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Wufkar visits Columbus, OH 9/29-10/17

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Hey Ya'll,


I have two weddings to attend back to back weekends in Central OH so I'm going to be working from there for most of October.


  • 10/2-10/4 & 10/11 are taken
  • I work M-F 8-5

We could do:


I will not have a place to put Nerds who come into town if you're from out of town.


I'm also currently looking for a place to lift while I'm there, so if any one has any ideas, I'm all ears :)


If you live in or near Columbus now, check these things out:


  • Columbus Oktoberfest Sept. 26-28
  • Short North Gallery Hop - First Saturday Evening monthly (Go park and walk. Musicians on the street)
  • ALL the Columbus food! It's a test market people, go test!

Current Challenge: Wufkar Stops Making Excuses



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The indian caves is pretty interesting.  They tried to make it a tourist trap, but I don't think it was popular enough.


I had not known about the zombie room thing (I heard of something similar in other cities though).  I know my girlfriend has no interest in such things.  Anyone else in Cbus up for it?

Race: Gnoll

Class: Ranger

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