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How can I figure out how far I'm walking?

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I'd recommend learning your pacing.  There are two options and I've found them both pretty accurate. I actually use the second to spot check the first.


When I was with the reserves, they had us learn this by counting the number of left footfalls per hundred meters.  Mine was, and still is, 67.  Round up with a pedometer to 135 paces per, or 1350 per kilometer for me. 


The other is to make a trip and plot out the directions on mapquest or Google maps. I'd recommend a longer trip since it only goes to one decimal place and a longer trip makes that less of an issue. Use that number along with what you get on the pedometer to sort out number of paces per unit distance. 


When I compare the two, I tend to have them agree within about 50 paces per klick, depending on terrain. 

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I use this to track where I've walked/ran as I don't have a pedometer.


Obviously not a great tool if you are just trying to figure out the total of how much you've walked, e.g. work in a warehouse, or do a lot of general foot travel during your work hours. I run on break, use a stop watch, and then break it down from what I get as a distance from Geodistance. :)

The above conversions give you a good estimate too though!

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I measured out my step length. Get some chalk and a tape measure. Walk ten steps marking at your toe at start and end. Turn around and check your steps to your marks about half a dozen times to make sure the ten step distance is consistent. Then measure the over all distance and divide by ten. That is your step length. Then it becomes a simple matter of multiplying number of steps by the step length to know how far you have walked.

For me my ten steps equals 8 metres. So my step length is 80cm.

When I get my 10,000 steps in I times that by 0.8metres and get 8000m or 8 kilometres walked in a day.

I also use the accupedo app on my Samsung s4, which allows you to set your step length and then calculates your distance for you.

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I use an app. Runkeeper can be set to walking and it follows you with GPS and gives you the distance.

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Google Maps may be another good indicator for you (though it might take some science/math).
Get walking directions in Google Maps from your house to some nearby address/landmark, and note the distance it tells you. Walk the suggested path and check how many steps that took. Divide the distance by the number of steps to get your average distance per step (your "stride"). Any time you walk from then on, you can multiply your stride by the number of steps you took to get your distance (or a very close approximation).
Alternatively, if you do have a smartphone, Tanuki's right; there's an abundance of walk/run tracking apps to tell you your distance.


[EDIT: Never mind, this was just said above. That's what I get for skimming.]

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