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Bulgarian split squats (5, 4, 4)

Hanging bent knee raises (5, 4, 4)


Jackknife pull-ups (5, 4, 4)

Pike diamond push-up (5, 4, 4)


Inverted rows legs straight (5, 4, 4)

Straight leg bench dips, one leg elevated (4, 4, 4)


Leg lift plank 50 seconds


When I tried todo the bench dips with the side of my spinal nerve decompression for support, there was a series of popping and cracking sounds.  That side wouldn’t support my weight like the other side.  It doesn’t hurt now, and there’s no numbness down my leg, but I don’t want to risk damaging the fusion.  I’m going to eliminate dips for now and add them back in once I hit 1 year post op.

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