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Hi NF!


I had a few woots. This is my jumping into community feet first with a few of them.


* I'm posting on the NF forums after 9 months of lurking. (I think that's a big one!)

* I've lost 30lbs in a year - and a lot of that is because I started eating (not just better, but more as well)

* a pseudo-divorce diet turned into returning to my passion for lifting weights and a complete restructuring of my life

* a new tattoo

* getting married in 6 weeks and am going to ROCK my 2-piece in the Dominican!


It's a lot. A big year. I keep reading the Woot Room and want to go through and congratulate everyone on their woots - big, small and in between - they are all amazing. You are all amazing!

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That is a great list! All very awesome, you should feel awesome about yourself.


First of all, it took me a while to get round to joining and posting on the forums so I understand how that feels. Big congrats on that! And huge congrats for your weight loss.


Good luck for the wedding :)

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