along the walls, Missrebecca piped up, "It looks like there's three ways to go from this room. There's back that way which we came from; and then left or right.  Although there's a lot of us, we should probably stick together."  Thomas replied, "She's right. We don't want to have another mishap were we split the team up."


As the others started up a discussion on which way to go, Teros kept searching for more bits of cloth to feed to the slowly dying flame.  He swiveled and out of the corner of the darkness saw 5 beetles grab a piece of cloth and run down one of the halls.  Pondering what this meant, he kept looking around. Breaking open some of the clay jars that were dotted along the rim of the room; there were just more beetles that scurried away and they were dragging any wraps of cloth with them.  "Clever" Teros said out loud.  The more he scoured the room while everyone else was debating (there may be a coin toss shortly), the more Teros saw the beetles were getting more bold. They didn't run away as fast- they didn't seem to care they were being spotted.  More and more shreds of cloth were being scuttled away.


In fact, the more Teros thought about it- why does EVERY jar he breaks have cloth in it? Why is that the only thing in this tomb? Shouldn't there be...riches? Nick-knacks? Something besides more damn cloth?  Teros saw another beetle crawl under a shred and roll itself up into a ball with it. Then two other beetles rolled it away- down the hallway.  It seemed the left hallway was where all the beetles went.  Now even more curious, Teros went to the right hallway and watched the ground. Not a single beetle.  Something isn't right here. Should we go down the beetle hallway or the beetle-less hallway?  Teros had to say something.


"Hold up!" Teros said.  Everyone turned to him.  "I saw beetles going down here...and not a single beetle is going down there.  I think there's an actual right answer to which way to go. Should we follow the beetles or go the non-beetle way?  Left is Beetles. Right is Non."



-Adventure Update-


This is put to a vote; hence why it's a couple days early. This will affect next week.  Which hallway should we go down? The Left/Beetle hallway or the Right/Beetle-less hallway?

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It seemed that the consensus was to follow the beetles to the left. Teros took one last look down the right tunnel and looked at the ground. There was a glimmer in the sand. He bent down and looked. A gold coin. Teros scooped it up and went left with everyone else.


Some of the group had skills rooted in the old ways- ancient arts of fire and light. They tried a few attempts to help boost the torch's intensity but it was to no avail. Whatever lurked down this blackened pathway was able to siphon light away.  There was only a flicker for the entire group to go by.


There were more beetle chittering; always at the fringes of the light that was cast.  The hallway stretched out for a long distance. No one was able to make the ending of the tunnel out.  People still tried failed attempts to boost the torch's radius but to no avail. 


Edigo thought there was a cluster of beetles rolled up into a ball covered in the stolen cloth; rolling down the hall. Before being able to pipe up, the beetles were gone. What on earth where they doing? The chittering was maddening as the group kept plodding along in the deep sand.


The light on the torch got dimmer and dimmer.  Two of the more off-color people in the group were able to see further than the rest; but still not pinpoint what was going on.  The tunnel started to make sharp turns; most of the party only knew there was a curve within being inches away from bumping into the wall.  It felt like they were going through a zig-zagged tunnel, and never making any real progress.


The torch now little more than a candle's width of light, everyone started to tense up.  The beetle clicking noises were getting louder.  Some like Teros, were unintentionally gripping the handles of weapons until white-knuckled.  At last, the torch was flickering and about to blow out. A last attempt was made to reignite the fire but...nothing. Just cold blackness enveloping everyone. 


An odd sound was heard- almost like a tight leather glove being made into a fist. That odd higher-pitched rubbing noise could be heard further down.  Most of the group's breathing was getting heavier. It was one thing to see an obstacle and psych oneself up for it. It was a separate beast entirely to have no idea if or when something was going to happen.


Teros piped up, though his voice felt a little hoarse, "Everyone. We have to be brave."


-Be Brave-

This week's mini is about being brave and doing something outside your comfort zone. It doesn't have to be base jumping or sky diving or anything. It can be attempting an exercise you might fail at. It could be talking to someone you've been getting the courage to say something to.  It can be anything here. There is a lot of leniency in being brave since everyone has a different threshold for what brave is.  So if you're not sure if it counts- was it hard to do?  Have you wanted to back out of it? If those are a 'yes', then it counts.

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The group steeled themselves for whatever was coming around the bend.  The odd wrapping noise of tightening cloth was jarring to say the least.  The noises faded away. Whatever it was must have moved further through the tunnels.


The longer nothing was happening, the more on edge everyone was becoming.  Those that had any specialization in fire magic were disheartened that there was no way to create any sort of light.  Teros heard someone in the back say, "I just wish I didn't suck at this."  Others were starting to say the same type of thing.  Everyone was losing hope. It was interesting how just staying in the dark would kill people's motivation and have them lose hope. 


Muninn was perched on someone's shoulder.  He murmured, "The story of Acerbus spread far and wide but few know the origin behind depression incarnate.  In some cultures, it is called being 'bit by the black dog'.  In other, older civilizations; Acerbus was a shepard of the dead. A jackal-headed god named Anubis.  For others, the legend was twisted and the darkness was considered more of a monster than man which guarded the gates of hell- a three-headed dog-beast named Cerberus.  Another tale considered Acerbus a monster that would swallow the world whole and bring eternal darkness as Fenrir.  All of these tales have the common thread: Acerbus, the demon-king responsible for darkness and woeful despair.  The specifics were lost during oral tradition, but make no mistake: they are all one in the same."


At this point, Teros had opened his bag, which was half-slung over his shoulder and was digging around with one hand. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but he was getting desperate to have some sort of light.  He piped up, "So how are we supposed to defeat this one?  Distractia was broken; a madman.  Sodamus we used just brute force and the FrostKing required some creative thinking.  If there a key to destroying this Acerbus?


Huginn replied, "He is darkness. He consumes the light.  His energy is negativity and he siphons the joy of life from anything and anyone. The only thing that would serve such a beast would have to be blackness, purely shadows with some sort of animated vessel with which-


Huginn was cut off by a loud scraping noise that rung through the narrow passageway.  And then silence. Everyone held their breath for a second...




A loud bang; like a huge boulder smashing into a wall.




Another bang, a few loose pebbles and sand trickled onto the group.




A huge stalagmite was cracked loose from the banging and was crashing toward the group.  Dark_Raider screamed, "FOLLOW THE SOUND OF MY VOICE! RUN BACK HERE! GOGOGOGO!"  Everyone blindly ran towards Dark_Raider's direction.  Just a sliver of sunlight pierced the darkness from where the stalagmite broke off. It smashed into the ground.  Finally, everyone was able to see.




The weaving walls started to collapse into each other, making a wide arena.  A spray of huge rocks and sand clouds were kicked up.  The dust barely settled when the group saw a 30 foot monster came charging forward:




It let out a scream from its gaping maw that sounded like the world was crying in agony.  Teros saw in the cavities of its body were millions of scarabs interlocked.  It almost looked like they were the monster's muscle fibers; contracting and pulling at each other to make the beast move.  Its joints were covered in cloth- the scraps that must have been laying around that the beetles were taking.  Teros swung at a leg of the beast and beetles scraped off and started to crawl on him. Teros shook them off, being a bit skeeved out.


There was no time to doubt in their might anymore. A battle was upon them.  Thom let out a howl and the rest joined suit. TO BATTLE.


-War Cry-

This week, everyone needs to band together to help each other out.  By now motivation is waning and a lot of people have wanted to, or are on the cusp of, fading. This week's mini is to rally forth and comment on 4 random stranger's threads. It doesn't have to be anything huge or epic.  I'm not expecting you to read through X amount of pages before making a comment. Just a simple 'Hey, how's it going/keep it up' -type of thing. This is mostly adventurers so there's 2 ways to do this- by either 1) Going to the adventurers and posting on the people that have the least amount of posts or whoever is on the last page. 2) Going to the level 1 rebels and finding anyone that is tagged with the '@Adventurer' tag.  For non-adventurers, I tried to tag a bunch of other level 1s as the appropriate guild so there should be a few @rangers, @assassins, etc.



Every big hit on this monster has beetles fly off and try to crawl into your armor. You need to shake them off. The bonus here is alternative cardio; whether it's jumping jacks, dancing, butt-kicks, whatever.

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Taking another whack at the monster; beetle guts flew in every direction.  Focusing all of it's attention on Teros; it swatted at him and Teros went flying. Landing awkwardly on a jagged rock Teros yelled, "BANGED MY ANKLE!" 


ItsDaniel and Kareesh circled around the monster. Everyone was trying to flank the beast. Seeing how it so casually cast Teros aside; the group knew they couldn't charge headfirst.  Quick jabs and attacks were made. Sadly, projectiles didn't seem to have much affect- simply skewering a few beetles at a time.  Sword slashed would cleaves hundreds of bugs, but it never slowed the beast down; there would simple be bug guts strewn about.


Petefeet motioned to Clarys and pointed up.  Another stalagmite. Maybe trying the same technique on that heat disc earlier would prove valuable here as well.  As people were all attacking the monster from every direction- trying to make a noticeable dent, Clarys swept around the whole group and pointed to the stalagmite.


The group fragmented into 2 groups- the melee and the projectile.  Projectile-based group started attacked the jugged rock to loosen it while the melee group made a semi-circle around the beast so it was facing away from the plot that was unfolding.


The rock started to splinter.  There was no war cry from the projectile group- they were silent as they did their work.  Then ChristArtist motioned to Tomas, who was on the outskirt of the semi-circle.  Nodding, Tomas shouted "REVERSE FLANK!"  The melee group then switched sides and bolted back towards the projectile group.  The monster gave chase.


More splintering of the stalagmite. It started to make cracking noises as pebbles fell to the ground. 'Cmon, cmon, cmon' was being murmured under panicked breath.  Finally the weight of the rock was too much and it came crashing down.  The monster heard the noise and looked straight up and howled- the rock impaled the beast through his open maw.  Thinking a mortal blow was dealt; the group cried in joy, only to see the monster fall apart into a swarm of beetles that moved around the stalagmite and then reformed.  It was only half it's original size though. Now it was no match for the group.  Blows were struck as more and more beetles were starting to get caked onto people's blades. It started to dull the blades and made them heavier to wield.


"KEEP HACKING!" Red and RedeagleSpirit yelled in unison.  The terrible beast was now nothing more than the size of one of the adventuring group.  It finally fell apart into a small mass of beetles and scurried away.


"VICTORY!" KingLeeroy cheered and high-fived Kzacher.  Everyone else followed suit. The beetle-monster was no more.  Raspy laughing could be heard through the ruins.




A swirl of sand was whipped around like an aura around a shadowy figure.





There stood the embodiment of depression. The black dog. The hell gate-keeper.  The guard of the underworld. The eater of the realm: Acerbus.




Acerbus can be faced in two ways- through brains and brawn.


1) Bonus % workout. This week; look at that average of what you've done so far in your challenge exercise-wise and try to boost it up by a %. This can vary in either intensity(longer time with cardio/more reps) or frequency (like 1 extra workout day).


2) The small victories are what matter. Focusing on the positives of what you have done mean a lot to not be stuck in a slump.  Instead of saying, "I messed up this" look at it another way. You learned from a mistake you made- and everyone makes mistakes because we're human. Have you rebounded? Then you're better- so focus on THAT.  Pick 3 victories this challenge that you've made and post them here or on your thread. Totally up to you.

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The heroes put their best efforts forth and it seemed to never do enough. Swords would slash black mist and shadow. Arrows wouldn't find their mark. There was just something...untouchable, ethereal about Acerbus that wasn't able to find any sort of victory.  The group was getting discouraged. Compound that with the fact there was just the beetle monster that took a toll on the group's stamina- everyone was running low.  Acerbus laughed in their faces- reveling in the desperation and impending gloom that people were feeling. 


Teros was still hunched over, clutching his ankle as the rest of the group pelted the demon-king without much progress.  Summoning up some strength, he grabbed his backpack and went to sling it over his shoulder. The glass prism that he had fell out and clanged along the rocks he was slumped over.  http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/44448-rpg-fanatics-guild-battle-of-demon-king-sodamus/?p=1181493



It finally landed right in a patch of rubble- the stalagmite ruins.  Sunlight was able to pour in through the break in the ceiling and it glimmered in the prism- casting a beam of light on a nearby wall. Acerbus saw Teros struggling and swooped in for the kill.  ChristArtist shouted, "TEROS LOOK OUT!"  Trying to hobble up to his feet, Teros grabbed his warhammer but Acerbus was right at Teros' throat- starting to choke the life out of him.  There was a white mist coming out of Teros' eyes and towards Acerbus' gaping maw as the grip became tighter. Tomas went to give aid to Teros, kicking up rocks and he blazed forward.  When charging at Acerbus, he kicked a piece of rubble which dinged the prism on the floor; shifting its direction- right at Acerbus.  Blue smoke started to seep off of Acerbus and a loud sizzling noise was heard- like frying bacon.  Acerbus let out a howl and dropped Teros back down onto the rubble(who was now gasping for air and wild-eyed), as he clutched his steaming side and fled in the opposite direction.  Everyone knew exactly what to do.


KingLeeroy shouted, "GRAB THE PRISM! FOCUS IT ON THE DEMON!"  A few flanked Acerbus so he couldn't get away while the others grabbed hold of the prism and picked it up.  They held the prism at an angle to hit Acerbus.  RedEagleSpirit got a wild idea.  "Try summoning your fire magics while he's like this.  Focus it on the prism and use that as a medium."  All the mage-based classes held the prism as one; channeling their fire magics into the bottom part of the glass pyramid and using the tip like a pin-point laser. It worked.  While Acerbus was screaming and clawing at the light; it was intensified a thousandfold as everyone's pooled magics created a lightbeam.  Acerbus was vulnerable now.


MissRebecca threw daggers at Acerbus that hit their mark, Ravnos plucked a couple arrows; and the others rushed in: weapons clanging to face the not-so-mighty demon-king.  More and more blue smoke and sizzling came from Acerbus, now howling in pain.  He started coughing up sand and black bile from his jagged mouth. The black dog hopefully wouldn't bite anyone else again after this day.  All of the mage's power was drained at long last.  Acerbus was sprawled out on the sand; a fallen king.  There were some last coughs and spurts of bile as he looked at the group....and grinned.


"I'm....not going down......without you." he started violently hacking and with one last feat of strength, Acerbus hopped up lightning fast, grabbed a huge boulder, and threw it at a chunk of rock that acted as a support beam for the whole tomb.  There was a loud crashing, and rocks the size of baseballs started cracking apart from the ceiling and falling towards the group. The ground rumbled and felt like it was going to erupt.  Someone in the group shouted, "We have to get out of here....NOW!"


Teros hobbled over to the prism and picked it up. When going to put it in his bag, the prism illuminated a dark corner of the room that wasn't seen before.  There it was, amongst the rubble...



...another doll. A flash of yellow faded from it's eyes as the light shone on it. Teros quickly grabbed the doll and the prism; stuffing them in his bag.


More rocks started to crash from the ceiling.  "MOVE! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE OR WE'LL BE BURIED ALIVE!" someone shouted. 


Acerbus just laid there, laughing as rocks crumbled all around him


-GO GO GO Mini-


This is the last week. If we want to make it out alive, we need to get out there and start moving.  The last week is when everyone wants to finish strong and you totally can.  It doesn't have to be running 5 miles or anything intense- just make a commitment these last few days to get out and get a walk in as 'fleeing the tomb' for this week's mini is good enough. Let's all make it out of this challenge alive, shall we?


Teros was hobbling a little bit, his ankle racing with fire.  Rocks were crashing down from the ceiling.  He kept talking to himself, "Must go faster, must go faster...."  Some of the team were slowing down, but others would double back to rush and push everyone along. Some of the group was frayed and injured, but they all moved as one- although stricken with fear to save their own lives; no one was left behind.  They either would all make it, or fall.


Ravnos doubled back and checked up on Teros. "The leg ok?  We gotta move!"  Grimacing and wheezing through the pain, Teros made an 'ok' sign and Ravnos  shifted his attention to Starsapart and then KitBi12. They would be ok too.  Ravnos blended back into the middle of the group.


They came upon the split in the tomb.  Teros saw that the remainder of the beetles that weren't killed as the monster were scurrying down the other path.  He couldn't see much, but he thought he saw the gleam of gold coins being pushed by the beetles through the sand.  Not able to think much more about it, Teros struggled to keep up with the group.  Kzacher and Dark_Raider were towards the front, yelling for everyone to keep charging forward.


Adrenaline rushing through everyone's veins, the rocks starts falling in bigger jagged pieces. Whole sections of the tomb ceiling were dropping- blocks that weighed tons would come racing down.  They saw the tomb doorway- the massive almost unmovable door from what felt like months ago.  There was still a bit of light shining though. Everyone's pace picked up, knowing that this was the final push between being sealed in here permanently and the end.


Barreling through, the group makes it.  The ear-splitting sound of boulders grinding into each other was enough to make people's teeth chatter in their mouths as they all fell into a heap at the entrance.  The familiar burning hot sun beat down as people's hands started to sting from the sizzling sands underneath them. The last remnants of the tomb was gone- collapsed in on itself.  Teros couldn't help but wonder about that other entryway and the gold as he held onto his ankle. Somehow the burning there was worse than the sun on his skin.


Lying like a puddle of bodies, everyone wheezed and gasped for air. They made it. They all made it.  Huginn and Muninn were alleviated that they were all able to get out alive. Huginn flapped some of the sand and dust off his feathers.  "Well done everyone. Another demon-king has been dispatched.  There is a light at the end of this adventure.  There is very few left to deal with."  Teros just shook his head.  He didn't what to know what was coming next.  He desperately needed to rest, and so did many of the others.  Muninn used his beak and pulled the doll out of Teros' bag and examined it, his head tilting 45 degrees and his beady eyes narrowing.  KingLeeroy asked what Teros didn't want to, "So *phew* what's next?"  The ravens nodded at each other.  "Her....and Her"

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I guess that makes me number three.


My challenge is in my signature.


Thom felt lost with out his beloved Trudi. Several times since leaving Distractia's Lair he tried to summon her, but to no avail.

Muninn flew up to him, "Remember who you are, Son of Tiw, be true to your roots." With that the raven flew off.


A shiver went through Thom's body at the words of the Raven. Muninn, Memory.


Thom stood still and called up the Oak rune once again.





Ãc (Oak) is on earth · for sons of men

Food for the flesh · It fares often

Over whale's bath (sea) · The sea finds

Whether oak has · noble faith


This time as Thom became the oak, he delved into his own memories. a name floated from his mother's lips 'Tomas'. Tomas walked with a stave. 'Ulfhedinn another' name. Wolf headed warriors. Who has noble Troth Son of Tiw? Another rune, Tyr keeps troth well, it never fails. Thom/Tomas felt the rune fill his body. The oak of Tyr keeps noble Troth, he will not fail. Tomas raised his hand and called this time a hammer he won fighting at Weathertop did not come. instead a walking stick came. Tomas held it fast.


Tomas returned to the world of men, no longer the oak. He looked at his prize. It was a shaft of wood, about three feet long and a solid inch thick. One end was had a black butt, the other had a brass knob. Down the shaft were three oak leaves. Tomas smiled, "Just what I needed." With that he held the brass end of the walking stick in his hand and headed back to the Fanatic's camp. Tonight he was buying mead for his friends.



Tir (Glory)* is a star · it holds troth well

With nobles · aye it is on course

Over night's mists · it never wanders or deceive.

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Damn double post and number four. :P

Where to find me: Current Challenge : Battle Log Facebook : Instagram :

"Each day, just focus on getting 1% better in whatever it is you're trying to improve. That's it. Just 1%." ArtofManliness Article.

"That which is wise and holy helps the health and wholeness of the chain of generations." D. R. Miller. 

"We do not rise to our expectations. We fall to our level of training." Archilochus

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Previously, in "RPG Fanatics"...


So happy we're back at it again! Best bunch of people EVAR. Can't wait to get the story (and challenge) started. You have my blades. And my spells.




Oh yeah.

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"Each day, just focus on getting 1% better in whatever it is you're trying to improve. That's it. Just 1%." ArtofManliness Article.

"That which is wise and holy helps the health and wholeness of the chain of generations." D. R. Miller. 

"We do not rise to our expectations. We fall to our level of training." Archilochus

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Kzacher couldn't agree more with Teros about wanting a meal and some rest, though his body was tired and aching his mind was filled with the excitement of what this leg of the adventure would bring. an smile crept upon his face. "the fun's just begun" he mused to himself.


Can't wait to get going on this mini :)

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DarK_Raider enjoyed being outdoors again and took the time to do some stretching. His body was sore and stiff after all the fighting but just now he was starting to feel it. Once he was done, he checked his armor and drew his blades to inspect if they needed repair, sharpening or anything else. Although the group was victorious, a sense of urgency overshadowed any thoughts of celebrating, which was fine with him. All they needed were the rest and food to go on. What he needed was to think. The night would be spent in a meditative trance.


Already know the trick, I check the Adventurers' challenge along with this thread :) Acerbus stands for something that really needs to be kicked in the face and I'll be glad to help people deliver that kick. Also, since my personal mini-challenge for the week includes pushups and burpees, they can count for both. Or it can be a reason to do them twice, you know me...

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I have never done RPG and suck at storytelling...but I love to read and a good challenge (plus the whole LOTR type thing really does it for me), and I really need something to hold me accountable....would I be able to join your quest?

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I have never done RPG and suck at storytelling...but I love to read and a good challenge (plus the whole LOTR type thing really does it for me), and I really need something to hold me accountable....would I be able to join your quest?

Sure!  Trust me, there's a few people that aren't confident in their writing. 3 challenges ago, I would have said the same( I don't think I'm good now, but I'm getting better). You don't have to storytell parts if you don't want to.  Welcome :)

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A good nights rest, just what was needed. But Missrebecca's blood was singing. Her nerves were on edge and she was ready for the next fight. Sitting by the fire, she unwrapped her scarves as the heat made her skin itch. After placing her long red hair into a side braid, she worked to shore up some odd wounds, before she once again sat with the whet stone against her leg, sharpened her axe blade and arrow heads. Her trusty dagger was long gone, buried somewhere in that maze of Distractica's making, she did not regret losing it.


As she worked, she wondered what magic Acerbus would weave, she only hoped they were all prepared for it...


Super duper excited for this! My challenge thread is up, it's in my signature :D

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Sure!  Trust me, there's a few people that aren't confident in their writing. 3 challenges ago, I would have said the same( I don't think I'm good now, but I'm getting better). You don't have to storytell parts if you don't want to.  Welcome :)

Thank you!! :)


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RES...and I want to live days worth dying for

Current: RES: Wrestle, It's all about the pin


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Growth happens when you care more about the well being of your future self than the comfort of your present self!

"Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is." -Yoda


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Sure!  Trust me, there's a few people that aren't confident in their writing. 3 challenges ago, I would have said the same( I don't think I'm good now, but I'm getting better). You don't have to storytell parts if you don't want to.  Welcome :)

I suck at writing but I attempt because I enjoy everyone else's story telling so much. They tolerate me.

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I'm here. .. will be writing because this has brought back my love for it! But, I'm not good, as is been years since I've done games. . I'll write up more tomorrow. .. thread in sig!

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