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Job 4: It's What Separates Us From the Reavers


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Thursday - my weakest exercises are for the upper body. I have a hard time saying which is the worst. I feel like most of them are still wimpy after months of work. I chose push ups because last week I regressed on the number of full push ups I could do.


Three sets (full + negative): 9 + 6, 4 + 11, 1 + 14.  That is 14 full push ups! PR


I also did incline pull-ups, dips from a bench and hanging leg lifts. My arms did not get as shaky at the end and don't hurt today. Progress!

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Reading is all of the shiny!

80 pages of my new yoga book (on prasara flow), especially as I'm contemplating trying some of this as my "something new".

110 pages of American Gods by Neil Gaiman - have only recently discovered the fabulousness of Neil Gaiman and I'm loving his books - they're weird and wonderful and make me smile.

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Got to the reading a bit late because I was overwhelmed with work yesterday, but just before bed I managed 30 pages of Time to Think, by Nancy Kline. It's about building what the author calls a Thinking Environment -- part coaching, part meeting management, probably various other things (I haven't finished the book yet). I started the book a while back but lost momentum so it was good to pick it up again. I read this kind of thing to try to do a better job at work -- I'm always looking for help with the people side of my job as the writing software side comes more naturally to me.


Today my body told me pretty clearly that it was going to be a rest day, but I did learn how to do a Turkish Get-Up and practiced it without a weight. 

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Knowledge is Power - read 336 pages in the span of 2 days. (Had to finish GoT ;)  )


Work Your Weakness - swimming. Now, I'm not 'scared' of the water, but I am NOT a strong swimmer. In fact, I suck. I know it's a mental breathing thing. I think because when I run I tend to breathe in my nose and out of my mouth to control my heart rate, it REALLY messes with me to breathe in my mouth and out my nose.

Basically, I can swim to the end of a proper lane, but my heart rate is peaked by the time I make it to one end. Sooooooo, I have to take a short break at one end to get a full lap.

Anyway, swam 20 laps. (20 there-and-backs would be more accurate with the breaks). I found as I went on my heart rate was just ''pretty elevated' instead of peaked. My breaks had gotten shorter as I went along (depending on what I was focusing on at the time). Maybe one day I'll be able to do a full lap. Maybe one day, I'll be able to do several without a break! Maybe one day I'll be able to do those shiny flip-turns at the end of the lanes!!!


Stretching - Sooo...... missed out of the mileage day so I went the distance today. Ran 8.25 miles. THEN stretched. I can tell the stretching helped because today my calves aren't on fire like the last time I ran 8 miles. Progress! Stretching is so important, but it's always the first thing we put aside! >,<   I should put stretching in my next challenge. Prevent ALL the hurt/injuries!!

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