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Paleo Baking


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Hey I'm kinda new to Paleo and loving it so far :)

In just under two months I'm off back to uni and living with my girlfriend who loves to bake and she was wanting to know if she can use substitutions to make her baking Paleo.

I have looked around the internet and found things like using Coconut flour but was wondering if anyone has experience baking Paleo friendly and has suggestions/advice :)


Cheers everyone :)

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I just baked with coconut flour for the first time tonight and let me tell you- it is SUPER absorbent. Don't do what I did and substitute almond flour for coconut flour- the cookies turned out so dry and crumbly and terrible. I had to toss them :(. My advice is make sure you're using the same ingredients the recipe calls for and use proper measuring techniques- I have no cup measures to speak of so I eyeballed everything. BAD IDEA.

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personally I wouldn't try substituting, I would look for paleo recipes and there are some wonderful ones :)


two that I have tried for special occasions include this amazing chocolate cake http://www.primallyinspired.com/perfect-chocolate-cake-grain-free-vegan//


and these http://paleomg.com/coconut-klondike-bites/


Once you have tried a few recipes you will get a feel for how things work, and if your girlfriend is into baking she might be able to come up with some new stuff after she has tried some already tested stuff :)


I transitioned to primal in the last couple of months and fine it easier to not eat the baked goods, they just don't feel like they are doing much. Except the klondike bars :) I have them either without the chocolate or with 99% chocolate and I use them as a fat snack before bed :)

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