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NEPA anyone?

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East Stroudsburg. I used to spend a lot of time up there. Not  far from Allentown at all. Cluck U is the kind of place that made me twice the man I want to be!

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Oh, man, I grew up there! The Pizza Perfect in Trucksville gave me my humble roots as a fat kid who faked asthma attacks to escape gym class. I hope you find some people that are still local. Blow the cavelike Wyoming Valley Mall a smooch for me. 

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I see this thread is still alive, sorta.

I'm from Schuylkill Haven, but I commute to Easton all week (I drive past Allentown), and stay in Reinholds (Lancaster County) on weekends. I'll be shocked out of my freaking mind if anyone here even knows where Schuylkill Haven is.


I'm up for collecting a few Academy people at my fitness level to check in with each other — living closely is a bonus.

I just bought into the Academy and I can't even make myself fight the first boss.


Me things:

I just turned 39, I curse like a sailor, and I shrivel in the cold.

My favorite movement-type activities: hiking; trail biking; walking (for hours everywhere). On NF, I'm a Ranger atm.

My goals: Establish the discipline to stick with the Academy course to the end; banish frequent snack cravings; somehow love running again.

I don't do diets.

Nerd Cred: I have Metroid tattoo and I dressed as Q*Bert for Halloween.


I'll just let this float here... (^_^) Ciao!


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