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2 interesting things I noted in the last month.

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firstly, i ran outta bacon for breakfast so instead replace each one with an egg. within 3hrs I was hungry as hell. Although it's more protein, it's less fat per item. My usual breakfast does me 5/6hrs!


Secondly, feeling sorry for myself and being lazy yesterday I managed to talk myself into ordering a pizza. I'm gluten free so i had a high protein gluten free pizza and woke this morning STARVING. I was shaking by midday lunch time after a normal breakfast and was craving. I came home and for dinner I added half the portion of wedges I had gotten free with the pizza and added them to my normal meal. This is ADDED food and i felt hungry in TWO HOURS! 


I have had a high protein, high fat snack to help me sleep and not feel too hungry but man, I must have been in a crazy carb cycle for years before I started paleo!

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Ah, the beauty of gliadin. Carbs make you want more carbs is a fairly frequent theme in our house. It's especially true with wheat. Just google gliadin and satiety if you're not familiar with the protein and it's more addictive tendencies. I think I'm more sensitive to it as well. If i have wheat products for breakfast I get angry, frustrated, and moody in general and really hungry within a couple hours. If i eat wheat for a few days i often start getting fairly significant ups and downs that can be pretty debilitating. Since i've cut wheat mostly out of my diet and have gone cyclically low on carbs my mood has improved dramatically, and severe depressive moods have disappeared. I still get my cake on some days, but i can often tell the next day by my shortness of temper. Sometimes my wife will know if I ate wheat the day before just from my mood. It's really been eye-opening. I truly wonder how much depression is caused by sensitivity to wheat, gliadin, and possibly over-consumption of carb in general. I spent years dealing with depression, and nothing has been as successful as doing a cyclic low-carb paleo. Plus i've lost a ton a weight. Well...  .035 tons anyway.

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