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Neptune's Pride 2: Triton (Browser 4X game)

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Stumbled across a browser based 4X game recently and thought it might be a fun game to play with some other nerds.  Found a few people in chat interested in checking it out, and thought I'd link it here too.  I like it because things span out over the course of weeks and it shouldn't require super frequent logins to keep up.  1-2 times a day for like 10 minutes seems to be more than sufficient.  So unlike other 4X games that consume my life at the expense of everything else this one should be pretty manageable =)


Will likely be starting a new game later this week, but you are allowed to do 2 games at once as a free player so if you are interested sign up and try out a game to learn the ropes =)


If interested let me know here so I know how big of a game to create and when to start it

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I am so in for this, I think i've actually played NP1 amongst high school classes - it gets fun. So much political 4X playing goes on :P Seriously, would be awesome to get a big game going xD

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