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First Mini will be on: Sept 15th


After the defeat of depression incarnate- Acerbus, the adventuring heroes were able to make it out of the crumbling tomb.  Where would the next foe be? What shape would it take?  Not knowing where exactly to head, the adventurers did what they do best: Adventure.  Many ran to the nearest pub, some took their time to sharpen blades at the blacksmith's shop, and others just wanted to get a good night's sleep without any demons.  One of the adventurers, Teros; was in the last category.  Setting up shop at an inn, he got a full night's sleep.  The next morning there was a town crier yelling about a brand new 'health food' shop opening up that specialized in all sorts of exotic healthy delicacies. Low fat tasty cakes, paleo wafer bars, and every pie imaginable, even figonberry!:

Teros knew that there was something up about this new store.  This sounded too good to be true. Healthy cake and figonberry pie?  Blasphemy.  He knew where to start.  The troops must be rallied!
Mini #1 : Setting up Camp
This mini is a good starter one.  This week is all about making attainable goals, and how to prepare for an incident.
The first step is making sure you have S.M.A.R.T. goals.  SMART goals are defined as:
Are your goals specific enough? Can they be measured or tracked in a helpful way? Are you grading just by pass/fail, or maybe a points system or letter grade per week? Are your goals something that is attainable/realistic?  No one can go from working out twice a week to 5+ times per week; or slash their calories down by 1,000, or try to drop 25 pounds of fat in 6 weeks.  We're trying to build solid life habits; not 'hurry-the-hell-up-and-get-to-a-number-by-any-means-necessary' habits.
Once you answer the SMART test, the other part is simple: How to prepare for an incident.  This challenge starts the season of holidays. The big ones will be next challenge, but there's still halloween, some last hurrah bbq parties, etc. This also marks the start of pumpkin season and all the pumpkin-based snacks and sweets.  How will you prepare for this? Is there a plan for when someone comes into work with cake?  How about a birthday party? What about on halloween- are you going to a party? Will you drink and eat 40 kit-kats in one sitting? (I totally did not do that, ever.)  Have a plan for what to do during upcoming functions. Do you let them slide? Try to make a healthier choice? Bring your own food? Have a set limit for what to indulge with?  Is this factored into your goals?
Planning your strategy for the next 6 weeks, as well as having a sort of guideline/plan for the upcoming season's festivities; will award you with +1 Wisdom.
Then we'll see about that figonberry...
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Second Mini will be on: Sept 21st


Finally wrapping up some loose ends, Teros gathers other adventurers that have heard of this 'advertising' of 'healthy' cakes and more.  There is a collective unrest among them. Something is obviously not right.


Someone got a hold of the flier that states the address. They were giving, for a limited time only, a tour of the innerworkings of the factory. Only a select few would be able to see this- first come, first serve. Teros looks at his watch and checks the date. We have to move, NOW.  Everyone gathers their belongings, and as is their name-sake; embark on an Adventure to this health shop.

The tour-guide was waiting and only a few people were in line ahead of the huge adventuring group.  Something about the tour-guide was off-putting; he gave off a creepy vibe but no one said anything.  The clock struck noon and everyone was let inside.  The tour-guide started talking excitedly, "So uh, as you can see here; there's the stuffing room, and over here-"
Zoning out, Teros was looking for clues. The man continued, "And here is the GEAR that operates the figonberry filling waterfall.  All you have to do is stand in a line and start doing a rowing motion like this, and the entire factory will light up with amazing merriment! Hehe!  Stand over here. Over here!"
The group looked confused.  "We have to move a gear?" Teros asked, irritated.
"Well, yes; this place uses the very filling that we use for pies as a type of hydraulic fluid. Very cutting edge stuff if I may say!  So...what are you waiting for?  Start moving this gear! It takes like a million pounds of force to get going so if you want to see more then you need to be extremely fatigued...eh I mean, work for delicious treats!" replied the tour-guide.
-Switching Gears-
This mini is a cumulative-based challenge. In order to get further into this health-food shop and uncover what exactly is happening here, we need to pool our resources and work together to get this party started. 
How this works is every person can use their weights in a workout as a way to add to the total.  So let's say I do 10 dumbbell bicep curls and the weight is 50 pounds. That means I moved 500 pounds total. 10x50, right?  Well this can work for anyone. Doing 200 pound squats? Add the total.  Moving smaller weights while at Zumba class? Count the rough reps and they count.  Are you doing a bodyweight exercise? Cut your bodyweight in half and count it!
The tour-guide said we need at least 100,000 pounds of force to get the hydraulics working, so if we want to get in, we're going to have to start lifting.  (Side Note: If this feel like this detracts from your goals- like if you're cardio-based, then there's no pressure to do this. This is all in fun.  That is also why bodyweight stuff can get added as well; nothing wrong with throwing some squats or dips into the mix for 1 week to add a few lbs to the total.)
+1 Strength for moving muscle
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Third Mini will be on: Sept 28


The tour guide was pleased...possibly too pleased at the fact everyone was huffing and puffing. The clear pipes that funneled filling to other areas in the factory/shop started moving slowly and then gained speed. The Adventurer's combined effort was a powerhouse to be reckoned with.  The liquids were racing through the pipes and the tour guide was giddy- jumping up and down and clasping his hands together.  It was extremely off-putting.  Was he really that excited to show people some 'healthy' pies and treats?


One by one, people had to take breaks until everyone was panting and sweating.  The tour-guide was ecstatic.  "Ok! Ok!  I have a reward for all of you. Here!"  The guide pulled out a ton of chocolate truffles from his shirt pocket and threw one to each person.  He reached in his pocket again and pulled another dozen truffles out. They were almost base-bal sized. How on earth did he fit all these in his shirt?


Teros didn't like this idea.  "I don't need a....treat for working out.  I need protein to fuel my muscles."


The tour guide didn't know how to respond to that. He seemed completely calm and ok with his truffle rejection, except in his eyes. There was furious anger behind those eyes.  "Um, well, I mean, we have some candied shredded pork pies in the other room and-" 


He was cut off bluntly by Teros. "No thanks. Just some plain protein."



-Protein Power-

This week's mini is all about recuperating from the workout the tour guide put us through.  A good rule of thumb is to have 1 gram of protein for whatever your lean ideal bodyweight is. So for me, my end goal is to weigh about 220 pounds, so I should be having roughly 220 grams of protein per day.


Whatever your protein is currently, up it.  If you aren't hitting your pound per gram total, then try to hit that 3 times this week.  If you're already doing that, then try and bump it up by a bit more for 3 days (20+).  If you basically survive off meat and peanut butter and more would destroy your kidneys if you had more protein then you can always switch this to a 'more water' based goal.


+1 Con

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Fourth Mini will be on: Oct 6th


The tour guide was getting increasingly agitated as he was passing out truffle after truffle and getting a sea of palms up in a 'No thanks' gesture.  A few did not decline.  The guide was all too happy to make sure at least some of the adventurers had truffles. Just then, a large group of people came out of one of the shops doorways and made a straight line towards the Adventurers.  The few that had just finished their chocolate treats were all holding their stomachs. "I feel dizzy" a few of them stated.  As the large group kept getting closer, Teros noticed there was something wrong with all of their eyes. They looked foggy, gray, and unnatural.  The people complaining about thier stomachs and heads started blinking rapidly and then thier eyes had the same creepy stare.  They lunges at the Adventurers.  Those truffles must have been laced with some sort of drug!  Defend yourselves!



This mini has a few more extra days on it (about 10) because I'm assuming that there will be a little bit of a learning curve to how to set things up for this challenge. I've talked with Sunmage of the Druids and we're having a group VS group based challenge. This is not, I repeat, NOT Druids Vs Adventurers. There can be druids vs druids, adventures vs adventures, or adventures vs druids. Any mix is fine- just pick which side you are on:


The 'Enchanted' side


Or the side that passed on the treats; also called The 'Stout-Hearted' Side.


The spreadsheet is here:



It's a challenge to pair off against someone and come up with a goal to work on at the same time.


+1 Of whatever you choose. Since there is a lot of variability here, it can be whatever stat you would like.

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Fifth Mini will be on: Oct 12th


(If you are still running with the enchants vs stout-hearted then by all means; continue it if you want to. For story purposes, I'm continuing)


The brainwashed were taken down and started coming back to their senses.  During the skirmish, the frail looking tour guide had disappeared.  A few of the group were blinking slowly; like they just woke up.  Once everyone was back on their feet, someone asked "How are we supposed to stop something like that from happening again?"  Teros thought for a moment and said, "We need to remind ourselves of the long-term goals here; not the instant gratification."


-Time Capsule-


This week's mini is about reminding ourselves of what we are struggling with, how we're tackling it, and how we feel about the situation. This is a multi-part mini.  Right now is week 5, so the purpose of the 'time capsule' mini is to answer the following:


1) What are you struggling with, and why?

2) What have you done/are you doing to fix the situation?

3) What type of progress will you want to have made by week 5 next challenge in this regard?




You don't have to write this all out here, but it can help.  The idea is to have this written down and on week 5 of the NEXT challenge; re-read it to see what type of progress has been made. Maybe you will have the same exact problem. Maybe you'll have a totally new problem.  Maybe you'll have solved this, and this will be a good reflection to see how far you've gotten in just a few short weeks of determination. Or, if the issue is still going on- maybe there can be a new way to tackle a situation.  Remember the definition of insanity- doing the same exact thing but expecting different results.  We need to learn from our mistakes and our triumphs.


+1 Wisdom

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Sixth Mini will be on: Oct 20th



"Oh... Oh dear.  This isn't how this was supposed to go at all" the tour guide muttered to himself.  "However, between the gear work-out and now facing some of my minions, I suppose you'll be weary enough to be easy prey."





The tour guide smiled and then let out a howl and started to claw at his face. His mask was ripped off.


"If you really think you can face me in your weakened state, try your best."

-Final Week-


This week is all about the final push for your challenge. For those that may have slipped recently, this is the time to finish strong. For those that have been sticking to their guns; now is the week to ramp things up and go the extra mile (possibly literally).


1) If any goal seems to have slacked, then hit those targets


2) If you're doing fine, either try to break a PR, or do an extra workout this week. Whatever you think you can get a little extra 'umph' in this week.


+1 Strength

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Adventures, I presume.

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My current challenge

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Knowing you, Teros, daemons and darkness. Let them come - for once, myself and Pilgrim will be ready.


*looks at his gaunt, tall and darkly mysterious character, a black hafted spear slung across his back, blue blade glistening cold in the nightlight, and a bandoleer of potions slung across his chest*


Won't we...?

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"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment"

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I wonder what we're facing...



I'm glad it's not babies!



Okay, goals goals goals. 


Specific: They are. I've pretty much listed what it is I want to achieve this 6 weeks and given myself enough time so that achieving them is not a stressful affair.

Measurable: Yus. If I couldn't easily count it in a spreadsheet it needed modifying.

Attainable: I believe so. I can't set myself unrealistic goals in case I give up before I've even tried. 

Realistic: I'm gonna struggle with some things, but I reckon they're do-able! Thankfully no ones going to be watching me attempt dive rolls!

Trackable: Yep. Like I said, spreadsheets.


All my goals are also stepping stones to bigger and better things, mostly aiming towards being able to do awesome things as part of my Epic Quest. Having a plan seems to help these things, Who'd have thought?


This next 6 weeks for me mostly involve working up to the busiest period of the year in my home town, so extra work hours are going to throw off my schedule and my mindset, meaning I have to make sure I'm well hydrated, well-fed, so that when I get home from work or don't get to eat until work is done that I don't reach for sugar or take out or something similarly bad. I have a list of treats I allow myself this challenge, and I lose points for eating naughty snacks. I should also make a plan for when i'm feeling mentally drained and need a boost, because that's more then likely if I have to work 6-day work weeks for a month. 



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Hmmm, not so sure about the SMART.... was hoping for someone to step in and help me tweak.


As far as incidents... Most of the time when I shut down, I need to.  Hubby gets irritated when I let the house go, but he doesn't get really miffed as long as there is dinner and something to eat it off of.  I've texted him that dinner's on him, he says order delivery, and I've pulled out sausages, so no real problems yet.

I have conditions that affect my social awareness.  If I am rude, tell me what I could do better.

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This is eerily reminiscent of the first mini for my first challenge.


So, let's see:


Specific: Yes (well, except for my main goal, but that's not what I'm grading, so I figure that's okay!)

Measurable: Yes. All goals have numbers assigned to them: volume eaten, frequency per week, time spent per week (again except for my main goal, which is to continue to improve fitness and health)

Attainable: I think so. I am doubling my workout days (from 3 to 6-I added intervals on alternating days with my bodyweight workouts) but I was already walking lots because of my last challenge, so I don't think this will be difficult. It's just going to be part of my morning routine, unless I decide I'd rather workout after class, I guess. And I like veggies, I just don't eat a lot of them.

Realistic: I'm still not sure how this is different than attainable.

Trackable: Wait I thought this was supposed to be timeous? Regardless, my goals are both-accomplishable in six weeks and I have a spreadsheet to track everything.


I'm grading things on a point system, where I get points for (surprise surprise) doing stuff. Like, I'm trying to eat 2 cups of veggies a day, so I get a point for every cup I eat, and I get a point for each day that I do mobility stuff, and a point for each interval workout, and a point for each hour spent working on my novel. Then I'm going to give myself a percentage score at the end of everything.


Incident preparation: I will modify as needed if I get injured, but hopefully that won't happen! Week 2 is band camp, so I'm giving myself a pass on the workouts because band camp consists of 9 hours of rehearsal a day, 6 of which is moving around. For the holidays, I'm going to eat available desserts, probably, but in small quantities. I have had the "you really don't handle sugar well" lesson reinforced recently, and I'm just not that interested in massive quantities of sweet things (except, apparently, chocolate, on occasion. Particularly dark chocolate). I am going to a Halloween party-a friend is putting on a Harry Potter themed one (I have awesome friends). I believe there will be pumpkin pasties involved. I'm planning on eating just one, or maybe a partial one depending on size and what other sweet things there are. Um...other things mentioned in the incident section: I'm not aware of any birthdays coming up, but same policy would apply (my general guideline is no more than 30g sugar in a sitting, if possible, and no HFCS, if possible), and I don't work. I have got 4 roommates, who may bake, which I will probably eat some of if it's interesting, but not much. And I don't drink, ever, nor do I plan to start, ever.


I think that's everything.

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My goals are all SMART goals. I do have a Halloween party I'm going to, but I'll be taking some healthy treats and I won't be drinking pop or eating gluten so it should be all good :)

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I love everything pumpkin! To the point that I am growing my own pumpkins!


I was really not looking forward to only eating the pumpkin for the health benefits, but there are Paleo pumpkin bread recipes out there! Yummy pumpkin is also very high in fiber, naturally sweet, and can be eaten without all the sugary toppings. 




And the Great Pumpkin will visit you on the full moon too!

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Excited to be a part of my first adventurers challenge!!


halloween isnt a big deal here in australia and we're just heading into summer so people are suddenly eating healthy everywhere! ha ha. However there are certain people at work who like to 'celebrate' every weekend. I'm going to bring my meals to work and leave my money at home so i can confidently say 'no i have no money and i have dinner already'.

we have the royal melbourne show on my mumns birthday this year. I'm going to have to pack a lunch. something that travels well. (fruit?). and a friends engagement. I will just have to have the engagement as one of my 3 days that I will allow non home made food. :)


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Specific: Very. Main goal is a set number of pounds. Sub goals are specific routes to that number.

Measurable: Totally. Strength training 2x per week, walking for just 20 minutes 5x per week. Eating Paleo and allowing 3 cheat meals per week. All easily measured.

Attainable: I sure hope so. I think the biggest challenge will be buckling down on the Paleo front. More about that to follow.

Realistic: Yes, I believe that I made my goals far more realistic for this, my second, challenge.

Trackable: Totally. I will track via Misfit Shine App and MFP app. I will also post in my battle log for accountability.


Planning: During this challenge, hopefully within the next two weeks, my husband will be returning home from a long deployment. I know he will want a lot of foods that may not be Paleo friendly. I will plan accordingly for this. If we go out to eat, I will conform to paleo as best as possible given where we are - or I will use it as one of my 3 cheat meals for that week. He changed his own way of eating and exercising a great deal while he was on this deployment. Though I am sure a great deal of that was from boredom and lack of choice - I hope that will help keep us both on track upon his return.

Beyond that, I am not a huge pumpkin flavor nut. I like real pumpkin things but happen to think the craze is a little, well... crazy. However, I have a real weakness for Salted Caramel Mocha from the devil that is Starbucks. With one right behind my salon, the temptation is great. I will allow myself 1 per week if I get a crazy craving and it will count as a cheat meal. (Which basically means I used a meal for a coffee and since I am only allowing myself 3 cheat meals....)

Stress eating at work should abate because I stepped down from my quasi-managerial position. I can relax and just be an employee.

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My goals are SMART. As far as preparation goes, I have a 1920's Whiskey Distillery/town festival this weekend, but I can keep it all in moderation; a "Spanakopita" weekend with friends Oct 10th (I'm hoping that since the host is trying to lose weight there won't ALL be terrible snacks and meals, but I'm going to be bringing some snacks to share just in case.), and Alexzombia (a local Zombie Pub Crawl) the weekend of Oct 18th- food won't be a problem, it'll be drinks. Maybe I'll research what's the better choice...I won't be sticking to my nutritional goals at these times, I realize, however it doesn't give a free pass to go hogwild either-moderation in key.

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Specific: Yes, both my main goal and quests are specific actions or outcomes.

Measurable: Yes, all my quests are actual things or events, I either do them or do not.  My main quest is also an actual measurable outcome.

Attainable: Yes, I know that I need small specific steps so I laid out my challenge in a way that I can do what I need to do and feel good about getting there step by step.

Realistic: Yup, don't plan on becoming a model or body builder, just slowly leveling up.  I am not above a slow grind. 

Trackable: Yes, I NEED trackable goals or I lose any sense of what I am doing.  I use fitbit and MFP as well as a physical calender that hangs in the dining room area.


As far as plans for upcoming events/holidays I think I can do it.  My birthday fell in the last challenge, and sure I had a few days where I made choices that weren't the best but I was able to come back, get back on track and keep moving along.  I have been slowly training myself to weigh menu options at restaurants to find meals that are filling (and that I actually want to eat) without being packed full of carbs.  Will there be a day or two (or three) that I flub up?  Sure.  My goal is to NOT let those days be an excuse to give up entirely.

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