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Leaving the Shire [Ohm Rider]

Ohm Rider

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Intro: I am a hobbit. I gravitate toward nature, am short and enjoy eating several times throughout the day. While I can't jump, I have decent endurance. 

I'm joining Nerd Fitness to become a soldier angel of epicness (Gift of Orzovha, MTG) who can climb (walls and rocks), hike, run, and defend herself. 


Master Quest: Fit into size 8 pants.

I think my desired level of athleticism would equate to this size. At least it gives me a firm "yes I slew the manticore."


3 Goals for achieving this:

- Go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I'm not choosing specific reps or weights right now because I'm not yet sure what I want to focus on. This 6 weeks will be my feeler period.

- Drink all the water in my 32 oz water bottle each day. This will make sure I'm getting that water in, and I'll be less likely to buy a soda or hot chocolate from the cafe at work.

- Eat at least 3 veggies/fruits a day, and use those veggies to take the place of grains.


Life Quest: Write a cover letter and apply to that Washington D.C. internship.


Motivations: I have two major motivations. First, I plan on working in the less civilized areas of the world. As a white American female, I'm going to have a target on my back, and I want to be able to escape unforseen situations. Second, my best friend and I want to spend a good chunk of our lives hiking, canoeing, etc. Based on our past trips, esp. when we tried the PCT summer 2013, I know I want to perform better.


As of today, I'm 165 lbs, size 10 pants.

Ohm Rider

Level 3 Hobbit Scout

STR 3 | DEX 1 | STA 8 | CON 7 | WIS 5 | CHA 6

Uber Quests: Ironman 70.3 in Norway / Ironman World Championship in Kona / Pacific Crest Trail

Next Step: Duathlon Oct 18



Run 2 miles w/o slowing


Bike 10 miles 



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Hey, I'm a newb also, and I just read your quest and thought to myself, "Whoa Nelly, that sounds exactly like me!" It would be fun to have a fellow newb to share the journey with, if you're interested. I'm about the same size and weight, and people call me hobbit just about every day. (Either that or a Keebler.) If not, welcome and best of luck on your quest. :rolleyes-new:

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Don't think about it, just DO it.

My Challenge  Battle Log  My Epic Quest

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