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Blisters and calluses! :(

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Recently I decided to stop using my gloves. They didn't quite fit right anyway and were more annoying than anything. The concept of calluses and them ripping never even really crossed my mind! It's kind of silly I suppose, but I knew they would happen but I didn't think much past that. So glad I came across this and gave it a read. It'll definitely help me out a lot! :D

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Yeah, I've been doing really well recently with hand care, and I attribute it to:

1) Chalk on heavy lifts. Keeps the bar from slipping when I'm sweating like crazy (always), which has kept the calluses from tearing.

2) Washing my hands really well after working out. Chalk dries out the skin and I want healthy hands so I wash really well with a nice neutral soap. Make sure to get in between the fingers really well and up to the wrists. Really make sure they're nice and clean.

3) Dry them fully. duh.

4) Moisturizer. Bag balm and the like are great, but they leave trails on my iphone and marks on my keyboard for a while afterwards, so it's a no go. My sister in law gave me a thing of "Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm". It's kinda fruity smelling but works really well for me. I won't likely purchase a tube once this one runs out (I think it was like $40), but it's pretty damn nice.

Since I started, it's been much easier to peel / shave the calluses and not have any tearing or painful spots.

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