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Gao Gao Gao_Challenge Three


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Main Quest: 128 to 120 pound, drop 8 pound

  1. eat healthy
    • ​​proper amount (1 serving per time no matter what, stop before full)
    • empty calories less than 100 cal per day
    • go to supermarket when necessary
  2. go to the gym at least 4 times per week
    • follow routine
    • no weight scale before exercise
    • at least 1 hour exercise
  3. write diary at least 3 times a week


Every time we challenge, we improve

Scale it, measure it, and motivate!.

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Week Two Summary


Main Quest: 128 to 120 pound (still 128 :neglected: )

  1. eat healthy  :neglected: 
  2. go to the gym at least 4 times per week :onthego: 
  3. write diary at least 3 times a week :onthego: 

Cause analysis

1. bad eating, too much sweets and amount, diet is 80% for success.

2. no measurement system

3. not focusing on exercise, just doing routine


Next Steps:

1. go to the gym regularly

2. eat healthy for recovery

3. measure and motivate every time!


Week Three Goal: drop 2 pound

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Hey, been a while since you posted. How's it going?


I went back to former state, eat a lot, and not exercise properly. 

I get too much pressure recently and really don't know how to keep up.

I don't want to lose faith...

While, I'm still tracking foods, workouts, I know things always workout, It's just I haven't figure out a way yet..

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