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Zoe Gets Typhooned!!!


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I have an arm band on the way so I can do a little better with my steps. I keep putting my phone down and missing a lot of steps.

I will hopefully get my bike back out again this week.


Been thinking about getting an armband for my phone too.  Seems like a solid way to keep the tunes flowing too.  

"Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back." - Captain Malcolm Reynolds


Current Challenge


Also, I Agree With Tank™

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Also, are you doing them RKC style where you 'zip' up the muscles?

Since she had lower back issues, in the not to distant past, I have her doing standard planks.  I am afraid that the RKC planks and curling up her pelvis could aggravate her back again.



In search of the ever elusive side thrust kick....


Student of Karate and Iaido

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