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Hello, all! I'd been posting over in Level 1, and then Starsapart helpfully informed me of this forum, too! 


My personal quest for this challenge:

My major goal is get into a size 12, comfortably. My quests: 1, Do a body strength circuit workout 3x/week. 2, No more sugar! (fruit is ok, and I'm going to start out allowing myself one cheat day/week. I'll judge the cheat day's effect on morale and adjust accordingly.) 3, get hydrated! Drink 2.5 - 3 24oz bottles of water every day.  

Also, I have several food allergies, of varying intensity, and I tend to cheat on those that aren't so bad. But I know my body would be better off without the constant drain on my immune system, so I will NOT eat anything I know I am allergic to! (You wouldn't think that would be so hard!)


I actually started on this plan the Fri before this challenge officially began. The cheat day combined with my overall motivation (None of my pants fit!) has so far been helping with the no sugar, as I tell myself, "you can have that on Friday" or whichever day is the cheat day this week. 

Cheat day was yesterday (Friday) this week and it actually went really well. I chose Fri for the week because I was going to a music festival and meeting friends for Mexican that night and I wanted a margarita! I held firm on the allergy quest, though - that restaurant fries in peanut oil and I usually cave and have some chips, but not last night! Otherwise it went really well! Started with a bike ride to an art supply fire sale (unfortunately because they'd actually had a fire) and to a plant nursery. Came home, did my scheduled workout and dug in all the plants and had lunch -- 2pm before I even thought about the "cheating" part of my day! Not that I didn't take advantage once I went out!

Keeping up with the water drinking, too. I've decided I need to drink 4 bottles on workout days -- because I tend to drink a whole one during/immediately after the workout just to replace the sweat. It still takes a lot of thought. "Drink your water, Jen"


Thanks for the community, everyone! 

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As of yesterday, I am taking part in GISHWHES - the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It has proven to be way more of a distraction and pull from my motivation than I ever thought! It is a week long attempt to create, interact and fulfill almost 200 items of randomness (in a team of 15). Super fun, but remembering to keep these goals a priority definitely adds another layer to already hectic planning!


However, it being the official start to week 2, I upped my numbers on my 3x/week workout to make it harder. I was *so sore* after the first workouts, and while that wasn't easy it sure gave me a sense of accomplishment. That has definitely eased, which means I need more challenge! 

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