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Confessions of a chocoholic!


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Hello there!


It sounds so silly, but when faced with the question "what one thing is holding you back from completing your main quest?" I realized that I eat pretty well for my height, build, and fitness regime. The only thing that I'm finding difficult is cutting down on the chocolate! I think that these cravings are psychological but I'm finding it impossible to slay them. Its like a game boss that's really, unbelievably difficult to take down, and if I could take down only one of my demons right now - if I was only able to cross off one quest at all - it would be this one! If I go a day without it I feel moody, sleepy, irritable, and experience mild headaches. Every single day I; do really well with my diet and fitness, binge out on chocolate, feel guilty, swear off of it, then fail again the next day - rinse, lather, repeat.


So does anybody have any tips? 

How can I eradicate chocolate cravings?


Thank you, fellow rebels!



It's not silly at all. It sounds like you've developed a bit of a physical dependence. This is evident by the withdrawal symptoms you're getting. Don't make a big deal about it because it will then continue to be a big deal. Start by dropping the cheap milk chocolate. It's all sugar. Switch to a more expensive, quality chocolate (preferably dark) that has nuts. Make a plan to start eating a little less everday or every other day, this will cut down on the binging. When you do eat it, eat slowly and savor every single bite. If you stick to your plan of eating a little less, you'll get it back under control and be at a level where you're not binging. Try to get to a level where you can skip a day of eating it. By this point you should not get any withdrawal symptoms. The goal should be to only have it a few times a week to maybe once a week. You don't need to try and give it up all together. You just need to retrain your brain. You can do it!    

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My only recommendation is to stop buying cheap chocolate.  If you are buying high-quality chocolate bars for $5-8 per bar, you are going to be more satisfied with smaller amounts, and less likely to binge on ridiculous amounts of it (because it is expensive to do that on a regular basis).

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