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Lish's vicious battle log

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What is Rushfit? I have only done the body pump from Les Mills. That kicked my butt. I know it can be hard to sticking to things. I am the queen of starting and stopping things. If you need accountability during the challenge I can be your accountabilibuddy :)


It is an 8 week fitness at home program - I need something that I can do from home since I am single mum to two little ones. I'm poor and I have little ones attached to me at most times. So gyms and outdoor activities are generally out, so I thought I would give this program a try - it looks pretty intense, but I am up for the challenge! And yes, I would love to be your accountabilibuddy!! Yay!!


We are very similar indeed! Body-wise and fitness-wise at least. I was also thinking about starting (kick)boxing lessons. I have a punching bag which I really love. 


Another fun and cheap home workout is hula-hooping. You can easily make a hoop yourself for VERY cheap. 


I have a punching bag too - yay - maybe we are going to be fitness twinnies :P


I love combat was doing it last night.. Tonight spin and tomorrow Les Mills body attack and then body pump afterwards :)


Les Mills is a lot of fun isn't it - always gets me pretty pumped (and sore).


I remember having to help set up for group x classes. Im so happy I don't work for a big box gym any more.


I'm glad you don't too - because I'm sure your help will be invaluable.

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I love your vicious battle log!! :)

Les Mills classes are serious! I took a few at a gym I was at years ago.. awesome all body workouts.

Keep rocking it out, I'll be cheering for you!

i am not waiting for a hero.  i saved myself long ago.

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