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As with my first challenge, my overall life goal is to do good--all the time, as much of it as possible, everywhere I go, and in every possible situation.  To be that person, I need in both their mental/psychological meanings and their physical/literal ones, strength, endurance, and adaptability ...like, a lot.  So, with that level-50 endpoint in mind, over the next 6 (okay, I'm a little late, so it's more like 4.5) weeks I've got some baby-step goals to help me move in the right direction.




1. Get up and moving with purpose for at least an hour every day.  I read and research most of the day which means I'm sitting most of the day.  I have the time and the flexibility (since most of the week I work from home) to get up and do something.  I should take advantage of that, and I think that having something I have to do every day will keep me from falling back into old habits.

     +1 DEX, 4 or more days a week (avg)

     +2 DEX, everyday...like a boss


2. Eat more leafy greens.  Right now romaine lettuce is my main squeeze, and while it has some pretty impressive nutritional stats, I need to start seeing other greens.  To accomplish this goal I need to incorporate any of the following into at least 3 meals every week:  kale, collard greens, swiss chard, bok choy, and spinach.

     +1 CON, three meals each week (avg)

     +1 CON and +1 WIS , all servings accounted for, and each veggie from that list gets a turn


3. Build strength and track my progress.  My weekend job requires a lot of lifting and standing for long periods of time, so building strength would be immediately applicable to my overall goal.  I'll have to workout 3x / week and track my workouts to accomplish this goal.   

     +1 STR, 3 workouts, accounted for, each week (avg)

     +2 STR, 50 squats and/or 50 push ups (I'm at 30 right now with both of these, so I think I can make it if I stay on track)


*. LIFE GOAL:  Find and volunteer with 3 community organizations.  My husband and I moved in November, and I still feel a little out of touch with our community.  I'd like to spend some time during this challenge getting to know how I can help around here, and then, you know, actually putting in the time.

     +1 WIS, finding and reading up on services/shelters/charities in my new city

     +1 WIS and +1 CHA, at least 3 hours of actual volunteer/service time



Actually writing this out has gotten me very excited for the next few weeks!  This is my first quest with a particular guild (second quest overall), so I hope I make you proud Rangers!


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Ranger,  Level 3, 2014-09-152014-07-282014-06-09

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Hi there Nerd Fitness Community!  


After a pretty disciplined weekend, I'm starting off the week in pretty good shape (metaphorically).  It turns out that my get-up-and-moving goal has been giving me an excuse to stay on top of household chores.  I haven't been getting that hour all at once just yet, though (except for at work where I'm up and moving almost all day), so I'd like to work on that this week.  


Last week my veggie was chard (but I need to make up a serving because I ran out) which I steamed with some zucchini, mushrooms, onion, and garlic--super tasty!  Although, I'm a sucker for anything with onion and garlic.  I'm going to try to go food shopping tonight and grab some more fun goodies from the list.  I'll probably just go for whatever is on sale, but if anyone knows any good/fun recipes for kale, collard greens, bok choy, or spinach, I'm all ears!


I missed my Friday workout, like a jerk, so I have one to make up this week.  I had hoped I could squeeze it in before or after work on Saturday or Sunday, but wah-wah, no luck.  I have been using that cool down sequence from Staci as my morning stretches, though, which has been at least opening up the door to a get up and workout habit.  Plus it's been really helpful for my lower back and neck which have been really tight and painful all week.  


Last, I have not gotten around to even looking for service organizations or charities in my city/neighborhood.  I'm going to be out of a job by the end of the month, so I've been working more on that lately.  I'd like to get another couple of applications in today, then spend some time searching for volunteer gigs.  


Okay, so, this actually sounds like I didn't have such a great weekend, but I swear I did!  I also recently started the Academy (which I love, obviously), so I'm working on some quests there (like drinking more water and tracking my food and sugar intake).  I've really stuck to those, and I think those relatively small changes/challenges, has really helped me to focus.  I also, kind of feel like a million bucks:  I haven't had a bad headache in a couple of days!  Fun fact:  I have had chronic headaches (like, one a day, almost all day long, every day...literally, every single day) since I was about 13.  For you math haters, that's roughly 16 straight years of headaches of varying levels of ow.  Doctors that I talked to about it said that I was fine (i.e., tumor free), and that I should take allergy meds, get more sleep, and drink "enough" water.  Limiting sugar, though, including sugar from fruit (sorry fruit!) and increasing the amount of water I drink to closer to double the recommended amount--especially on days when I'm particularly active--seems to be making a dent in those headaches.  Or it could be a coincidence.


In any case, at least I've got my head in the game. 

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Ranger,  Level 3, 2014-09-152014-07-282014-06-09

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Oh dear...so, epic fail this past week.  As per usual, just when things are going great, my hormones flip a switch, and I go barreling down the path of self-destruction.  So, that was fun.  I managed to sneak in a couple of workouts before the fall, as well as some servings of chard,and I still got up and moving for an hour, but again, not all at once.  I'm a couple of workouts behind and a couple of veggie servings behind, and about 8 lbs heavier--and it's definitely not muscle.  Although weight loss isn't a part of my challenge (I learned my lesson from last time), it's still on my radar.  That kind of junking out weight won't stick around for long, but it still bums me out.  I'm also going out of town this week, so this isn't the best time for me to fooling around with a bunch of bad habits.  Yesterday I made a batch of brownies...just for me...and I ate them in one sitting.  Yeah, that happened.  


Okay, pity party completed.  It's a new day, a new week, Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition comes out today, I've got a fun trip coming up, and I get to babysit a couple of my nieces tomorrow morning.  I also get to keep working the same weekend job, which is awesome, and shift some of my hours around so that I can actually spend time with my husband!  --probably playing Diablo III!


As of yesterday (evening) I've recommitted myself to clean, whole-food, plant-based eating and positive thinking.  I worry a lot about inconveniencing everyone with my food choices (or just plain weirding them out:  "Um, yes, could I have the spicy chicken salad with no chicken or cheese, and while we're at it, sans dressing...thanks, and sorry I'm a freak"), and I feel guilty exercising when I should be reading/writing/working/job-hunting.  I'm open to any suggestions or tactics on how to stay confident and make good decisions, on a consistent basis.  


CAUTION:  I'm a theology grad student, so this is about to get theological.  You've been warned.


I'm very pro-Gospel... I think it's safe to say it's my favorite bit of the Bible.  Some folks go in for the OT stories, or they like Paul's letters, or the psalms and poetry, but I love those gospels, and I have a personal (and professional) interest in how discipleship is depicted.  That said, that bit about taking up your cross never sat right with me, and I think it's because it's always explained (at least from the pulpit) in such a way that cross=personal baggage.  Whatever you struggled with became the "cross" you were supposed to take with you, which presumes that following Christ is easy-peasy (untrue), and it's only made difficult by the circumstances of your life.  This way of thinking about it also doesn't leave any room for transformation or growth either, which is some b.s. for sure.  I find it very helpful/meaningful, and more theologically consistent (if anyone cares) to think about taking up one's cross as the occasion for dropping everything else:  doubt, hopelessness, guilt, anxiety, temptation...stuff, and attachments to it, etc.  I want to, and in fact I'm excited to start really focusing on the person I want to be (i.e., the person I want to be like), and drop everything else...like it's hot.  


All done, and you got a great movie clip out of it!  


One last quick update: my side quest is coming along.  I've finally gotten around to checking out a lot of the different service organizations in the area, and there's a pretty great variety.  I've contacted a couple, and I'm hoping to hear back soon!

Ranger,  Level 3, 2014-09-152014-07-282014-06-09

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Okay, another challenge goes by with mixed results.  I think posting more regularly will be a goal for next time.  Part of the reason that I've been so off track has to do with catching...the plague, maybe?...some nasty virus that had me laid up for over a week.  I'm sure I would have gotten over it more quickly if I hadn't used it as an excuse to eat "comfort" (junk) food for a week straight.  I really didn't have the energy to cook; it was one of those "I feel like I got hit by a truck" sicknesses that made me achy and weak, but I could've made better choices with the food available.  


Now for the depressing assessment of this challenge:


Goal 1: Get up and move:  The only reason that I got this goal accomplished is because I can't stand a messy house--thank God for chores, because otherwise I would go nowhere.  Even when I was sick, I would spend the time that I did have energy doing things like scrubbing the bathroom.  I'd like to start making time just for fitness and exercise, though, and push myself a little harder.  I definitely did not get this done everyday, though, so only + 1 DEX for me.


Goal 2: Eat more leafy greens:  This was supposed to be a gimme!!  I eat some sort of salad just about every day...at least once a day.  I should have nailed this.  Okay, rant concluded, I did work more variety into my diet more frequently, but I didn't manage to get any bok choy into my system during this challenge, so  + 1 CON.


Goal 3: I actually kept up with this really well while I was traveling, but then lost it when I came home (ironically), so unfortunately, no points here.  I had, though, upped my reps of squats and push ups in my circuit workouts to 20, so that after finishing it I'd total 60 of each, which is exciting.  


*Life Goal: I had to call out sick for all of the appointments I made--this is what I get for procrastinating!  I did find a lot of great organizations and groups in my area that I can be a part of, though, so + 1 WIS.


Okay, time to regroup.  See you at the next challenge!

Ranger,  Level 3, 2014-09-152014-07-282014-06-09

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